AMC Carter 4 barrel carb ID chart 1968-69


AMC used Carter carburetors on their vehicles from 67-69. Here is a list of stampings one will need to look for in the lower passenger side of the base if building a concours level car. While I recommend a new Edelbrock/Carter Series carb for your engine, some do want to have a original stamped version. Be aware that these used stamped carbs after 40 years can command $100//low to $500/high, with the rare models commanding most, and most would need a rebuild. Also be aware that some may/may not be able to be rebuilt as they can get pits on the bowl from decades of use or even storage in humid areas if not used. And you won't know until you buy it and try to rebuild it. A gamble, but for those who want a dated correct carb for judges to look at a small price to pay for correctness. Otherwise Carter was bought out by Edelbrock in 1990s and you can get new in box one for $250-$350. AMC changed to Ford's Autoite/Motorcraft series 4300 carbs starting in 1970.


290 Auto-4585S
343 Manual-4469S or 4624S
343 Auto-4468S or 4623S
390 Manual-4583S
390 Auto-4584S

290 Manual-4660S
290 Auto-4661S
343 Manual-4662S
343 Auto-4663S
390 Manual-4664S
390 Auto-4665S