In the 1970s, my then wife Cindy Sullivan & me lived on North Beach for a little while. Near Spanish Kitchen a row of small shotgun houses catty corner to it. Not is a Blackbeard bar.

Anyways, recent trip to my hometown August 2019 found me wandering around North Beach again. Figured if they fixing to take out my old friend Harbor Bridge, might as well go check him out again. And on a humidity packed August Saturday, decided to appease the wife (Paige ha ha not Cindy, we been divorced since disco was still "in") and hit a few 'tourist shops' that line the North Beach strip, not the strip that floods, the second row.

Was blistering hot and was pleasantly surprised to see a LOT of people walking around, tourists, with bags of junk, sorry, fine sea related crap, on North Beach! Reminded me of a old Eagles song, Hotel California 'warm smell of colitas, rising up thru the air' ewww, ok, maybe not that. Maybe there is hope for this often forgotten strip I though! We were going to the Aquarium, but decided against it, time thing you know, can only shove X amount of stuff into a day, wished we had more time, as in life!

So here are some "tourist photos I took of my hometown" feel free to copy them, keep them, use as desttop, send to friends, whatever they are yours too now.

Photo #1. North beach Gift Shop. We went here first, that is out car in left of photo. Wife & boys went in while I stood there looking at new harbor bridge 2 blocks down, looks skinnier in person than in photos, but so do people in Weight Watchers photos. Or maybe it was the over 100 'feels like'

heat. Still stood out there looking at it. The little gift shop is awesome inside and I highly recommend it for all things Corpus Christi & Padre Island but MOST impressive was the amount of military caps, badges, patches it has in stock, wow, ships from WWII, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq to name a few.

Yes! City of Corpus Christi submarine & ship authentic patches. Note this place did NOT have air condition the day we went, was suana inside, actually felt cooler outside, by now probably fixed, but I recommend it.

Photo #2. Walked across street to Sea Treasures gift shop, 2X the size of place across street, many things from sea here, starfish, sand dollars, hand crafted things, had Corpus Christi & Padre Island towels and what not. You can buy shells here, crates of them first row, all sorts, have not seen 'sea beans' for years, we used to find them on Padre, drill them thru and use to hold joints. I bought a lucky frog here. Neat place!

Photo #3. Drove up two blocks to look at new bridge, this photo facing NORTH, this is as close as I had been (not counting Antelope street in my old front yard on mainland) am guessing the reason they are stretching it out is due to big 18 wheelers who on old bridge, had to use inside lane as climbing lane, really slow getting up those angles both sides.

Photo #4. Another angle of new bridge being built, this is facing SOUTH, still on North beach side however.

Photo #5. Some people are hanging tough, this is a photo facing SOUTHEAST on North Beach with old harbor bridge in background. When I lived on North Beach those big tanks were not there. Look closely at stairs on right side of house, you can see Aquarium peeking out few blocks away.

Photo #6. Under harbor bridge. Still love the CLICK CLACK CLACK of cars & trucks tires echoing downward as they travel over this old bridge. This is back on mainland side looking north. CLACK CLACK yea, never gets old.

Photo #7 Under the harbor bridge looking SOUTH towards downtown Corpus. The fence around superstructure on left is to try to prevent people like me from climbing it. Look closely under overhang and see part of Schlitterbahn water part tower. Never been there. Looks like fun though.

Photo #8 & #9. The Poland flagged ship Parandowski with tow boats, and big anchors on it, heading into harbor. I spotted it when still on north beach, and still "have it" on timing these. You know the drill, see ship, get in car, haul arse to under bridge, watch it like tourists. This bugger was carrying a lot of those windmill fan blades, easily seen on deck. Noah was flying drone near museum of this action got awesome video, Jacob, me & wife Paige watched under bridge. I told Paige to 'flash the sailors' her boobs, and got "the look!" I think more people know the look than the drill to get under bridge. Oh, when I first spotted the ship, we were on north beach, so came back to other side to watch it! This...too never gets old!

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