Trailer Towing With American Motors Cars

"American Motors cars , Ambassador, AMX, Rebel, Javelin & Rambler have the toughness and muscle to make them dependable trailer haulers. The following recommendations will contribute to safer, more carefree trailering." Trailer hitches were a Group 15 Accesory but rarely showed up in Group 15 Accessory catalogs except in latet years. This is a rare bulletin of towing from my collection dated October 1968. Side note, one of the neatest towing setups I ever saw was at a NAMDRA meet in 1980s when a Hurst SC/Rambler pulled up towing a AMX drag car!

amc-trailer-hitch-1.jpg (273354 bytes)  amc-trailer-hitch-2.jpg (333538 bytes)  amc-trailer-hitch-3.jpg (371430 bytes)  amc-trailer-hitch-4.jpg (310439 bytes)