AMC Blackstone Radiators

American Motors used Blackstone Radiators in most (not all, some used Modine) in most of their vehicles. The radiator will have a AMC Part Number on top right, and a letter & number next to it.  Since I have two 71 SC/360 Hornets, here are illustrations of both, the first photo is a 4 speed Hurst car, the 2nd photo a automatic car, the AMC Part Number one digit off: 3196859 for standards, 3196860 for automatics. Automatic radiators had coolers in bottom.

sc-360-hornet-4speed-radiator.jpg (188841 bytes)  sc-360-hornet-radiator-auto.jpg (144212 bytes)

The letter is the month such as A1, B2, C3 for instance D3 would be April 1973; or E0 would be May 1970, and so forth, the number is the year (8=1968, 9=1969, 0=1970 and so on.  The radiator will always be 3-4 months before your car built so if your car built in say December 1969 the Blackstone radiator would be correct for your car dated September or October 1969 for instance. However depending on AMC production, the radiator your car came with can vary as wide as SIX months before your car was built. It is extremely difficult to find a 'dated' radiator for your car this far down the road, and most people who buy them only want top portion for concours restorations of which I do not blame them as it is one of first things a judge (me included!) look at when opening hood to judge engine bay. I will later be listing 2 core radiators for 67-74 as time permits. These are all THREE CORE radiators listed below. Cores means rows, look down the filler neck and count rows.

1967/68 American/Rebel 318 6088
1969 American/Rebel 319 4331
1970/71 Hornet 319 6860 (automatics 3196859 standard)
1970 Rebel 319 4331

1968 Javelin/AMX 319 0479
1969/70 Javelin/AMX 319 4332

1967/70 Ambassador 318 6108

71-72 Amx Javelin 3198049

73-74 AMX Javelin 3215681

Remember if you are lucky enough to find one close to your car's build, you are buying just the TOP with part numbers to hell with the rest that can be recored by a radiator shop in your area.

This is a 74 AMX date coded Blackstone, showing both AMC Part Number on left & Date Code on right

amx-date-code.jpg (134122 bytes)

A3=January 1973. However, this unit would not see installment in a 1973, was not used until 1974.