Woolworth's Downtown Department Store

Downtown Corpus Christi in 1960s was a experience. I was going to school at Corpus Christ Cathedral on the hill, and dad worked at the AMC Dealership on Water. One of my favorite hangouts was Woolworth downtown. You could park your bike next to parking meter & no one steal it. Inside was a timeless diner as you see here, cakes & pies in your face on counter. Behind counter there was a conveyor belt contraption things, the upper belt brought hot food out from kitcnen, the lower belt took dirty dishes back. The aroma when you walked into this place, especially corner (1st & 3rd photo) from the diner was overwhelming, instantly hungry. I often wondered how many businessmen & women came down from the towers on the hill (Wilson, Driscoll & 600) to eat? The toy section had all the newest stuff cheap, Rat Finks & Finkys, Hot Wheels & Matchbox, Super Balls. I would buy the super Balls that look like pool balls for nickle, take them to school next day & sell them for 10 cents hee hee. Drove nuns and priests nuts, and any super ball that made it to roof of Cathedral gone forever in the drain system, so don't throw it way up there. And watch the stained glass windows. Rarely could I afford anything at the diner counter, we were rather poor, got free lunch card at school before it became the norm like nowadays, otherwise go hungry!

Ironically the school my boys go to in Houston 80% of kids get free lunches, lots of food waste, but another story, another day there. The other place in downtown Corpus in 1960s that had good cheap toys was Kresses up the road, then Grants, JC Penneys, and The Toy Shoppe.

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