Brother Tommy & Whataburger SPID & Weber

This is a photo I do not know who took it, of my brother Tommy Stakes (Ray grad, and in his Thurman Fondren Glass Company clothes) at Whataburger at corner of Weber & South Padre Island, in 1979, possibly 1980. March 24th, would have been his birthday and he died in 2016 right after his birthday only 60 years young. Wel, we used tomeet up at this Whataburger, I was working at Central Power & Light (CPL) down there as low life bottom dweller Meter Reader. Nickname was "Dog Hunter" They let me keep my long ass hair (I told them it was for religious reasons, no, was just surfer guy hee hee) but Tommy worked at Thurman Fondren for over 25 years, my dad, Homer T Stakes Sr, worked there for about 10 or so. so most mornings we would meet up at this Whataburger and shoot the bull, Tommy is reading a Auto Trader I gave him, while polishing off a BOB/breakfast on a bun. Looks like i was having pancakes that morning, my dad out of picture. Tommy was know for being able to eat a Whataburger in ONE BITE, and to increase the bid against those who dared him (and lost many a bet) he would smile at them when ordering and say 'I'm geting a DOUBLE!' Yikes, did a lot of people lose that bet. There used to be a Kettle next door, now is small Mexican resturant on corner, and they have super pancakes and breakfast platter with refried beans, small potatos/papas, and eggs and a few tortillas to roll your own before heading to work or a hard day surfing those monster 3 row and 3 foot waves on Padre. Miss & love you big guy.

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