The Last 1974 AMC AMX Built?

There were 509,496 AMC's built in the model Year production & 427,124 units for Calendar Year production. See 74 Production . AMC saw one of if not the highest totals for 1974 due to several factors. Gremlin & Hornet sales were surging when the US was hit with the Arab Oil Embargo, or the OPEC crisis as it was know. Long lines to buy gas if it could be found, then depending on day of week, or whether your car had a even or odd license plate determined whether you could even buy gas. A lot of drivers were tossing in their 'gas guzzlers' such as Delta 88s, Grand Villes, LTD & more in favor of more fuel efficient vehicles. At times, AMC had to add a extra shift & open up the West Line to satisfy demand for the Gremlin & Hornet; the West Line had always been reserved for larger AMC vehicles: Ambassador, Rebel & Matador. It did not help at this time in 1974 (production began August 3rd 1973) that AMC introduced the only 'all new' car in American the new Matador coupe, as the front end was large and public assumed automatically that it had large gas guzzling engine. So AMC quickly changed strategy in ads letting people know it came with 'economical six cylinder' and The Economy Experts ad campaign.

While production began on 1974 models August 3rd, 1973, it was as other years, supposed to shut down mid July for retooling for new models, around July 18th, 1974. But American Motors asked the federal government for a extension to continue 1974 production, to take advantage of changing emissions laws. It was granted & production soldiered on until November 30th, 1974, unheard of in the industry.

In that "time window" as I like to call it from June 1974 when production was starting to wind down on normal years, to the end of production Nov 1974, you have a lot of oddities AMC built. Most notable are the phasing in of 1975 colors into lineup. You will find Javelins, AMXs, Gremlins & Hornets in 1975 colors. Since the AMX & Javelin had been given the axe, many of the 'late build' cars were nicely options, however, due to the Holmes Foundry in Sarnia, Ontario Canada having trouble keeping up with demand for pressing AMC blocks, a number of 304 2 barrel cars, including 3speed standard, built. AMC also ran out of cowl hoods at some point so several AMXs made with steel hoods. AMC was selling their engines to International Harvester & Bricklin at that time & their inability to keep up with demand cost them the Bricklin contract & Bricklin switched over to Ford 351's for 1975, while IH stayed with AMC.

With that being said, I stumbled upon what could be the last 74 AMX built. Built in November 1974 in last month of 74 production, it is the latest built AMX I have ever documented. You have to remember the higher VIN number does not equate last built, similiar to what one sees with 88 Eagle, there were 2306 made, and ONLY 2306 last year AMC's produced as none other series, but last one does not have 2306 in the VIN as last 4 digits. The Last AMC Ever Built.

This J7 "Ivory Green"   74 AMX is the only one this color ever seen, a run-of-the-mill 304 2barrel, 3speed standard on floor car. J7 is not a 1974 color, it's a 75 color. The November 74 build leads me to believe that it was a push car, that is AMC shoved a number of 74 Javelins & AMXs out the door to dealers since car had been given the axe and discontinued. Not heavily option, non go Pack, no AC, no power brakes, just base AMX. The gentleman who documents 1974 AMXs in the 1974 AMX Registry said my AMX is a real oddity and has also never seen one this color or this late. The color "Ivory Green" is what I have called "Catholic Schoolroom Green" thru the years as is a flattish chalky green I associate with the colors of the walls of classrooms at Corpus Christi Cathedral schhol where I attended 1st thru 6th grade. Just ugly as hell color. But is what it is whether classroom in 1960s or AMC models in 1970s.

I would like to hear from anyone whose 74 AMX is built in November 1974...or is J7 Paint Code. The "last" 74 AMX is NOT known, nor officially documented, but it always is fun seeing ultra early cars, preproduction cars , prototypes, & dealer specials  , or the last of a series from AMC.


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