Return To Corpus Christi Academy-Tourist In my Hometown #10.

The woods are lovely dark, and deep, but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.

Yea, that is Robert Frost. And I found myself back where I went to school one year on north side near refineries. Corpus Christi Academy, both late brother Tommy & me went there, was about 1972 when I was there. Sometimes I go back to my hometown for several reasons. This one was for more photos, can't believe almost 50 years since I was a Cavalier here, working after school to pay tuition. 7th grade.

By myself drove out August 3rd to take a few more photos, probably won't ever see this place again, have good & bad memories about it though. August 3rd, 2019 to set the stage I guess and off we go. Alone. Lantana like many Corpus Christi streets is Evel Keneivel road, potholes so big can swallow Smart cars. There is a sign that says DIP in the main driveway to CCA. They ain't kidding! But there for flooding as the campus has hills. Was about 97 degrees this day, and 'felt like' temps over 100 easily.

The Historical Marker have never seen, I didn't try to steal it as people around and don't steal much of anything anymore, got over that. It shows peak enrollment in 1948 at 200, but I can tell you that in early 1970s we had a LOT more than 200, maybe 600 or so. Neat plaque to read about Academy, ya'll take a look at this photo. Maybe some of you went there.

I did get out of car several times on this blistering hot summer Corpus Christi day with no breeze however. I'm a big guy and wearing all black, so startled two girls wanking by, told them hi, and checked out the cafeteria I used to clean after school. Looked north towards the old Anadarko plant, but what caught my eye was football field, spent some time there. But bleachers and it overgrown. A man walked with big bags to overflow dumpster, been there done that, but was a kid.

Something is going on with this school and THAT made me happy to see. I could hear what sounded like singing inside the building where it shows St.

Josephs Hall. Why Saint Joe? his place on 19th street near yummy City Bakery. more on that later. I looked at some buildings, silently staring at them wondering what had happened all those almost 5 decades ago.

I had written about Academy, the coaches that walked around naked in gym office with no AC, the year we went to State and played at Miller High School against Houston team we lost to, the time I got award for being smartest kid 94.6 something GPS so was 6th smartest in school, my brother raced home on Callallen bus to tell momma and somehow she got to Rainbo Bread day old bread place to buy me a strawberry cake for when I got home, the memories flood my mind like Celia's wicked winds, and can't ever get them out of my head. sometimes I want to....other times I do NOT, like now.

So I stood there in heat, looking, waiting, watching and remembering a time long, long ago in my life. The woo horn on Anadarko, Saint Teresa's church across field, Up river Road, the grassy path to get to Golla then to Circle K to steal sticky feet vinyl decals to resell or buy chocolate milk, and look at comics at lunch, And took a few photos to share. Recess. Dodge ball, list goes on.

PHOTOS# Photo #1. the big metal plaque I had never seen before but bothered to stop and read whole thing, breaking a sweat, here you can read it in comfort of own room and CCA's history, quite neat, heck, they never taught us any of this there!

Photo #2. Shows now renamed Saint Josephs Hall. Next to truck was Miss Valdez's 7th grade classroom, you had smart 7th graders, and you had dumb 7th graders, she handled the dummies. Good guys, just slow to buffet you know. No, don't write me 'dear meester ette' emails these guys should have still been back in 4th grade duh. Where building sticks out to the left of word Saint was Miss Morgan's class. A drill instructor if there ever was one, for 8th grade, I never go to have her as switched to Incarnate Word Academy for 8th only when we got use of the 642 Naples house for few years.

Photo #3. What the hell. This is the football field facing Up River road.

Used to say Corn Products on the silos to the left. But the grass is high, can't even get to the other goal post without battling rattlesnakes. All that CPL big poles were not there in 1972 either, not good or bad, just not there. On the left looks like track club runs in there, but someone please cut down all those mesquite trees that breed and grow like rabbits, ya'll have a great field here!

Photo #4 this is north side of the gym, played epic basketball and volleyball in here, but lies abandoned now and not sure why, the floor of this place was always well maintained, but again, that was almost 50 years ago. The water fountain long cement thing under tree to left, I used to roll marbles back and forth here, and make money whoever got marble in holes won, was like playing pool. Even got some coaches involved thinking they could win nickels, dimes, quarters.

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