Bibeau's Soup-Er-Bowl. Tourist In My Hometown #14.

Northwest part of town where no grass grows and potholes can swallow Smart cars, at the dusty corner of Baldwin & Villa is Bibeau's Soup Er Bowl restaurant. To all the warehouse and industrial workers that Monday thru Friday this area during the day this small place no secret and if it is, they not telling wanting to keep this cool little place to themselves. Don't blame them.

The last time I went there was 2016 & late brother Tommy still alive.

Bibeau's hours not like south side restaurants as in this area, it sort of becomes a ghost town after 5pm. So they close about 2-3pm Monday thru Fridays I believe. but I had "heard about them" but had never tried them and being in bar & restaurant business decades, wanted to give the small place a try. I'm really into supporting the mom and pops you know. Well on this Saturday (in 2016) they were closing at 2pm, and I told my late brother Tommy to bring kids and wife and I'll treat. If you ever wanted to see a 350 lb guy really move, this was it.

So my wife Paige, sons Noah & Jacob, and then Tommy & crew show up, sort of surprised the cook, I believe we got their 1:30 cook looked like he was ready for a cold brew. We all ordered, was about $70 total, and hooked him up tip wise, not sure if was supposed to but did. The burgers here were awesome, good, big, drippy burgers. I don't remember what everyone else had but Tommy had a good looking chicken fried steak. I had cheesburger before I could find out can't eat stuff like that anymore.

It had a small self serve salad bar combo for taters, so wife & one of my boys hit that. The place is a two story building at corner of Baldwin & Villa, nothing to look at and you know you in blue collar land. The food reflected it and was pretty good.

So on Saturday Aug 3rd, 2019, I took off alone, leaving kids back at hotel, and drove around like a fool taking photos. And happened to come down Baldwin after looking at Smitty's and all the old junkyards on Agnes, none have AMCs you know or would have dragged a dozen of them back to Houston.

But was surprised to see Bibeau's is either closed or new owners. You all know how that new owner stuff goes, sometimes best thing next to country gravy, other times new owners screw things up so bad that 'closed for remodeling' or 'grand opening' never works out, could name dozens of places in Corpus Christi like that, and HUNDREDS of them here in Houston.

So new sign says Gordo's American Eats. Still all the Bibeau's lettering it up and same monster pothole dead center CC Mayor proud of in middle of parking lot...still there from 2016. That pothole so big it has its own ZIP code.

Looks like folks living upstairs too now, and cheers to hoping this "new"

little business does well, will try to catch it open next time I come down to visit also.

PHOTOS: Photo #1: This is the front of Bibeau's Soup-Er-Salad facing corner of Baldwin & Villa. Was closed this Saturday Aug 3rd 2019 in morning, and new "Gordo's American Eats" banner & fresh sign up. But closed. A small child came out and stared at me, I stared back, he ran inside near the picnic table. There is my pothole front & center, I think I will name it Tommy after my brother. He would have liked that.

Photo #2. Farther back in middle of street looking down Baldwin, as mentioned, not much, ok, no traffic, just ghost town this industrial area at least on Saturday morning. Black smoke rises from refinery area in distance on right side of photo. The two cars shadows on Villa on right figured was tourist or drunk wino (or both!) standing in middle of Baldwin with camera phone and didn't honk.

Photo #3. Inside Bibeau's is nothing special and looks like many small restaurants out there, run of the mill red chairs, tables, small salad bar aka potato dressings on right with bags of chips hanging in case you don't want fries. Small calendar with blue jay, Cain's ice tea brewing, sides on table show a sugar shaker, salt, pepper, napkins, ketchup and small picante bowl for next customers. Clean little place that had good food in 2016, maybe someone can tell me who Bibeau is/was and if ya'll go to the 'new' place let me know if it has changed menu wise.

Photos #4 & #5, older photos of Bibeau's when they used to rent upper apartments & then when it was for sale later on whole building $7800.00

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