OAK PARK-Tourist In My Hometown #12 Oak Park.

Nestled off Up River Road & I-37 on north side, this little jewel is a place that as a kid, wished would have visited and utilized more often. Living not far from it, mayb 2/5 miles at Doss & Antelope (near Port & Leopard) it was straight shot up I-37 west, circle back around at Up River Road, or could have easily just went up Leopard to Up River where it shoots off at Woodlawn. So on recent trip to my hometown Aug 1-3, 2019 decided to take a few photos of it.

Always did envy the people living directly across from it though, maybe their kids had longer childhoods. Every day get up, go across street and place in see saws, monkey bars, swings, and climb those special windblown live oaks that permeate this little stretch of heaven. Or maybe they got bored and stayed inside placing Atari.

When I was in 3rd or 4th grade at Cathedral, we had a field trip to this place, was magical to say the least, I sort of felt like everyone had taken a trip to my neighborhood but was not my neighborhood at all. Just felt like it. I'm sure those kids at later field trips when we went to Butter Krust on Ayers and Lays Potato Chips factory on Agnes might have felt same? Eh, maybe not. Like the song says, you can't go back to where you've never been.

The wind scalloped trees still there, same ones it looks like from when I was a kid, cool. Can't climb them now unless some of you want to take bets how far up I get, then call Life Flite when I drop like rock. All the original kids stuff and picnic tables still there and pretty sure the bar b que pists still same, remember those from over 50 years ago, but no one bar-b-qued when we went there as kids.

Ever seen nuns on a swing? Lasting image, there was two of them that went with us, quite a sight to see nuns smiling going back and forth, back and forth, like kids, but they wearing full nun habit, that for you non Catholics is the rob thing that covers them all up except face. But faces were laughing and smiling. didn't see any nuns get on merry go rounds, these merry go rounds same like we had at Cathedral, spin & puke type, or fly off if you don't hold o, and if you fly off, thrown 10 yards. That'll lurn yuh.

Or....if you did stay on when you do get off you have googly eyes and stagger around like you would years later drunk as hell off Strawberry Hill or MD-2020 wine.

So driving past this little place I stopped to take a few pictures of a park I rarely knew. You can see it from I-37 when headed inbound, just look to right when you past Up River Road, and for a second there, can glimpse it. That was my life, only caught a glimpse of it as a kid though. And wished I had more of a simple taste of it, but again, you know the story, I-37 WAS our "front yard" I guess our 'park' stark as it was.

PHOTOS: Photo #1. Cool Oak Park sign and big brick wall with no gang affiliation signs scrawled on it, surprised me. No winos, meth heads, nothing was a really nice thing to see! Kids only, kids friendly, ok, no kids there this day was about 400 degrees outside so didn't bother to get out of car to take photos. Besides, my whole history of this place is in this tiny post.

Photo #2. I'm sure when whether gets a little cooler in my hometown this park will fill up with families having bar-b-ques, lunches, picnics, be sure to get there early for best spot, as not a whole lot of bar-b-que pits in park, but you can bring own you know. Kudos to Parks Department if that is who it is keeping this place nice like this. Wished they could have done with park block from my house, Lovenskiold Park but it was buried under tons of dirt and construction equipment when I was down there Aug 2019, didn't bother to take photo, if I want to see construction equipment could have stayed in Houston, ha ha

Photo #3. Park has lights in it at night, used not to. The peaceful serenity of this place was nice on this day, maybe for old times sake, I should have gotten out of car in 400 degree heat and walked around. For old times sake.

And nostalgia drives us all no?

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