Hurst SC/Rambler Paint Codes

American Motors Hurst SC/Rambler METAL paint standards. Bright Red, Bright White & Bright Blue actual chips...this is metal plates with actual colors. There was no deviation from this for the cars. This is what AMC used in 1968 for their new little super car. Anything else is incorrect. Or guessing. Uber, beyond rare items you can't put a price on. Only a handful of these Metal Paint Standards are know to exist. The paint itself would later be supplied by AMC paint suppliers Rinshed Mason, DuPont & Martin Senoir. You can find the codes on one of the AMC Paint Charts on my site. I do not know why AMC didn't use these as 'Corporate Colors' in 1967/68 with red/white/blue Trans Am Javelins.


A Hurst SC/Rambler file in the JUST STUFF area has "A" & "B" paint schemes.