AMC AMX & Javelin "Go Pack"

Not to be confused with AMC Rally Pack!

The Go Package was a optional package of performance and styling for the AMX
and the Javelin. Originally called by AMC "THE PERFORMANCE PACKAGE" (from Dealer Order Forms) It varied from year to year. 

There is NOTHING IN THE VIN OR METAL DOOR TAG that will indicate whether a
car was originally optioned with Go Pack. 

Only a original window sticker,
dealer order form or computer build sheet will indicate whether the car was
a original Go Pack equipped car for authenticity. See more in this file
under  production figures

You COULD NOT get a Go Pack on a six cylinder Javelin, a 304 Javelin, or a 290V8 AMX.
Here is a standard equipment listing for Go Pack cars from 1968 thru 1974.

1968-69 AMX
343V8/285hp Typhoon or 390V8315hp engine w/4bbl carburetor; dual exhaust system, power disc brakes; E70X14 redline tires; Twin Grip
Axle (posi); Handling Package; Seven Blade Flex Fan; Heavy Duty Cooling; Fan
Shroud; Space Saver Spare; Over The Top twin 'skunk' Roof Stripes.

 *Note in 1969-70 there was a separate package called the 
MOD Package for the Javelin
, it usually consisted...but not always...twin fiberglass non functional hood scoops (69); simulated fake side exhausts; Craig Breedlove roof spoiler. Simulated exhaust rocker moldings for 69-70 SST $32, for base $50. Breedlove roof spoiler option $33.

1968-70 Javelin:
68 Javelin 343cid/285hp $266: 390cid/315hp $320; 4barrel carburetor, dual exhausts, power front disc brakes, red line Polyglas tires, 6" rim wheels, handling package, stripes. 69 Javelin 343cid/285hp same except additional (and optional) MOD hood scoops. 70 Javelin: 360cid/290hp $321 or 390cid/315hp engine $409; 4 barrel carburetor, Power Disc Brakes; E70X14 RWL Tires; 6" rim regular wheels; Handling Package; Seven Blade Flex Fan; Heavy Duty Cooling; Fan Shroud; Space Saver Spare; Ram Air carburetion with AMX power blister hood.

Optional Performance Equipment for Javelin: Twin Grip Differential $42; Quick Ratio Steering $16; dual exhausts 290V8/4barrel $21; dual exhausts 343/4barrel $21; dual exhausts 390V8 4barrel $21; Large face 140mph speedometer and 8000rpm tachometer (1969-1970) $51; Twin Grip Differential (posi trac) $42; Heavy Duty Cooling, 4speed manual shifter $184; Handling Package $17; 

70 AMX: 
360cid/290hp $299 or 390cid/325hp $384 engine; Power Disc Brakes; F70X14 white lettering tires, Twin Grip Axle (posi); Handling Package; Seven Blade Flex Fan; Heavy
Duty Cooling; Fan Shroud; SpaceSaver Spare; Ram Air carburetion with AMX power blister hood. 

1970 AMX Shadow Mask $52 option NOT part of Go Pack. 

71-74 AMX & Javelin:
 360V8 $410 or 401V8 $499 engine; 4barrel carburetor, Rally Pak
(this some call tic-tac-tok, it consisted of a 140mph speedometer, fuel/temp/oil/amp combo, clock super imposed over a tachometer); dual exhausts, 15X7 Rally Wheels; (8 slots) E60x15 Polyglas raised white letter tires, Handling Package; Fiberglass Cowl Induction Hood (for AMX) ; Heavy Duty Cooling; Space Saver Spare; Hood "T" Stripe (AMX);

Rear Tail light Blackout Panel for AMX
not Javelin (painted around the tail lights, the upper bumper was black tape, not paint). Twin Grip differential.  *1974 Go Package was same as above except cowl induction was dropped. 

Optional 15 inch styled steel wheels (71-72) Rebel Machine rims.


WAS A OPTION and not automatically included with Go Package! 

No 1974 AMX was produced with "functional" cowl induction. A number of late 1974 AMXs were built with steel hoods as AMC ran out them when production ran into November 1974 instead of stopping July 31st, 1974. To keep the production lines moving, and avoid costly shutdowns, this was the only logical choice. 

This consisted of a flapper assembly on top of the breather, and a
triangular metal shield inside the hood sandwiched between the upper
fiberglass and lower metal frame. The high back part of the hood facing
windshield had a open metal grate for cold air.

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