Alternative Hood Chrome for 1968-69 AMX & Javelin.

This item was reproduced and sels for about $125.00. This is a old ass file from back when Al Gore invented the internet with dial up. Since then, the trim piece was reproduced in 2000s and a variety of places sell it, nice piece I may add. But since this is one of the OLDEST file on my site figured would leave up the helpful info below. P G Classic in Canada has also reproduced the 71-74 hood trim and a variety of great AMC parts.

The stainless piece jutting out of the hood on 1968 and 1969 AMX and Javelins like any of The Simpson's characters jaw is very difficult to find. There is a Vendor listed on my Vendors List called 'The Finishing Touch' that restores all types of stainless pieces on many models. Finding a used 68-69 AMX/Jav hood chrome is difficult almost 40 years later, and if you do find one, even beat up ones command over $100, and what few NOS (new) ones remain, those can sell for $400-$500 which might be out of one's budget.

This is two alternatives for you I have used. One is any auto parts store sells rolls of thin metal chrome looking tape that is used for side moldings on vehicles. About $5 a roll. Best thing about this stuff is it sticks really well and you cut to fit it on the hood. The longest time one was one one of my own hoods was 3 years and then started to fall off due to the heat we have here in Texas. I simply pulled it off, cleaned the hood, and cut another strip for the hood. Granted, this was not a show car, just a daily driver which also saw occasional cruise nights.

The other alternative is on back of 74-77 Hornet, and a few Concord Series vehicles, there is a flat piece of stainless that runs between the upper parts of the tail lights. It does not matter whether the car is a 2door, 4door, hatchback or wagon or series like Sportabout, X, or DL. This piece simply snaps off and you bend it to the contours of your own hood and can easily use your existing clips. It looks dead stock and only a hard core AMC Judge at some of the national meets will know different. Expect to pay anywheres between $20-$100 for a used one of these. And if you find any in salvage, pull them all off as they are worth saving, whether for you, or other AMC fans who can't find hood chromes.

Here is a picture of the Hornet/Concord Chrome as shown on the ass end of a 75 Hornet hatchback, it is the piece above the license plate. 

Lastly, several vendors stock a new reproduction 68-69 hood chrome for AMX & Javelin, about $150.

Good luck,

Eddie Stakes

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