Your friendly American Motors Dealer would fill out a Car Purchase Order with a ball point pen after taking a order from a customer. These Car Order Forms were usually 2-3 pages including carbon copies. The Dealer would have to have the following information on the form to submit to Zone Office.  Dealer Name, Model, Exterior Color, Trim, Stripes (only if Desired), Tires, Optional Axle Ratio (only if Desired) and "X" Adjacent to options desired for the model being ordered. There would not be any changes accepted after the order had been submitted to the factory by the Zone Office. These fragile pieces of paper is your car's DNA. It is a coded computer printout of all the options, equipment, and trim installed at the factory! It was used by assembly line workers to tell them how to build your car. If you are really lucky the owner, or you, will have found the build sheet, which was usually stuffed in the seat springs under the rear seat, or in many 68-70 AMXs, in the back portion of the passenger seat. In later model AMCs sometimes it was stuffed or taped inside the passenger side door panel or inside or above the glovebox! Some models have them under the carpet, inside the passenger side seat upright, in the lower part of the rear seat, or in the upper part of the rear seat. One AMX I parted out had it behind the headliner. 

This is what you are looking for:

amc-build-sheet-seat.JPG (651897 bytes) 

this is what most people find if that, this was my Hurricane Ike 73 Plum AMX Build Sheet. I left it in place.

amc-build-sheet-rotten.jpg (136213 bytes)

Consider yourself winning the lotto if you find YOUR car's DNA, as these thin papers usually fell apart thru the years, or are unreadable.

Here are some sample original AMC Build Sheets.

68 Ambassador Build Sheet

68-ambassador-343-build-sheet.JPG (920447 bytes)

69 California 500 AMX Build Sheet

69 Javelin Big Bad Blue Build Sheet

69 AMX 343 Build Sheet, note crayon check

amx-343-build-sheet.JPG (107271 bytes)

69 Javelin 'Base" Build Sheet, courtesy Mel Moeller

wpe653.jpg (55350 bytes)

71 AMX Build Sheet courtesy of Larry Williams.

70 AMX Build Sheet courtesy of Randy Urban.

70 AMX (Shadow Mask) Build Sheet courtesy of Bill Serles

70 Mark Donohue Javelin Build Sheet

69 AMX Build Sheet

69 Javelin SST Build Sheet 
courtesy of Christina Redfern
Also Christina's AMC Owner ID Card, Window Sticker, and 
original batch of AMC documents that came with her car. Rare!


69 AMX Big Bad Green Build Sheet *Possibly a California 500 AMX.
Courtesy Dean Parker


70 AMX Original Owner Build Sheet
Courtesy Jack Brown

70-amc-amx-build-sheet-jack-brown.JPG (852175 bytes)

My own 68 Rebel convertible "Machine's" build sheet, 

My 68 Rebel convertible "Machine" Build Sheet was stuffed inside the back seat springs...shoved in there in 1967. AMC build sheets were always dated the previous year for the following year model; hence my 68 is dated 6800 Series August 1, 1967. The one you see above is the actual laminated sheet. It took me three hours to remove this fragile piece of paper in 1986.  It is laminated today and a laminated copy is displayed whenever I show this vehicle, as many people have never seen a Build Sheet, and also are surprised to see this was the heaviest optioned off the assembly line of 832 last year AMC rag tops made in 1968! Below is my 69 Ambassador SST Build Sheet 
My 69 Ambassador Build Sheet. 

And what 95% of people find. Unreadable and if you move it, you lose it. I left it. 
My 73 AMX Build Sheet.  

And while the seats were professionally recovered, I instructed my upholstery guy to leave it in there. Again, unreadable. This, like the 69 Ambassador one shown above were both in the lower rear seat.

Some items best left alone when restoring a car, I have restored cars around door tags & build sheets knowing if anyone asks questions, 20, 30, 40+ years later it is unmolested as above. 

