AMC Crate Engines & Service Replacement Blocks    

Here is a American Motors Crate 1970 390 being deboxed. Put on some good stripper music for background while you see what few folks have ever seen while this 325HP baby takes her wrappings off for you. Be sure to toss a few dollars her way also. Note the Export tag of a SERVICE REPLACEMENT BLOCK; along with flattened can of AMC Group 15 Accessory Engine Oil Supplement which never got to be used. Note also the markings on the crankshaft; the crankshaft, along with forged steel rods, were made by Holmes Foundry in Canada for AMC. Also worth noting is the ground off engine size. American Motors commonly did this with replacement blocks. For instance if you blew up your 343 and your dealer didn't have one, he would get on the horn to other dealers and find out who had a block on shelf and send you over there for the engine, which was a 343/360/390/401 replacement such as this. And of course the 'engine size' was ground off. You also saw engine sizes ground off on Export engines such as this 1970 390. There also was a number of blocks produced with NO casting numbers in 1970-71, some call them Traco, or Machine, or Donohue blocks, and usually set up for four bolt main. So hopefully by now you are in love, and the jukebox is ending it's song while the stripper is fixing to leave the stage and you will be all alone again, but with some nice (or evil) thoughts to last you thru the night. Enjoy the pix. And if you have to, put another few coins in the jukebox for 'Sunshine' and 'Amber' there!