AMC Electric & Vacuum Wiper Switches & AM Part Numbers for all Series 1967 thru 1972.

 All are Group 22.038. LHD=Left Hand Drive; WVW=With Vacuum Wipers; WEW=With Electric Wipers; RHD=Right Hand Drive. Series is your MODEL

....AMC was the last US Automaker to use vacuum wipers, discontinuing vacuum wipers at end of production 1971. Extremely desirable electric wipers have been installed on many a AMC vehicle that originally once was vacuum wipers. It is not a "stock" issue, it is a"safety" issue. Vacuum wipers are not reliable and will lock up upon acceleration. Stock won't mean a damned thing if you can't see and risk injury to yourself, passengers or others on road coming or going to a meet or show. Every vacuum wipered AMC I have owned since 1976 it is the first thing to get rid of. You can find brand new Prestolite electric wiper motors easily for about $199. You will need the crossarms under cowl, and wiper blades and arms, Trico is original type and can easily be found, although you can get aftermarket blades and arms at local auto parts store. The electric wiper motor has it's own wiring harness and female plugs. This is factory schematic for installing. You will need to change your fuel pump or plug off the vac side. It is a easy conversion providing you find the wiper motor mounting plate....and the Where's Waldo wiper dash switch itself...but worth it to add this option to your classic. Below is the factory AMC Part Numbers, usually embossed on most switches, not all of them. The 68-69 AMX & Javelin switch has longer shaft than 70 same, and a 70-72 Hornet wiper switch can be used (and cheaper to find!) for 1970 AMX & Javelin also. Good luck, Eddie Stakes


01=Rambler inc American, Rogue to 1969; 01=Hornet 70-on

10=Rebel to 1970; 10=Matador 1971-up






 LHD=Left Hand Drive; WVW=With Vacuum Wipers; WEW=With Electric Wipers; RHD=Right Hand Drive.

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