In other words, if you "claim" your AMC is this and that, this is one of the best ways to DOCUMENT that claim. A window sticker or dealership order form are another.
The below are mainly for 68-70 AMX & Javelin; although cross codes were used on Rebel, Ambassador, Rambler. 
I would still like copies of any model and year build sheet to help further decipher
them, as there is NO "Master List" at this time for those who do indeed wish to decode one of these! So send them by jpeg or make a good, clear copy and mail them to me, it will help the whole AMC Hobby!

First line:

SEQUENCE NUMBER- R012345. The order in which the car came down the
body plant assembly line. Found on the door tag next to "BODY". The bottom number on the tag is often called the Sequence Number, as is rolled off assembly line, also known as Final Assembly Number and Final Assembly Sequence Number and on the build sheet it is the Body Number. 68 and 69 only: Mo Day. For Month and day-not used. Eliminated in 70. No one is really sure how the Order Number is used, however it has been speculated that each Zone had it's own number and the factory assigned the Serial Number. According to ex Kenosha AMC employees, the Body Number was assigned at the body plant BEFORE that particular body was started.

Second Line:

SERIAL NUMBER-X123456 the last 7 digits of the VIN. Also stamped behind the steering box. The first letter is the engine size, the last 6 are the sequential order number for the factory.

ORDER NUMBER-No idea how to track these. Also on the sticker price-it would have the 2 digit dealer code, then the 6 digit order number. My Rebel's above is ZONE 54, the ORDER NUMBER is 314186. It was built the third week of September 1967. Production for the 68 models started Aug. 1, 1967. I do not know whether this corresponds to the Dealer Purchase Order, used when ordering a car. It is also 6 digits.

ZONE- Each zone area had a number of codes assigned to it:

American Motors Zones

TRANS. NO. CODE-Unknown, for instance my Rebel has the code "20 AH"  It is possible how the car would be transported to the dealer, and the codes were carrier IDs.

SHIP-Unknown, but 4 codes of "G", "R", "T", "A". Probably stand for: Ground, Rail, Truck, Air. Ground could be
perhaps the dealers picked them up themselves, which was allowed until around 1971. For instance, the Rebel was shipped to American Motors storage facility near the Port of Houston by ground. The facility, which is still there but used for Audi and Toyota, is 1225 McCarty Drive, Houston, Texas. 

This is a example of R showing a new Javelins and AMXs on a railcar.  

This is NOT 1974, but 2005 when I sold several of my Gremlins; headed to Michigan. That would have been a "T"! (what the hell it is a cool photo)

Another example of T is this marshalling yard in 
Milwaukee in 1972, with dozens of Gremlins

headed to new homes. This photo shows the 
very first 57 Rambler Rebel on the production line, 

In these rare photos, you can follow your car how it was built from dealer order to zone to plant, to electrical, interior, paint, and more to marshalling yard to how it eventually got to destination, dealership. 
Want a copy of this rare book I sell them.


Second Line continued:

SL CL-(Sales Class- 69-70)-If a car is fully loaded it is doubtful it was ordered for the showroom-it was probably customer ordered. However, a "D" would be for dealer stock, a "Z" would be for zone use, and a "R" would be a
customer or retail order. Also have an "S". but don't know why. In 68 the heading was "FL SO". What is this? See above 68 build sheet.

MODEL-79 7 (Javelin SST) 75 5 (Javelin base) 39 7 (AMX) Matches VIN and Door Tag. The Rebel of course is 17-7.
These should match the 4th, 5th, 6th digits of the VIN. (Vehicle Identification Number).

DRI-Never have seen any code in one.

COLOR- "04 00"  For instance: The 04 is Big Bad Green, the 00 is no other color, such as two tone, roof color, shadow hood on AMX etc. The "A" from the code on the door is for Acrylic, which was the standard). Red with Shadow Mask 70 AMX is 39 08. My Rebel above is 47-00. My 71 Matador Limelight Green car however, the door tag is A7-00 on the door tag. Matches door tag. The 00 also could mean vinyl top delete. 
See 00 codes under
For 1954 thru 1988 AMC  colors, see AMC Paint Codes & Charts. 

