AMC Vacuum Wiper Fuel Pump setup

AMC was the LAST US automaker to use vacuum wipers, discontinuing them after 1971. Good, they should have done it yearsa before because vacuum wipers SUck & if you have ever driven a AMC or Rambler with them, you are blind in the rain. Especially upon takeoff at stop light ot stop sign. I could bore you here with stories about my dad, Homer T Stakes driving out 62 Rambler wagon in Corpus Christi in the heavy rain, he always kept a clothes hangar on the driver side sunvisor, and still recall him driving with window open, rain pouring in, and him multi tasking driving in tropical rain, pulling wipers (helping them he called it!) back and forth to see, otherwise they would just STOP.

The dual auction vacuum operated fuel pump powered the vacuum wipers. Ironically in the tons of AMC things I have, I have never seen a 'vacuum wiper setup' showing which lines for fuel, in, out, and which lines for vacuum wipers, maybe someone can one day show me something like this but have never seen it, even in shop manuals. I guess I would not get questions about this thru years, nor would this damned page come up #1 in google searches if AMC had put something out there on setup!

My recommendations while some of you wish to keep car stock, is to eventually change it to electric. However, some switches, like 68-69, and short shaft 70 AMX & Javelin ones, the used switches command $150-$250 each. But the Prestolite new wiper motors easy to find, and used ones working, with plate command about $50-$100, and have wiring harness in it. Many shop manuals have the wiring schematic in back pages. You will have to change your Trico wiper blades, and crossarms under cowl, expect to pay $500 for everything for AMX & Javelin, but one day you get caught in rain at show or meet, is worth every penny.

Here are some illustrations to help you figure out where goes where.

amc-vacuum-wiper-fuel-pump-setup.jpg (22911 bytes)  amc-vacuum-fuel-pump-setup-1.JPG (356908 bytes)  amc-vacuum-fuel-pump-setup-2.JPG (443477 bytes)

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