AMC AMX & Javelin 1968 1969 1970 Self Help Book

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AMC AMX & Javelin A to Z Self Help Guide. (Big Bad 69 Javelin on cover is SOLD OUT in 2005). Was limited to 500 copies. This book I self published in 2005 trying to finish as my dad, who worked for AMC 18 years, was slowly fading at 79 years old. A Tribute Book. There were problems with typos, pages, photographs and the printer. I wanted to give him the FIRST copy while still alive. Sadly, the he passed away October 30th, 2005 in Corpus Christi, Texas, and book was not in hand until November 20th, 2005 weeks later. The printer stopped pressing them at 250 copies. I slowly unloaded them on ebay, EACH BOOK NUMBERED, and sold out. The printer and others convinced me to 'finish off the final 250 books' in my dad's memory, of which I did. They were $24.99 each originally, and in the time passed they sold out in less than year, some pop up on ebay $100+ with the Big Bad Orange Javelin cover.

Another run of this book, about 165 pages, has been done in 2020, 15 years later. It features my 68 AMX The Red Death on the cover. IT IS LIMITED PRODUCTION AGAIN AND WILL SELL OUT. Price is $34.99 + $5 shipping in USA, rest of world about $15 to ship. I do paypal, also checks, money orders still, email me at   if you want one, will send you invoice, book goes out within 48 hours.

YOU WILL NOT FIND IT ON AMAZON, or any other place online though I might drop one on ebay or two.. And like 15 years ago, when gone are gone. If you do not like it for any reason, no questions asked, let me know full refund AND I will pay shipping it back to me.

The wiring diagrams in back didn't turn out and unreadable, like in 2005.

The Planet Houston Vendors List is from 2005, and sadly many of those vendors are dead, or out of business, so old vendors list. Any questions please feel free to ask in advance. You can access my usually current Planet Houston Vendors List  here.

Topics in thr almost 175 page SOFTBOUND book:

Identifying your 68-70 AMX or Javelin Series

Engines including Tune Ups, Troubleshooting (VIN decoding)


Electrical System (lots of illustrations but the whole car ones in back didn't turn out well)


Standard Transmissions, Clutches, Automatics

Rear Suspension

Engine Blueprinting & Tuning For Competition

Group 19 Speed Equipment

Planet Houston AMX Vendors List (from 2005)