TRIM- 61 L (Black Leather. Matches door tag). E-Corduroy, F-Vinyl. 1=black, 3=blue, 4=green, 5=red, 6=brown, plus others. See Production Codes.

TIRES-20-E60 x 15 (15" on Machine rims), 28-F70 x 14 RWL, 32-E70 x 14 RWL, 37 E70 Redlines. The above is for 1970. There were 22 different tires for 68 models, 20 for 69, 21 for 70.

CONV TOP. & ST- Used to 68, however, can be seen also on many 1969 AMC Build Sheets, even though 1968 was the last year AMC would produce a convertible. See several examples above. AMC added it in 70, unknown. 

FRT SEAT-In 1970 -7 Front buckets. 5 without center cushion, 6 for split buckets on the Rebel. Have seen many left blank by AMC.

SEAT BELT-Possibility because four anchoring sections-the rear middle anchors with the outboard ones. All AMXs say "2" here, all Javelins say "4". Cars built prior to Jan 1 68 did not need a shoulder belt. Few 68 AMXs so equipped, and a number of Javelins had a small plug in the panel. The Rebel convertible shows a 6, but it is a original 8 piece belt system. Others, which would have a a 10 piece belt system, like Larry William's 71 AMX above, the space is blank. It is unknown when (or why, I have speculated it was a Federal requirement) the AMX shoulder harness hole was moved from close to 1/4 window to farther back. AMXs built between Aug 1 1967 thru December 1967 usually do not have a hole behind sail panel for shoulder harness. There is no memo or bulletin of the change.

1968/9-HEADREST. 1 with, blank without. Standard on all 69s. Changed for 1970.

1970-CG- 1 (Convenience Group) Blank-without.

PP1 PP2- 2 Power Pak, also known as the Go Pak. 360s is 1, 390s a 2. Blank on others, including 68-69 290 AMX/Javelin. *note PP1 & PP2 were used to end of 74 production. See Dealer Order Forms I sell for a number of years..

ENG, 7=343 9=390. Removed 71.

DE- 1 Dual Exhaust. 1=dual exhausts; blank=single exhaust.

TRAN-Transmission. M is 4 speed floor, C=floor automatic, A=column automatic. Same as in VIN Third Digit.

GEAR RAT- Unknown(?): AMX with manual trans with 3.54 gears is an "F". Javelin with 3.91 gears is a "9". There is NO correlation between gears and rear end tags, though. A 70 Javelin with 3.15 posi and automatic is an "H" a 70
6cyl 3.08s is a "B". My Rebel above is a 2:87 sports a "G". There are 7 codes in 68, 12 in 69 and 70.
Rear End Gear Ratios Tag ID file.

TACH-2 (Blank if none; On 68 the heading is "1". Unk.

TGD-1 Twin Grip Differential. Blank if not posi-trac

Third line:

WE AC-Weather Eye Air Conditioning. Blank if none, 9=Command Air, 2=factory A/C.

HDP ATC- Heavy Duty Package/Auto Trans Cooler. Blank on all V8 Javs and AMXs. 3 is 6 cyl Javelin with trans cooling lines.

PS-1=Power Steering, 3=Quick ratio, Blank=manual.

PB DB- Power Brakes Disc Brakes. 2=Disc, 1=Power Drum. Blank=manual drum.

PW -Power Windows. Not available on Javelin or AMX; my Rebel shows a 4, as both doors, and both 1/4s are electric windows. 1=rear wagon window only, 2=side windows, 3=side and rear wagon windows.

SG-Solex Glass. 1=all windows tinted, 2=windshield only. Blank-No tint.

3S RD (68), TS LGR (69), TS RSD (70)-blank Third Seat, Rear Swing Door.
Used for wagons only. LGR is Luggage Rack, which was factory installed
beginning Jan 2, 1970 though the AMX & Javelin code was RLR-Rear Luggage rack.

