Decoding Your AMC Trasmission & Rear Axle
by Eddie Stakes

Also see AMC Automatic Transmissions Chart

The boat anchor Borg Warner automatics used from 65-71, many people know what I think about them as I have a whole bayou of them behind my house, I think they are junk, but the snapping turtles love them and the EPA don't hassle me because I tell them I am creating habitat for endangered wildlife so I guess it works out. Since I deal with only 68-74 let's concentrate on the automatics used those years. Actually let's narrow it down to 68-72. The big cast iron Borg Warners are M11-B and M-12 Series, used until 1971 on 343, 360, 390, and 401 applications. Starting in 1972, AMC used Torqueflite 727s, a superior trans although some swear by the old Borgs. Why I don't know they are not performance oriented and impossible to find stuff for, and transmission shops will push your car to the back lot while you have to try to find parts for them to even look at it. Enough of that. The 68-71 Borg Warners have a tag attached to the case of the transmission above the pan which carries the vendor number and the AMC Part Number for the application. The six cylinder and smaller V8s (290/304) use the light duty aluminum case transmission, while the 343, 360, 390 and 401 use the cast iron case transmission. One exception is the 68-69 AMX with the 290V8 four barrel which used the big AT. The 72-74 360/401 automatics were Torqueflite 727's with the numbers located on the left side of the pan. The 258-6 (Javelins) and 72-74 Javelin and AMXs with 304V8 used the light duty 904/998 Torqueflite transmissions. *Note that the 904/998 is a awesome "low end" transmission with lots of torque and works great behind a 360 and 401. I have had a 904 behind my 68 Rebel convertible "Machine" with the LAPD policia engine since 1987 and 127,000+ miles. 

amc-borg-warner-t10-tag-1.jpg (264564 bytes)

Above is a Borg Warner T-10 factory (Kenosha AMC ID) tag. Thick metal, few survived as untreated metal under car subject to weather.

amc-borg-warner-t10-tailshaft.jpg (256971 bytes)

Borg Warner T-10 tailshaft with markings Borg Warner Corporation ID

amc-borg-warner-t10-case.jpg (352934 bytes)

Borg Warner T-10 main casing. All I have owned from 1967 thru 1974 are marked "P". This does not mean it is 'wide' ratio "P" gears as shown below.

amc-borg-warner-t10-hurst-spacer.jpg (231278 bytes)

Due to isues with crappy shifters AMC had pre-1969, AMC signed with Hurst to use Hurst shifters for 1969 production. Not only did the hole in transmission "hump" change from dead near center, but shifter to driver side of hump, so was closer to driver. You can modify your 66-68 AMC shifter hole in floorpan easily to accomodiate a Hurst shifter. You will have to add a different shifter housing as earlier ones were metal, later ones fiberglass. Those bolt to floor, then covered with boot and carpet. The aluminum bright triangular Hurst factory spacer is shown in above photo. You will need one of those if doing interchange.

amc-hurst-transmission-tag.jpg (309043 bytes)

This is a "V" code desirable "short throw" Borg Warner T-10 transmission tag showing AMC Part Number & V coded gears. Soaped down to bring out digits as many are either gone or worn down from time.


68-69 Borg Warner      Engine       Vendor Number      AMC Part Number#

AMX (except 290)       290-343    AS16-11                3191668

and Javelin                    343            AS4-11B               3196543

                                     390           AS4-12                  3191079

                                                      AS6-12                  3196544

70 Borg Warner

AMX & Javelin           360             AS4-1B                 3196543

                                                      AS12-12                3210501

                                   390             AS8-12                  3196544

Rebel Machine            390             AS8-12                  3199950

71 Borg Warner

AMX & Javelin           360            10-03-000-0002    3120865

                                   401            10-03-000-0004    3210869

SC/360 Hornet            360           10-03-000-0001     3210864

72 Torqueflite

AMX & Javelin           360                                           3213958; 3213961

                                                                                    3214067; 3218135

                                                                                    3218137; 3218187

                                                                                    3219227; 3219230

                                   401                                           3215845; 3215618

                                                                                    3217752; 3219188



The four speed manual transmissions are Borg Warner T-10s and usually have a tag attached to one of the tailhousing mounting bolts at the rear of the transmission. The tag provides the Vendor Numbers and AMC Part Numbers. The last letter of the vendor number will indicate whether the transmission is 'close' or 'wide ratio'. A sample of a AMX might rerad AS1 T10V; the last letters indicating the series.

