1964-74 Javelin Rebel AMX American Rambler Ambassador Front Disc brake conversion

1.       Safety first.   Use all normal safety precautions.

2.       Crack front wheel nuts loose, chock up rear wheels.

3.       Jack up front end of car, support with jackstands.  Remove front wheels, drum assembly.

4.       Disconnect brake flexible line at frame by unscrewing hardline nut, then removing clip.  Undo drum backing plate nuts and remove drum backing plate and all drum hardware in one assembly.  Clean off spindle assembly

5.       Place adapter plate on outside of spindle stub, with caliper opening to the rear and caliper mount nut welds facing inwards.  Check to make sure bracket fits flat against stub.  On 1-1/4” thick base stubs, rotate stub 180 degrees so it fits inside bracket.  Tighten nuts to spec.

6.       Place machined spacer on spindle stub with taper inwards to clear spindle fillet.  If it fits loose, use LockTite Red to retain – if tight fit, heat spacer in oven to 450 degrees and place on stub.

7.       Dry fit rotor onto spindle stub.  Check for interference of rotor with lower ball joint.  Some OEM pieces have a little “tongue” that hits the rotor; this must be ground back approximately 1/8”.  If all is well, clean and repack wheel bearings, install inner bearing in rotor.  Install new seal.   Assemble rotor onto spindle, tighten outer nut to spec, then secure with keeper, new cotter pin and Ranger dustcap.  Install larger rings on rotor, these center the rims.

8.       Wipe down rotor with alcohol, lacquer thinner or other cleaner to remove grease and oils.

9.       Wash hands! Rotor must be squeaky clean

10.  Assemble pads into caliper, lube contact points with silicone grease and slide assembly into caliper bracket, then screw in slide pins, tighten to 35 foot-pounds.  Check fitment and rotate rotor to check clearance.

11.  Measure optimal hose length with a piece of fuel line.  We found routing the hose down from the caliper then up to the hardline, forming a “J” worked best.  We used 1979 Seville front hydraulic hoses which are 15”, but 12” may work better.  Install hose with new copper crush washers.

12.  Master cylinder and proportioning valve specs are quite varied.   I would recommend 1968-74 Javelin or similar disc master cylinder for best performance match available in power and manual flavors.   Try with original junction block first.   If rears lock up excessively, install an adjustable proportioning valve in the line going to the rear. The large rings are for centering the stock rims on the rotors.

13.   Bench bleed disc master cylinders, mount on car, then gravity bleed entire system first, and then pump bleed and test.  Bed in pads by 30 slow stops from 30 MPH, with 30 seconds cooling between stops.


Part                              Application                                          NAPA               Wagner                   Raybestos           


Rotor                            1995-97 2WDRanger w/2 wheel ABS    (48)86672           BD125469                     66559(RGS)

Caliper, LH                   1990 Celebrity front                              442-2066           TQM25006                     RC4233

Caliper, RH                   1990 Celebrity front                              442-2067           TQM25007                     RC4234

Hoses 12” long 1979-90 Caprice front                           36846                F106887                        BH36846

Hoses 15” long 1979 Seville front                                  36845                F98912                         BH36845

Oil Seal                        1995-7 2WDRanger front                       19223                BCA #9150S

Banjo Bolt                     1990 Celebrity front                              82703                            DORMAN Part # 13940

Inner Bearing              1995-97 2WDRanger w/2 wheel ABS    BR5                               BCA A5

Outer Bearing              1969 Javelin                                          BR2                               BCA A2


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