Tourist In My Hometown #1
The Leopard Street Bridge

Not on any Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce brochures, I sometimes write about stuff many won't see or maybe don't want to see. I'm not a tourist guide I guess, but do find myself looking at places that bring back memories, good & bad, many times from my youth of over 50 years ago. So on recent trip early August 2019, found myself against staring at places like this that brought back some really happy memories of when a kid. It is the bridge. No, gotta explain it to you again, not harbor bridge, but the forlorn little Leopard street bridge over railroad tracks just a block west of Navigation road & Leopard, got Bill Miller BBQ one side, and Lou's Bar other side.

Still looks the same under the bridge, although on this particular day, no breeze was in mid 90s and 'felt like' temps over 100 degrees. The wafting smell of ripe watermelons under bridge permeated the stagnant air. That mattress down there looks like it still might have a few good naps left in it. Hey, set of four tires, aw man, they are mis matched sets! The rail road track is still being used! Wow! I don't know train schedule like did when kid 2-4pm headed north you know when my family would picnic under here.

Different feeling now 50+ years later. didn't see any pigeons to throw rocks at either under there, maybe moved on also. So here are only two photos I took of under the bridge.

Photo #1. looking north towards refineries, there is no more lift bridge to cross, so not sure how trains do that now, maybe they just go to Diamond Shamrock & Anadarko places? The trees have grown up either side of tracks now, used to be barren.

Photo #2. Looks like good place to dump stuff under there now, no witnesses.

Still got my eye on those four tires though ha ha, sell them on ebay!

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