Tourist in my Hometown LOUISIANA PARKWAY. #6

After Hurricane Celia destroyed our house 2009 Antelope we got use of a trailer as 10,000+ other Texans did, thanks to late Senator John Tower. But only use for one year, then option to buy or lose it. We lost it. So living in grandma Maria D Alcala's house 723 doss same property with no electricity, hot water, air condition, indoor plumbing, tossed into stone age. Along came car friend of my dad Lloyd Remple who had a rental 642 Naples. $300 a month off we went.

In the time of use at that wonderful little house it was whole new world for me, Six Points, Dobbs House, KFC, Del Mar College, Del Mar Billiards, this was about 1972, and I was 13 years old. And Louisiana Parkway. What type of sorcery is this long beautiful grassy median that stretches from Staples to Ingleside and beyond! We played football here, frisbee and more. But only near back of the Fire Station so 18th to 16th street in front of Trinity Lutheran church, that was OUR nest.

We moved back to hellhole 723 Doss in 1975, and gone was this magical place. Back to side of I-37 slanted grassy area. Yes, I still returned to Louisiana Parkway, and some of us ghetto kids would go play football and toss frisbee there. sometimes the firemen at little fire station come out and toss football too, how cool, some of these guys had rifles for a arm I may add.

When I visit Corpus Christi I still drive along both sides of Louisiana Parkway for nostalgia reasons only exist in my head. Brings back memories of simpler time, fun with friends, no bills, kids, mortgage, and so forth, just simpler time with small ice chest full of snacks like Doritos, 32 oz glass Cokes and Sprites, peanuts, sometimes homemade sandwiches too.

I visited my hometown early August 2019, and of course, go to places I once knew, and places no one will find on any tourist map, and places few even locals, will bother to venture. And with that, here are a few photos of my short, brief, time window of Louisiana Parkway. My boys were back at hotel pool, otherwise would have gotten out and thrown some serious 165 gram frisbee with them, still go my own rifle of a arm for that.

Photo #1. Louisiana Parkway looking east towards Alameda, I am basically behind fire station. Trinity Lutheran on the left, rich folks houses on the right. I am not sure why the grass looked so dead, and what still is alive is rye grass, you make spectacular frisbee catch and land on that it like falling on razor blades, end up at Spohn. It used to be lush St. Augustine grass though. sigh. Maybe best the boys stayed back at hotel pool.

Photo #2. This used to be filled with two big firetrucks that shined like a marble in a goats azz. These firemen would wash, polish them better than I do some of my own muscle cars! You are looking at front of it facing 16th, for some reason I thought it was bigger back then than now. Had lots of glass in it too. Now sadly, all boarded up.

Photo #3. This is back of little fire station Staples in distance, there used to be a Burger Chef, Texas Green stamps buildings there and Diamond Shamrock when I was younger. In the 'triangle' that makes up the intersection of Baldwin, 18th, Staples and Louisiana Parkway, used to be Whataburger there, now McDonalds. This little abandoned fire station would make a awesome pub.

Photo #4. I drove up in driveway of the little fire station, brought back some fond memories of being stuck between a pre teen and teen, playing football, none of us every really good but when a fireman came out to toss football, instant quarterback, wow! And the smell of them  cooking, always seemed to be cooking something delicious in the firehouse!

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