Tourist In My Hometown CITY BAKERY#9.

City Bakery was located on 808 South 19th street where Ruth street intersects it. I say, was, ok, still is there.

A recent trip to Corpus Christi early August 2019 found me wandering in the old hood. This was NOT my hood as we lived 1.5 miles north down 19th, past Ben Garza, past the silos, past the big ditch, across Lipan, and over dirt road field thing that if 19th kept going would have led to our front door at Doss.

Since boys not admitted in 9th thru 12th grade probably was a hormone thing (I can vouch for that) momma somehow got me into St. Josephs Catholic school. And if pretty much next door to City Bakery in 1973/74. And a twist of fate had us leaving beautiful confines of 642 Naples, to destruction left by Celia, so back in stone age. Well, I love Mexican sweetbreads (can't eat them no more dammit but can lick the glass like it is a Bluebell ice cream) and City Bakery being so close, I had to decide whether to spend my few change on pinball, or panderia or whatever they call them.

We always used to go to Mirabel Bakery on Sam Rankin when I was kid, as right up road across from Sears, Bunks and behind Schaeffer Mufflers. City Bakery was about same size, and had maybe 5 tables in it, so seated 10-15 people max. glass cases proudly showed off the Mexican ladies in back cooking skills and expertise and they had a wedding cake off to one side that had I guess laquer on it, 5 tiers, quite cool, could not eat it, hard as rock, but could touch it.

I was about 14 now, wore same clothes every day (nuns hated it) and would sneak off campus without ever getting caught, go grab me some sweetbreads!

Sometimes some of my classmates go too. Was fond of the wedding cookies and the cookies that have some strawberry stuff in middle, eat all around until get to that center yummy stuff.

All that stuff is fattening as hell and a good way to put on weight, and sometimes not a bad thing. I could say here 'eat them moderately' but there was no eating moderately the fine things that came from City Bakery, is WAS ALL GOOD. Was surprised to find out one day they had little breakfast plates, migas and what no, but I stuck to sweetbreads. After I got out of 9th grade, didn't go much there anymore so was a huge, pleasant surprise to see them open in 2019. They really are a Corpus Christi institution and next time down will take my kids in there for bag of the good stuff. And I might, for old time's sake, have me a conch thing.

PHOTOS: Photo #1. I think this is the founders, can't tell you much about them, but I do remember the old neon clock in there, wow, does that bring back memories! If they still with us, God bless them, thanks for the wonderful sweetbreads, cookies and stuff I bought from ya'll in 1970s.

Photo #2. Wished one day the internet gods can invent scratch & sniff as here are some of the wonderful things ?City Bakery had for sale, everything is cheap too, and they also have biscuits, and not supposed to tell you this, but if you ask them, will double dip them in butter ha ha. Those pink conch shells are my friends.

Photo #3. Yup, If you happen to work at Memorial hospital (if still there) was surprising to see how many hospital workers in there early in morning.

At least they were when I went to school next door St. Josephs.

Photo #4. Took this photo from inside car, was not getting out and thinking back, maybe should of walked across street and got back of goodies for my boys back at hotel swimming pool. The place I took photo from used to be a Diamond Shamrock back in the day, had cool "Y" shaped neon lights above pumps. Not like a lot of stuff I saw, closed down. Anyways, City Bakery is open for business after all these years, ya'll support them. And remember they will double dip butter onto your biscuits if asked ha ha.

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