W. B. Ray Drill Team

DRILL TEAMS. W. B. Ray Tex-Anns. In my next life, would like to come back as this boat's captain. All those beautiful Drill Team girls from W. B. Ray where I almost graduated in 1977. I ended up marrying one you know, Cindy Sullivan, in 1978. But was not uncommon to have staged photos like this many times for yearbook, thru out Corpus Christi. In my brother Tommy's yearbook, the drill team was on the white steps near Cathedral for instance.

Yes, can see myself now...sailing out of Corpus Christi Bay, T Head, with these beauties to a faraway land, a remote, romantic island in Caribbean!

Just me...and these beautiful W. B. Ray ladies, oh yeah. We get there and it starts! "I wanna go tuh miameeeee!" Huh? "There's no Padre Staples Mall or Benjamins here!" What? "you said free wifi!!" ??? "my cell phone don't work!" ??? "This tastes nothing like Catfish Charlies!" Wait! "I wanna go shopping!!" Wait, what? "My Amazon ap don't work!" That is it, I am swimming to Cuba.

Maybe was not one of my best ideas. Meanwhile now in Havana, can finish this. Make no mistake about it, these 'Drill Team' girls, it was not for everyone and they worked, long, hard hours after school, even on weekends, to get the routine right. Listening to same song over and over and over, marching, turning, spinning, the choreography had to be perfect, all the while sweating, huffing, puffing, and getting big workout. Seems all the teams played same K. C. & Sunshine Band songs, also that "Play That Funky Music White Boy & the creepy 'Oogasaka oogasaka I can hel; this feeling"

songs! I used to sit in the Ray gym since was dating Cindy, watching them go thru the motions. Miss Trammell didn't mind. These girls worked as hard as the guys practicing football! And on game day, nights, or parades or competition they did it in makeup! Wow! And some of the uniforms they wore, while sexy, still cumbersome, but they cheered on the team. I am guessing other teams we played back then in 1970s had similar Drill Teams: Miller, Moody, Carroll, King. That was our district, there were other teams outside Corpus Christi in district too. I believe Kingsville & Beeville perhaps. Not Flour Bluff, Gregory Portland, Sinton, different districts, different school sizes. Besides, no one wanted to play Gregory Portland except Odessa Permian for State you know, GP would beat you like a rodeo pig 70+ points a game big old corn fed farm boys. The Carroll girls really pretty, I don't remember seeing the King drill team girls, but only went to 2 King vs Ray games, chances are all named Debbie & all blondes. Moody girls, man, those girls BIG why aren't you a defensive lineman, not drill team girl? I think Pancho's catered to their 'workout' (ok, you Trojan people don't write me:

"Dear Mister Stakes!!!") the Miller girls probably all from same family like bad Jerry Springer show. Or like being at a Willie Nelson concert first three rows you have whole set of teeth. (ok, you Buccaneer people don't freak out there: "Dear Meester Stakes!!") I am sure they all were fine girls, hey for the Moody people, at least Kingsville team name was cows ha ha. Brahmas, Go Cows!

Hats off to all the hard work all these girls did back then, not only did they all do it with class, but also balanced jobs, homework to boot, and made their school proud!

Photo #1: Boat in Corpus Christi bay off Shoreline loaded with W. B. Ray Tex-Anns! Sharp eyed viewers with Dollar Store reading glasses will note that there is a confederate flag on back of boat, decades before Amazon freaked out on it, also a Texas flag, and the sign barely visible shows RAY BEAT CARROLL! There is also some doofus in back of boat looking back at land with binoculars when he should be looking 10 feet in front of him at girls.

Photo #2: Not drill team but cheerleaders from Mary Carroll high school in front of old Coliseum leading a cheer in the blistering hot Corpus Christi sun. If you can get past the pretty girls sweating it out, note the coliseum roof starting to decay. Later, Mighty W. B. Ray Fighting Texans would make the Mary Carroll Tigers football team decay, beating them something like 478 to minus 3.

Photo #3. From 1977 Ray yearbook, whole Drill Team. I knew a LOT of these girls as they were friends with Cindy. Cindy is on far right with hand on leg. Also shown was her besties: Krista Waller, far left upper, and Ava Morgan & Bibi Brandeski, 1st row kneeling near Cindy, they are the two on end. Bibi, ok, was Bebe. Carrie Stalter shown here she sat in directly behind me in Coach Kemps' homeroom. Was a high school 'secret crush' back then, don't tell Cindy, oh, never mind we been divorced 4 decades now. The officers on front row.

Photo #4 here are the girls in their show uniforms. I had hard time with this photo as too big for my scanner here stuck in Havana still trying to hide from them after 40 years. And electricity here as spotty as CPL. So purposely left this photo large so you can click on it to see who is who.

This was the outfits many Drill Team girls wore in Buccaneer Parade and also to games to cheer teams on.

Photo #5. Miss Trammell was the Drill Team Instructor at W. B. Ray when I was there in 1977. A beautiful lady, quick with a smile and extremely patient. Not only did she have full plate with the girls, she also taught art. I had two classes with her, she was one my favorite teachers before Mister Funk kicked me out with 3 months to go ha ha. I will take my art to sell in Havana! Never got to say goodbye to a whole lot of my teachers who made a difference though. Cheer to all the Drill Team girls whose dedication and hard work, make it all worthwhile in the end. Then & now. PS: my son's high school football in Houston went 0-9 last year, and the girls when not on their cell phones texting were really enthusiastic, cheering, dancing, waving, whole game.

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