White Rabbit Disco

White Rabbit, I would probably tell you that you fibbin. Across street was The Carousel Club, but the Rabbit was THE disco place. Located at Six Points but facing south on Staples, Thursday thru sundays the area was madhouse.

Hard to find parking, and many times a line to get in. Lucky for me I had several sparkly polyester shirts from K-Mart out on SPID, several pairs of flaired bellbottoms, and sometimes would wear my 3 inch KISS boots with flat fronts. Was stylin bro. So I could walk past the line (providing could walk with those shoes on) doormen always let me in. Spent a lot of money I was probably only person there not doing drugs either. Well, not in club...it was easy to lose several pounds nightly dancing. At the time, I lived off Kostoryz, then Weber, so a little bit of drive but well worth it. I must have spent thousands of dollars at this place, surprised they not still around as much dinero I blew there. Would buy drinks for ladies, and if not taken, sit with them, dance with them, then go home. Music was loud, pulsating, and the light show inside, while not ANYTHING like today's LED and laser standards, was hypnotic! I really can;t believe I was a disco duck, hope my kids don't read this.

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