Tourist in my Hometown

Always a treat to visit Corpus Christi and go across the Port A ferry for no reason. These photos from early August 2019. Yea, it is a drive to get there from SPID (South Padre Island Drive to you touristas) but just go over JFK Causeway, 2nd stop light turn left and on your way. Maybe 10 minutes to get to Port A. The little town has some cool things in it, can rent all terrain vehicles, and drive them on street, beach, fun stuff. A new Red Roof Inn going up, and a number of tourist shops didn't remember last time there. Hmmm. 3 t shirts for $10, or do I really need that starfish with PORT A spray painted on it?

Starfish it is. Tourists, even me, buy crap you know.

So off to the little ferry, it is only 10 minute ride across channel to Aransas Pass side. But can't feed seagulls on ferry anymore, and ferry crew tells everyone get back in car after 5 minutes, used to be able to stand there like sunburned fools and THUMP, fall forward when ferry hits dock, especially if captain had a few adult beverages, but no more.

I'm also not a boat guy, even though born & raised in CC. But do like the ferries, and stuff like old Captain Clark Showboat tour around harbor. If you lucky on the Port A ferry, there are dolphins that will swim along side it playfully. You can tell the difference between a dolphin and shark with fin, old surfer trick, the dolphins has a rounded tip, the sharks pointed tip. We didn't see any thins time though.

So got on Aransas Pass side and decided to go into town, there is a bridge you have to pass over, and was one lane either way, so those annoying mobile stop lights on wheels doing traffic same type we saw at Leopard & Antelope near lot where I used to live. Thought about hooking that trailer up to car and taking those back to Houston for man cave. Aransas Pass not changed much, like the small shops and what not, didn't know they had own HEB, they must be growing up. Many trees bent with time as the way wind blows.

After about 10 minutes of sightseeing this quiet, quaint town where seems every day is a Sunday morning, we headed back to ferry. Always admire the huge Bullwinkle oil platforms there next to channel, looks like same one from last time we down. Onto the ferry, get out look around like tourists again, get back in car, wait to drive off boat and back in Port A. Did I tell you one time in early 1980s Port A population swelled from about 2500 to about 250,000? Lots of people sleeping on beach for miles, was fun Spring Break. I highly recommend you people (I say you people a lot) whether locals still in Corpus, or those far flung Corpus Christians who sometimes visit like I do, put the little ferry on your list of things to do. A number of good restaurants with fresh seafood in Port A also, but we didn't stop at any of them. This time.

Photos: Photo #1 taken from the deck of the ferry we were on, facing the big Bullwinkle type oil platform being build over there on Aransas Pass side. I had to point out to my boys later that night as we were sitting on the steppes on seawall in Corpus Christi near I-37 (my fission spot) that those bright orange lights on super structure across the bay was this same Bullwinkle oil platform. They thought that was really cool. Check out that blue water, quite rare.

Photo #2. Back angle of Port Aransas mainland side while on ferry. Was a number of fishermen trying their luck over there we checked out while waiting in line. Line was about 5 minutes to get on ferry. Not bad as sometimes with Spring Break, Memorial Day, 4th of July, or Labor Day can be hour or more to cross.

Photo #3. One of the ferries William G. Burnett shown here in action. Is it just me or do you people wave like I do to people on other ferries crossing paths? Maybe it is a Port A thing, maybe Texas thing, we are friendly. We don't bite unless Whataburger changes colors from orange to purple ha ha.

Ok, settle down.

Photo #4. I don't have a clue as to what the hell this, not if there was a eclipse going on. Water not boiling hot like on planet Venus, just maybe camera in phone screwed up, or got some bright sunshine in it, but appears to be Aransas Pass side of channel looking back at more developed Port A side.

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