Selena & Tommy Stakes Connection

Selena, one can only dream of what this talented young woman would have grown up to be by now. The 2nd photo is of her grave off Roberts Drive & Ocean Drive, when we visited Corpus in 2016 it was first time I had seen it a nd it was eerily quite that day. Good for prayers. A odd strange link here, is my brother Tommy Stakes who passed away in 2016 down there, he is big guy on 1st photo on left.

At the time he was working for Thurman Fondren Glass Company and was installing glass with crew at Selena's studio being built on Navigation between Leopard & I-37. Abraham Quintinilla (Selena's daddy) got the call that she was rushed to hospital, was shot next door at hotel. He quickly signed the time slip and hauled to hospital, we know rest of story. Tommy kept & framed the date coded time slip from that day. I guess his widow Maria still has it. I still regret not going to see Selena in 1990s when she was at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo here in Houston, sure didn't know she would be gone month later.

The 1st photo is on Navigation right across from Selena's studio in Corpus. I had sicced Tommy (yes, my own brother) but sicced CC Human Health Resourses n them as he was living at the old house in trailer with wife and babies, no heat, no AC, no hot water, no electrcity. To make matters worse my retired dad was living in small trailer with them. So CC H&H came out, found them some subsidized housing which this small row of white houses still exists on Navigation in Corpus, was HUGE step up for his family! There is a Bill Miller Bar B Que on corner of Leopard, and at night, could sit in back yard and listen to and watch movies at Thunderbird Drive Inn.

Left to right in 1st photo: Sarah Stakes, Tommy Stakes, Chelsea Stakes (Tommy's daughters), my dad Homer Stakes slightly behind Tommy my wife Paige, my daughter Jennifer, my son Jason, me. Between Jenny & Jason you can see iconic Lou's Saloon, above Tommy's shoulder you can see Bill Millers.Uber rare photo of some of my kids from previous marriage & my late dad, brother & well in 2nd photo Selena grave at Seaside Memorial Park.

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