                                     1st             2nd           3rd              4th

"T"  Series Wide            2.64          2.10          1.49            1.00  

"P" Series Wide             2.43          1.76          1.47            1.00

"V" Series Close            2.23          1.77           1.35           1.00
The most desirable of these is the "V" Series, and usually most expensive when and if found. 

Rear Ends:
All 8 7/8 inch axles had a axle code stamped on the differential housing cover flange. The factory installed codes are here as follows:

A= 3.53:1                  B=3.15:1                     C=2.87:1                          D=3.91:1

The following dealer installed ratios were also available:
3.73:1;        3.91:1;         4.10:1;           4.44:1;                5.00:1

More on manual transmissions used by AMC


T-86 3spd N (196/199/232/250/287/290) 50-67
T-89 3spd N (250/327) 56-66
T-96 3spd N (196/199/232) 56-70
T-96H 3spd N (199) 70
T-96J 3spd N (232) 67, 70-72
T-14 3spd S (232/258/290/304) 68-73,76
T-15 3spd S (290/304/360) 68-71
T-10 4spd S (287/327/290/343/360/390/401) 66-74
150-T 3spd S (258/304/360) 74-79
SR-4 4spd S (232/258/304) 76-81
T4 4spd S (151/258) 82-88
T5 5spd S (151/258) 83-88
HR-1 4spd S (121) 77-79
JEEPS T-84 3spd N (J134) WW II
T-96 4spd N (J134) 45-57
T-86 3spd N (J226) 45-58
T-90 3spd N (J134) 45-58
T-90J 3spd N (J226) 45-58
T-86A 3spd N (J225/J226) 55-71
T-90C 3spd N (J232/J258/J304/J360) 45-71
T-98A 4spd N (J232/J258/J304/J360) 55-70
T-14A 3spd S (J225/J232/J258/J304/J360) 67-75
T-15A 3spd S (J304/J360) 72-79
T-18 4spd N (J258/J304/J360) 71-75
T-18A 4spd N (J258/J304/J360) 76-79
T-150 3spd S (J232/J258/J304) 76-79
SR-4 4spd S (J151/J258) 80-81
T-17X 4spd S (J258/J304) 80-86
T-4 4spd S (J150/J151/J258) 82-86
T-5 5spd S (J151/J258) 82-86


JEEP: = Information known to concern Jeeps but most likely applies to all vehicles where applicable.
BW = Borg-Warner
GM = General Motors
L-D = Laycock-DeNormanville
OD = Over-drive
HD (or hd) = Heavy-duty.


Get the number of cover bolts and the shape of the shifter bosses (where the shifter enters the trans) for the ID.

150-T 9 bolt, round, small & large section 9.18", 260XXXX
SR-4 Aluminum case, 9.25", 13-32-065-9XX or 13-40--065-9XX
T-4 Aluminum case, 9 3/16", 13-51-065-9XX or 13-52-065-9XX
T-5 Aluminum case, 9 3/16", 13-51-065-9XX or 13-52-065-9XX
T-14 6 bolt, 1/2 round, separate 8.68", 13-02-065-9XX or T14X-1X
T-15 8 bolt, 1/2 round, connected 10", 13-07-065-9XX or T15A-1X
T-86 6 bolt, round, connected with brace 8.12", T-86X-1X
T-90 6 bolt, round, connected with brace 8.12", T-90X-1X
T-96 4 bolt, round, separate 7", T-96X-1X
T-17x 9 bolt, 10.25", C2604XXX


Other Hints:
T-10 "V" series 2:43 and 2:64 were wide ratio and used until from '66 to early '68. In '68 they went to the 2:23 close-ratio tranmissions on all cars (except the SST/AMX which was a close, but used the 2:64 gear). This was continued up to 1974. This is why the above way of indentification of T-10s might not always be correct.
There are ways to tell T-10's apart for example:
      - 2:23 "V" has 5 grooves cut into the input shaft,
      - 2:43 "P" has 4 grooves cut into the input shaft,
      - 2:64 "T" has 3 grooves cut into the input shaft,
      - 2:64 "W" super T10 has 1 groove cut into the input shaft.
      - 2:43 "S" super T10 also has just 1 groove.
Some cases also have a machined boss on the lower drivers side toward the front with the date code stamped into them.
T-86 has a horizontal brace between the shift lever bosses (not a low ridge -- it extends nearly to the ends of the bosses. T-96 may have a casting mark) and has six (instead of four like on T-96) bolts retaining the top cover.


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