ASC- Blank Auto Speed Control, or Cruise Command. Not available on Jav or AMX, though there is one pictured in the 70 owner's manual, First Printing. Rebel, Ambassador, Matador would show a 1 if equipped. Does not mean Donohue Javelin for 1970, don't know where that urban myth originated.

ASW-Adjust-O-Tilt Steering Wheel. 1=tilt column, blank=non tilt . Don't know column shift tilt code.

CR SSW-3 Custom Steering Wheel-CR, or Sport Steering Wheel Rim Blow. 3=Rim Blow for 70. Blank on 68/9 as it is part of SST package on Javelin.

WD APG- Wheel Discs, Appearance Group. 1=hubcaps, 2=Turbocast Wheels, 3=Wire Wheels, 4=Appearance Group Package, 5=Mag Wheels-14". 6 possibly 15" styled road wheels or 15" 8 slot rallye rims.

VG- Visibility Group 2=vis group option, blank=no vis group. 1 is for other models with electric wiper only option

OM- Outside Mirror. blank is manual, 1=driver's remote, 2=dual mirrors, w/driver's remote.

LG-Light Group. 1=light group, blank=no light group. 
Includes low fuel warning for 1970 and 1971.

EC-Electric Clock-1=clock, blank=no clock. Dealer installed for 68 in Rally Pak, so won't be on the build sheet. My Rebel came with the factory clock but this is blank for some reason.

EPS-Exterior paint stripe. Number states color and type. A,  B, code is for "White Rally Side Stripes", though there were different stripes, and changed for 71-up. 70 Javelin wheel well stripes discontinued before production.

RAD 10- Radio. 3=AM-FM, 2=AM pushbutton, 1=AM no buttons, blank-no radio.

DCS STP-1 Duo Coustic Sound, Stereo Tape Player. 1=Rear Speaker, 2=stereo 8 track with AM radio,  3=8 track only and there would be a radio code also above for 3. Unknown code for 1970 fader switch.

BPR GRD-3-Rear Bumper Guard. Same whether chrome or painted or rubber. 1=front, wagons. 2=front and rear.

UNC (1968), UN ING (69-70)-1=Undercoating, 2=Insulation Group. Blank=no undercoating.

HD COOL (68), HDC LEC (69-70)-1=Law Enforcement Cooling. (fleet)

HB (68) BAT (69-70) 1 AMP with A/C. 5-70 AMP less A/C. Blank if standard size. Possibly others.

ALT- Alternator. Blank if standard, 4 if 55 amp. 70 unknown, possibly many others.

AGE CV (68), Blank (69), FVE (70)-Fuel Vapor Emission control. 1970 Calif
only-was a filter in back of/under 1/4 panel near gas tank.

AGE-Air Guard Equipment

HP SS 1 Handling Package, Heavy Duty Shocks and Springs Blank=no handling package..

HD BRK Heavy Duty Brakes in police or taxi. (fleet vehicles)

BH-Engine Block Heater; 1=heater, blank=no block heater

2 (68), CSP (69), CSP HDP (70) unknown

SPE DO- Special Dealer Order Codes.

HD CUSH-For fleet sales (taxi/police) stronger seat springs.

TAXI GRP-Taxi Grip. I do not know why my 68 Rebel convertible has a 9 here.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: There is a small square to the immediate right of TAXI GRP in 1968. On some it shows SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS. Never seen anything in this space.

SPR roof spoiler "MOD" 69-70 Javelin. ERP simulated exhaust rocker panel molding.
EWD starting Jan 2, 1970 a heated rear window was factory installed.
SMG is Side Scuff Moldings; "added" to Javelin (possibly the missing MOD code above) but also used for Rebel & Ambassador. 
VFM is clear vinyl floor mats; which were factory installed; 2 Front only-AMX, 4 for Javelin.4 for other models. 

later model build sheets:


As I mentioned above, some cars had TWO BUILD SHEETS. Above is both of them from my 82 Eagle wagon, that I bought from the original owner.

