Vick's Burgers Closes Old Loaction!

Vick's Burgers closes down! At the corner of Port & Leopard Vick's Burgers was across from Lew Williams Chevrolet & Hasty Tasty Restaurant, and in front of Auto Center. To familiar yourselves with this, go back to my big map of northside Port & Leopard in 1966. The "U" shaped building is Sheffields, a Snapkas type drive in #19 on the map. Lew Williams Chevrolet is anything #18 on the map, Hasty Tasty #13, and Auto Center is #20 & their garage #21. Vicks would be #19 after Sheffields bulldozed.

After Sheffield's was Ruby Reds, then Vicks. The two sons, both heavily into Buicks, especially the GS type, and needness to say, my late brother Tommy & me got along great with them since they were "car guys" Tommy & me AMC guys.

Don't worry or write me "deer meester ette" letters, Vicks Burgers opend up next to old location and with a enclosed dining area. Will miss the picnic tables in 100 degree heat with seagulls shitting on car though.

cc-vicks-closes-1.JPG (411732 bytes)  cc-vicks-closes-2.JPG (671752 bytes)

To see Sheffields Drive Inn I mentioned go here to other Corpus Christi Leopard Street File it is #19