Changing your Rebel, Ambassador or Rebel to Go Pack made easy! 
by eddie stakes

I have included a few photos here of my 68 Rebel convertible "Machine" tachometer setup for those who have asked about installing a tachometer in their classic AMC that didn't come with one. 

The YELLOW wire from main harness near the alternator will go to the "I" side of the SOLENOID..

The YELLOW wire from the TACHOMETER will go to the NEGATIVE --- SIDE of the COIL.

The BLUE wire from the TACHOMETER will go to the "I" side of the SOLENOID also. 

The BLACK wire from POSITIVE + SIDE of coil going to distributor leave alone.

Here are two photos from my 68 Rebel 401 convertible Machine. This 70 AMX gauge cluster was installed in the Rebel in 1986 and works great 20 years later. I hope this helps those who are considering changing their Rebel, Ambassador or Matador to include gauges. It is extremely easy to do, and you have to only find a round gauge overlay from a 1967 Ambassador for several models, or a round gauge overlay from a 72 Matador for others to use the big 140mph speedometer and 8K tack commonly found in 1968 thru 70 AMXs and Javelins!  

This photo shows back towards the firewall where solenoid is located on this 68 Rebel. Yes, that is almost all original wiring in the spaghetti there, as the car has the most massive electrical system of any AMC I have ever owned with electric wipers, electric top, electric windows, to name a few of the 38 options.
This photo shows the coil. If you look towards bottom of the photo you will see the yellow wire from main harness going back to the solenoid I side and the yellow wire from coil going into the main two wire harness of the tachometer.

The only mods will be moving around your small plugs in the main wiring harness behind the gauge cluster. This is the round head plug that holds all your small wires that actually plugs in back of the circuit board and gauges. Basically all you are doing is moving them to a 69-70 AMX configuration! I have written about this before in some of the national AMC rags and never realized I didn't have it here on my site where anyone could print it out and have fun. This is what you want to print CLICK HERE and it shows the before and after configuration of the wiring to make fuel, temp, lights, everything work in your classic once you put in your Go Pack 140mph speedometer 8K tach combo in your Rebel, Ambassador or Matador 1967-74.

The 1967 Ambassador overlay's that are round holed can usually be found on ebay or at many national AMC meets.