Tourist in my Hometown

On a quiet Saturday morning August 3rd, 2019, I found myself sitting on the steppes on the sewall, downtown Corpus Christi, my hometown. Grew up you know about 1.5-2 miles from here straight shot up I-37 next to Coca Cola, corner of Doss & Antelope. There was no breeze this morning about 9:00am. Bay was like GLASS as we used to say. There was some hubbub bike race or something farther down Shoreline near convention place.

Maybe it is just me, but I like the steppes when silent like this, calm, no one around. but also like it when bay is angry as hell and waves splashing 3rd to 5th step, wind howling too, gives a nice perspective that mother nature gonna do what she wants to do regardless of what us humans want to do. With that in mind, here are some photos of my recent trip to my hometown some of ya'll might like. Feel free to use them for bookmarks, screen savers, share.

Photo #1. Looking south towards T-heads and L head, the stop lights on right is I-37 where it hits Shoreline. My "fishing spot" is farther down maybe 30 years past that mirador bathroom thing people like to use under it at night.

Someone install a taser under there to stop them folks doing that. The reason I stopped here was because of what I thought was a bike race, so give them extra room thru intersection coming back. No breeze.

Photo #2. On the L Head, same glass like water, the old blue Sheraton Marina Inn there, Wilson Tower missing its huge red, green "W" on top since Celia, my school CC Cathedral one of the towers poking out far left, some white thing floating in water, maybe a piece of beautiful foam, a lone seagull photobomb above it. Look closely thru the boats masts on far right, the Harbor Bridge smiling back at you.

Photo #3. Different angle from L head a little more to the left photo. I can't name some of the buildings there, as I moved to Houston in 1983, and they built since then. Can see Cathedral, Wilson Tower, 600 building, I think that is CC Yacht Club too.. A number of piers or docks also new, like the one shown here.

Photo #4. Returned back to the steppes at night about 8:00 or so, and waited until sun went down to take these photos. This one facing north towards harbor. I also brought my tourist tackle box, a dog food box with roll of 10 pound line, 8 shiny new Wal Mart hooks, 1/2 oz lead weights. Stopped by Chapa's Bait Stand on L-Head, where same shrimp is good for fission & well, snacks like cocktail shrimp! Hand toss line over and over with son Jacob, it was a epic battle I tell you matching piggy perch for piggy perch, of course toss them back in, I won contest 16 to 13.

Photo #5. This photo facing south from my fishing spot, towards T-Head.

There was a lot of foot traffic on seawall, and many, many people riding those little rent em scooters. We found them all over place in CC also, even back near Selena Mural. We neat to see a lot of folks enjoying the beauty of the bayfront. Old & young folks. The water was slightly choppy by now. And after I lost my final hook on stepps where the slimy green stuff in bottom, I gave it up for night. Was fun with slight breeze now. Wished could have stayed longer!

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