WHATABURGER FIELD-Tourist In My Hometown #11.

August 2nd, 2019 stardate ha ha. Ok, had 10 tickets for CC Hooks vs Midland Mudchickens. Was supposed to be bottom near 1st base line, when I ordered them, guy screwed up, gave me tickets past 3rd base line and farther up. Not complaining as was awesome nice cool breeze up there, just no foul balls to catch. My brother's widow Maria, I had bought 6 tickets for her, their two girls, and three friends, but Maria had last minute cancel, she going thru dialysis treatments, so cancelled. So wife Paige gave away the tickets at front gate two to a couple, and foul to some dads with boys, cool!

Every time I come down to my hometown I try to go to a Hooks game, that is a really nice ballpark there for baseball. While confortable & had a good time, would have been better if Maria & girls came, but I understand. And would have been lots better if Hooks would have shown up against Mud turkeys.

I got up several times to look over edge at the end of a hot as hell day.

You can see some of the new bridge going up, and some it looks creepy. But still got up to look west towards sunset. Son Noah had brought his drone to take photos of the fireworks after game. Great view of old harbor bridge too. And I found out how to walk back to grassy 'home run area' not that Hooks seemed to want to hit any like last year, but I know how to get back there. Was a church group set up with fancy chairs dead center below big scoreboard.

I may add that they had some tie in with lowriders so some great looking lowrider cars were out front before and during game, not sure if any of them got hit with foul balls but announcer plays annoying glass breaking sound over when fouls do go over the announcers area behind home plate!

Was fun game on a nice quiet breezy warm evening at the ballpark. Would have been better if Hooks didn't get beat by Mud Mullets though.

PHOTOS: Photo #1. 3rd base line upper area, our tickets were lower but I wanted to sit up higher here, better view, better breeze. This photo is before game started, check out nice view with bridge in background.

Photo #2. As sun set on a really hot August day, I took this photo westward into the Port. The Saharan Dust that was in the air made for a great sunset though.

Photo #3. Son Jacob stands in front of the field, on the board is Nolan Ryan selling some steaks. And from here you can see special seats look like wooden rockers for the church group, nothing blesses you like Nolan Ryan smiling down on you. And on the left, there is that grassy area in home run spot people with picnic blankets there, that is coo, might have to sit back there one day.

Photo #4. This is about 4th inning, ya'll quit letting American Bank plaster their names on everything down there, saw big building then I think arena with that on it. There was a lot of foul balls hit, just none towards us.

The Hooks were down 3-1 at this point, time for momma to get get her 4th beer. I got bag of peanuts. That was on top of the peanuts I snuck in hee hee.

Photo #5. Got up again to go look at the changing sunset and Corpus Christi port area, there is a cool, really bright green light on left that was there when I was a kid 50+ years ago, can easily see it coming over bridge. Of course with windows down, and dad putting Rambler in neutral to 'coast' down bridge. The promise of another day ahead. Wished it was promise of Hooks bats coming alive this night!

Photo #6 Noah & me left in 8th inning to get positioned for fireworks show from back of Whataburger Field, it was my idea to get way back there, and film with his drone in air, towards field and with harbor bridge in background. But I used my phone to capture this photo, back towards Leopard Street and over what is left of Washington-Coles & The Cut.

Photo #7. At the edge of the parking lot, this photo is looking back towards Whataburger Field, north, with the Harbor Bridge visible and on left, a creepy looking dual tower for new bridge. There is a bar down the backstreet towards the bridge that had live band playing.

Photo #8. Game over although there was a small rally for Hooks in 9th. This was one of the photos I took with phone, not good photo either, but my cord on dial up landline back to stadium must have got disconnected. Noah took excellent drone 4K video of the fireworks and it is on youtube.

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