AMC Trans Am Paint scheme

American Motors Corporate colors for Trans Am racing bulletin. Sent to AM Dealers in early 1968, note the Javelin in the Wisconsin mid winter snow, this was the Kaplan Javelin being prepared for upcoming season; the rear glass braces and fuel cell filler tube visible, also no rear bumper in photo. Worth noting was that AMC left the decision up to dealers, or their race team on which color configuration to use, red/white/blue or blue/white/red, and what type of paint to use. The memo is dated February 1st, 1968 however January 10th, 1968 written on at bottom. The red would later become Matador Red, while the white Frost white and the blue Commodore Blue in 1970.

The Rangoon Red, Refrigerator White (a nod to AMC's Kelvinator brands) and Pewrsian Blue used on many racing team's cars from 66-70.


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