71-74 AMX Go Pack Tail light panel paint treatment

71-74 AMC AMX's that had "Go Pack" got a blackout tail light panel treatment. Sloppily painted medium gloss black by AMC, this was done before the tail lights, trunk weatherstrip and bumper installed. Masked off and shot like AMC's blackout treatment behind grilles of lighter colored AMXs & Javelins and 1970 AMX Shadow Mask cars, there is OVERSPRAY, which is not unusual for a mass production facility. Behind the bumper the paint fades towards bottom like Shadow Mask (in 1970) does towards bottom of engine bay, workers were not going to reach way down there to cover this, furthermore they didn't anticipate us restoring these cars down the road.  On these 1971-1974 AMXs the upper bumper 1/2 is blacked out which is 3M vinyl tape. Several vendors stock this for concours purposes, however due to the bumper metal expanding and contracting like metal does, especially in areas of the country like Houston, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, I recommend painting the bumper upper as it will last many, many years longer as opposed to tape, which can crack at one national or regional during a summer day show.

Here are some paint lines from a unmolested, never painted 1973 AMX Pierre Cardin 4 speed car showing the arc around 1/4 panels and down either side of 1/4 to help with your restoration.

amx-go-pack-tail-panel-paint-1.jpg (185074 bytes)  amx-go-pack-tail-panel-paint-2.jpg (204907 bytes)  amx-go-pack-tail-light-panel-3.jpg (215323 bytes)  amx-go-pack-tail-light-panel-4.jpg (178195 bytes)  amx-go-pack-tail-light-panel-5.jpg (229719 bytes)