68-70 AMX & Javelin AM, AM/FM AM/8track radio noise supressor

If your classic AMX or Javelin has a annoying "rrrrrrrrr" it is not the engine, usually heard in speakers, chances are your car was a original factory radio delete. Many people didn't opt for a AM radio, which was $65.90 option, with the AM/FM a whopping $157.40 in 1968-70 dollars, which is why few exist. That being said, in later years AMC would use a small noise suppressor near the coil, but in earlier years, it was in your cluster. Might be time to put one in if your stereo revs with engine! If you don't have the small mounts on back of your cluster, no need to worry, you can get different aftermarket ones at Radio Shack to name a few, that will cut down the 'rrrrr' engine rev one can sometimes hear in speakers. Thanks to Mike Lakin for the back of cluster board photo. PS: If you are considering installing rare Group 15 Accessory speakers in your classic 68-70 AMX.....note that I reproduced the speaker grates a few years ago. Also sell the rear "T" panel for these, and you can find factory 4 inch diameter speakers here.


1968 thru 1970 Gauges Circuit Board

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