81 Spirit Build Sheet

My 88 Eagle Build Sheet. Only 2306 AMCs built in 1988, all Eagle wagons, mine was #100. I was checking the speaker inside passenger front door and there it is, that is original piece of black tape and how AMC affixed it!  



Codes (printed) from Dealer Order Form from 1970 below. I have these for sale for $5 each for 1969, 1970, 1974, 1981
*when ordering any option NOT appearing on your Car Purchase Order, please add Code Number and mark X in normal manner.

Engines (70)

CC                    X                      CODE                      OPTION DESRIPTION

01A                                             128                       128HP 199 CID SIX

01E                                              145                       145HP 232 CID SIX

01G                                              155                      155HP 232 CID SIX

01H                                              210                       210HP 304CID  V8

01N                                              245                       245HP 360CID V8

01P               290                         290                        290HP 360CID V8

01X               325                        325                         325HP 390CID V8

01Y               340                        340                         340HP 390CID V8


391                                              PP1                         360 “Go” Package

392                                              PP2                         390 +Go Package”

411                                              DE                           dual exhaust system

442                                              INC                         140 MPH speedo & Tach

451                                              TGD                        twin grip differential

482                                              QRM                       quick ratio manual steering

443                                              MRM                       “Machine Package”

768                                              MCP                      *  “Machine Package red/white/blue”

*Regular Production Colors & Trims Not Available until March 1970


42A                                             A                              Shift Command Column

42C                                             C                              Shift Command & Console

42M                                            M                             4 speed floor shift

42S                                              S                              3 speed manual



481                                             PS                            Power Steering

491                                             PB                            Power Brakes

492                                             DB                            Power Disc Brakes Front

501                                             PW1                         Rear window-wagon

504                                             PW4                         Side Windows

505                                             PW5                         Side & Rear Windows-Wagon



622                                            RP                             AM push button radio

623                                            RFM                          AM/FM push button radio

631                                            RS                             RS  rear speaker-radio

632                                            STR                           Stereo tape w/manual radio

633                                            STP                           Stereo tape player



366                                           CON                          Console ONLY-Javelin

367                                           CAS                            Center armrest & cushion

462                                          AC                              all season air conditioning

463                                          CA                              command air ventilation

464                                          ACP                            air conditioning package

511                                           SG                              tinted glass all windows

512                                           SW                             tinted glass windshield

521                                           TS                               third seat (wagon)

531                                          ASC                            cruise command auto-speed

541                                          ASW                           adjust-o-tilt steering wheel

572                                          VG                              visibility group

574                                          EWW                          electric wipers & washers

591                                          LG                               light group

731                                          CST                            space saver spare tire

381              381                       CG                             convenience  group

601               601                      EC                              electric clock

524               524                       EWD                         electric rear window defogger

532               532                       RLR                           luggage rack

507                                            IAP                            interior appointment package


Protection Items

641                                          BG                               bumper guards

651                                          UN                              undercoating or insulating group

769                                          SMG                            scuff moldings

711                                          VFM                            vinyl floor mats



552                                          CR                               custom steering wheel

553                                          SSW                            sport steering wheel

561                                          WD                              wheel discs

562                                          TC                                turbo cast wheel covers

563                                          WC                              wire wheel covers

565                                          MAG                           style steel wheels

506                                          ERP                             rocker panel molding

533                                          SPR                             roof spoiler

61A                                         BKS                            black stripe

61B                                         WHS                           white stripe

61C                                         RES                             red stripe

61D                                         EPS                             ext. paint stripes

56E                                          DG                             décor group


Heavy Duty

661                                         HDC                            heavy duty cooling system

671                                         HB                                70 amp battery

685                                         5A7                             cold start package

701                                         HP                               handling package

721                                         BH                               engine block heater


Miscellaneous                       FVE                             fuel vapor emission control  


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