CHICKEN COOP-Tourist In My Hometown #10

All this talk about 'best friend chicken in Corpus Christi. Two places I noticed not mentioned though. Bill Miller's Bar-B-Que has awesome friend chicken. However, not on anyone's radar which means more fried chicken for me is The Chicken Coop on Agnes just west of Port. If the Texas Star gas station was there where we used to buy Billy beer & Texas Pride $2 a six pack, which was $1.99 too much you could see Chicken Coop from the station. Smell it too, depends on which way wind blowing, awesome smell, wished could eat air, but trying to lose weight you know.

Johnny's on Old Brownsville road across from what at one time Beil's grocery store (giving away my age) later Fuedo's and I think El Mercado or something like that, next door to Johnny's was Maverick Market, well Johnny's has some really good fried chicken too. But this is about Chicken Coop.

Place is pretty much what you see here, painted over a few times, some neons, and two picnic tables out front mostly for all the workers in area, and place gets a line at lunchtime which is bulk of business. Can't tell you when they open or close, but on this day photo shot Aug 3rd, 2019, was sort of early Saturday morning so could not indulge. If someone thinks this is a review, well, might be although like Oso place, didn't get to eat there this particular day, so maybe next time.

PHOTOS# Photo #1. Well it is Chicken Coop. Not Astor or other place, it is just really good fast food. I grew up one block from vicks' Port & Leopard you know and Vicks had all five main food groups, before it was Vicks was Ruby Reds. Anyway, I like Boat & Net too, and Johnny's but this place seemed to have best fried shrimp. And chicken!

Photo #2. Corner of Agnes & Port, gritty part of industrial area you will not see in goofy Corpus Christi tourist commercials on TV. Agnes is actually flatter than Ocean Drive think about it! Small Chicken Coop FOOD TO GO sign dates back to another era, a era when I still lived there not far away. The Shell gas station in background new, and used to be Texas Star gas where we got cheap Billy beer & Texas Pride. You can still buy cans of Billy Beer on ebay and it probably still tastes like it did in 1970s, like crap, but hey, cheap beer then.

Photo #3. Mentioned Maverick Market it was next to Johnny's so could get beer here, fried chicken next door, sit in car, eat and drink be merry!

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