Vicks Burgers (Port & Leopard)

At the corner of Leopard & Port, 1 block from where I grew up at Doss & Antelope, was a drive inn. NOT VICKS shown here, in the 1960s it was a drive in sort of like Snapkas, where you park car under awnings. Inside was pinball machines, jukebox, sort of honky tonk. Called Sheffields in 1960s.

Across Port was Lew Williams Chevrolet, in same parking lot as Vicks (shown) was Auto Center sort of like a O'Reillys or Auto Zone, and had engine bays for mechanics to work on cars, so I guess more like a Pep Boys. At one time Vicks before it was Vicks was Ruby Reds. Nice place, same style but not as good food as Vicks.

Which brings me to Vicks. I believe they were Albanian family, the momma we affectionately called 'Meesus Veek' didn't know much english but always had a big smile on face when she saw me, brother Tommy, or sometimes my mom, dad, and both us kids drive up. The dad wore a little white hat and well, we called him 'Meester Veek' his english was limited but knew enough how to take orders and get them right.

The sons when we first met them, one was in high school, other right behind in what is now called middle school. The older one had mustache and goatee, and deep brown eyes, and was courteous, while younger one like me, had longer hair and while nice guy, friendly, always seemed to be thinking about somewhere else like beach!

But the sons & me & Tommy the talk (after placing order!) always turned to cars! The burgers, shakes, everything about this place was hard blue collar work. And damned good food! And this was, and is, a blue collar neighborhood. So at the time, you could get burger, fries and tea for under $5. And no shortage of customers who quickly found out this immigrant family was in it for the long run! Sometimes would see Mister Vick working lunch rush, then later drive by and damned if still not on feet working at 9pm.

God Bless them, just good people. I never learned their names but the brothers were heavily into Buicks, the muscle car types like Stage 1; GSX, Skylarks. So when me or brother Tommy drive up in one of our AMC Javelins or AMXs, well the CAR TALK would fly! So would the BS about 'whose cars faster, ha ha) I do not think the boys have had as many AMC (American Motors vehicles) like I have, as have now owned 392 AMCs straight since 1976, no Ford, Chrysler, Chevy, import, noting but AMC...11 currently, goal bucket list is to eventually have 500 of them, own 11 as I write.

Photo #1, Vicks, some of the best burgers in Sparkling City By The Sea Corpus Christi. Photo #2 is what the Vick brothers collect! Photo #3 is some of my AMC cars in Houston.

Which might bring me to this: For those of you who read my long azz posts, WHERE in Corpus Christi in 2018 have the BEST BURGERS? I used to also like Charco's on Staples, a case could be made for Hamlin's in the pharmacy on Weber, and not sure they still do them but Bellaire pharmacy on Staples & Annaville (I think that is name, about mile from W. B Ray) So would like to hear YOUR nominees for best burgers down there in case we visit this summer!

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