Tourist In my Hometown #0 Padre Island

Summer 2019 Padre Island, a few snapshots in time of the never changing island. This is about 2 miles south of Bob Hall Pier. No one out there, quiet Saturday morning, only sound of stray seagull laughing or shriek of sandpiper. I commented to my kids that "wow no tar balls" and no sooner I mentioned that, damned tar balls from mid 1970s Ixtoc 1 Mexican oil well blowout.

These photos not only for you locals, but more for those ex pats like me who miss Padre being a way of life, some of ya'll far flung from the gushing sounds of waves, the slow moving billowing clouds, the fish jumping in 1st sandbar, and the little critters that do call Padre Island home. That being said, and probably one of my shorter posts for you short attention span theater people here we go. Oh! Please feel free to use any of my images and photos here any way you want, background, desktop, print, frame whatever.

Photo #1. 2 miles south of Bob Hall Pier on Padre, summer 2019, can actually see pier in distance. No music, no volleyball, no anything except the sounds of beach.

Photo #2. Looking south, 2 miles south of Bob Hall Pier on Padre, I got lost in clouds, this is about 8:30AM. Some clouds see super heros flying, others see a swan.

Photo #3. Quissssshhhhh. quissssshhhhhh.. calming sounds of small waves that wake up little cities of clams on beach who quickly burrow back under wet sand. Reach down, pick up handful, they burrow down in sand in your hand tickling it.

Photo #4. this small crabby on beach we put a hat on, looked like Cat In The Hat guy.

Photo #5. Picked up cute little Cat In The Hat crabby who bit me. Wife said 'well leave the damned thing alone!' but no, small price to pay to play with sea creature. So tossed him back in water, no harm no foul, even though he drew blood, all healed now.

Photo #6. This was yet another crabby found down the beach hiding in some washed up seaweed. Was foaming at mouth like my dogs do back in Houston with dog treats. Not mad dog, or mad crab foam, just foaming. Picked this little fellow up too, left over from overnight high tide, and tossed him back in water.

Photo #7. This is 3rd crab, am wasting photos of damned crabs but I happen to like them cute critters, like them even more at places that serve Alaskan King Crab with garlic butter. This guy put up dukes ready to fight, still picked him up to scare kids. And of course crabby selfie. Yup, tossed into water knee deep, go get some mullet.

Photo #8. Son Jacob found this fellow and lured him out for photo. He had all our attention to himself for about 5 minutes poking head out, walking a little until Jacob touched antennae, then head back inside to watch TV, then come back out. Same thing, got tossed back in water to refresh for 97 degree day ahead.

Photo #9. Bob Hall Pier with sunrise behind it. Don't have to see sign to appreciate it. Will probably write about it later and days wasted around it surfing.

Photo #10 these fellows were all over beach, they are fun to drive over and pop. Had to tell one of my boys don't stick them with stick as even dead, if they 'pop' it sprays the stinging jel out and burns and I didn't stock any Adolph's Meat Tenderizer for trip.

Photo #11. Only greybeards like me will remember this where you had to pay toll to get on Padre. Now just sail down freeway (ok, except between Ayers & Airline where there was 5 car pileups) b ut sail down freeway past Flour Bluff over JFK and there, don't have all the little ferry things sitting there we used to waste lot of time waiting for them to cross back and forth to just get to island.

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