AMC & Rambler Fans! Since 1980 AMCRC has been a leading force in helping Rambler and AMC owners throughout the world connect with products and anything of interest to Rambler Owners! Our goal is to provide support and make your Rambling Time enjoyable. We welcome people from throughout the world as Rambler was Worldwide! 

When you join AMCRC, you get a startup package, which includes a quarterly book, called the Rambler Reader, full of stories, ads, articles, technical, photos, anything Rambler related! You can also opt for the AD RELEASE which is full of hard to find parts, literature, memorabilia and more.....which comes out MONTHLY. Members also receive a Parts source Guide each spring, which is instrumental in helping find parts thru individuals, vendors and businesses.

Each year, AMCRC puts on a National meet, which moves about the US from location to location. AMCRC also sponsors many AMC & Rambler Regional events thru our different chapters. All AMC Related cars  are more than welcome to attend....from 1902 Rambler thru 1988 Eagle! And of course all friends, family members are welcome!
BASIC Membership
includes quarterly Rambler Reader and Ad Release (4 issues of each) and the annual Parts Source Guide.
PLUS Membership includes the quarterly Rambler Reader (4 issues), monthly Ad Release (12 issues), and the Parts Source Guide.

                                                                                                                    BASIC             PLUS

Domestic Membership US: (check or MO, paypal or cash)                     $27/US          $35/US
Canadian Membership (US bank check or MO, paypal or cash)          $27/US           $35/US
Overseas Membership (US bank check or MO, paypal or cash)         $33/US           $43/US
CONTACT INFORMATION                                   Basic______   Plus______
Amount enclosed$__________________

VEHICLE INFORMATION (you can print this and write on back if need be)
YEAR____________MODEL_____________________BODY STYLE________ENGINE____________
YEAR________________MODEL_______________________BODY STYLE________ENGINE__________
If joining or renewing, make checks payable to AMCRC and mail directly to:
AMCRC: 6 Murolo Rd, N. Grosvenordale, CT. 06255.
PH#860-923-0485 Visit: