Beloved wife Paige Stakes dies

October 7, 1965--April 14th, 2022


Impossible to put 34 years together in stories. But will try, these are some things I wrote on facebook in timelines. If you wish to add anything, email me at
or call 713-464-8825.

Wife Paige Dead. Committed suicide overnight April 14th. Hung herself in garage with electrical cord. We had been together 34 years, she was my soul mate. I am absolutely devastated. Mother of Noah & Jacob.

Everything seemed normal yesterday, she came home from work and had applied for a second job at Cyclone Ayala Mexican restaurant neat us for a part time job to supplement her Southwest Controls job she has had 17 years. She said they won't hire me cause I am 56 years old. But also said she got feet wet.

She stopped by Texas Tavern end of block had a few beers, son Noah joined her.

Came home, happy, and talked about job, played with Cheeto the dog, had smoke in garage, sort of common. Everything seemed normal, asked her to come to bed by 11:00pm, she said sure, have to take shower first, and on tv was Deal or No Deal she had been binge watching lately.

I got up to pee at 1:00am, she was not asleep on couch, as sometimes she would crash out watching TV, not in bed, I didn't see her in garage either.

Opened the door and she was face first hanging towards wall from cord and I said Oh My God! and tore cord off her she dropped to floor behind my 71 AMC SC/360 Hornet. I felt pulse, and realized she was gone as was cold to touch.

Didn't even try CPR but ran and woke up Noah who started screaming. Called

9-11 & Houston Police over in minutes, even with police shortage & crime wave.

After 1 1/2 hours Harris County Medical Examiner arrived, and talked to me, a autopsy will be done and at moment can't even wrap my head around what just happened a few hours. Not sure if will have a funeral or creamation either. Paige's momma not been told and is 91 years old, frail, this could put her over the top too, along with me.

Don't expect to see me on facebook while I try to sort out life. Dollar Store colored pencils she bought, a ribbon for beautiful hair still on table in front room. She had thanked me earlier for remembering to get saline solution for eyes at HEB, along with her favorite chips, queso among other things.

Please say a prayer or two for my lovely wife of 34 years Paige Davenport Stakes. Please say a prayer or two for me, as am lost without her, sons Noah & Jacob too.

We could lose the house, but will worry about that later, right now trying to try to figure out what went wrong. If you do not see me on facebook for some time, you know what happened & the grief we are going thru. Thank you, God Bless. Am already missing you honey.

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PAIGE COMES HOME. Monday May 2 2022. Got a call from the cremation place that I could come pick up beloved wife's Paige remains. Near Bush airport in Houston, so about 33-35 miles. I can't drive as mind is mush. Especially to go do something at a place I hope I never see again. So Noah drove, I sort of stared out at Interstate 10, then I 45 which was parking lot. The first photo is as we went towards downtown, not best photo, but shaky hands photo with my phone. Paige hated Houston traffic, used to drive it 30 miles, 15 down, 15 back, and who doesn't, but even worse was interstate 45 headed north, which was parking lot. 2-5 miles a hour, get to see all the wrecks and missing concrete in median. Took over 30 minutes to get to go maybe 18 miles to Rankin Road. That is 2nd photo.

Got to the Birdsong place they have "curbside service" like you buy groceries at HEB or Wal Mart. It was almost 90 degrees, you pull into parking lot, there is 'pickup number' then guy brings out your loved one. I was already in meltdown mode though when he passed me the black box. And a envelope with Paige's little black hairbow with sparkles she wore night of April 14th when she hung herself. That was compliments of Harris County Medical Examiner. Box weighed about 10 pounds. I put it on floor of Noah's

99 Mercury Marquis near my slaps (not flip flops, slaps) and off we went, down Beltway 8, away from hellhole I-45. That is 3rd photo.

Got off at Clay Road and went to try to eat at Taco Cabana. Paige LOVED Taco Cabana, even got $100 gift card for Christmas she blew thru. Loved their queso, and some of her passwords were queso queen for instance. Noah got 2 crispy tacos, I got 2 soft chicken tacos and we split a large queso. First time since Noah born we didn't finish the queso, but not much appetite either. The whole crew there knows about Paige.

Got home, carried Paige inside like I carried her thru door December 31st, 1999 into the house we just closed on. We danced in back yard that night under a reddish full moon directly overhead. No furniture in house, no electricity, just some candles & bottle of wine and a old mattress to cuddle on. I brought Paige in, put her on top shelf, photos 4 & 5, there is some photos of our dog Max, a angel dancing with fiddle, spittoon, little plastic Joseph & Mary, beer stein, just sat her up there with the small hair bow.

For last several mornings, the beautiful jasmine flowers have been falling on her car. Photo 6 shows a bunch of them. Someone told me it is a Persian saying about that, I didn't check, just thought angels dropping tears on car to maybe try to get me to snap out of this nightmare.

Paige would have found it funny that her face now on Padre Island Beach Bum Memorial. She loved my hometown Corpus Christi & looked forward to when we visited, especially time at beach. Could not throw frisbee, and never got past 1st sandbar, but loved walking looking for shells with a beer. And would also pick up trash for 1/4 mile or so, something I did, so she would join in, as would Noah & Jacob. Thank for for reading, and God Bless all those who have send cards, letters, donations to the gofundme thing, but most of all, please pray for Noah, Jacob, me & Paige's soul.

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Mothers Day 2022. If your mother still around, please give her a big hug for me. My momma Sarah Marie DeAlcala Stakes, passed away in 1988 after valiant 6 year battle with cancer in Corpus Christi. But a few weeks ago, my wife who I affectionately called "momma" Paige Stakes, passed away. April 14.

Hung herself in garage battling depression over job she had been at 17 years, and lifelong battle with adopted sister. 34 years together.

We were joking, about Mothers Day early April, as she sent me a flyer of Saltgrass Steakhouse, and said "looks great for Mothers Day" I replied "gee like you were supposed to take me out for birthday March 26, we went to Pappasito's and I got stuck with $72.00 bill!" She replied "asshole!"

The jasmines I planted many years ago, grew up into the pecan and elm tree.

They look beautiful, and smell up whole area. For about 10 days now they are sort of tears from heaven falling only on her car. Not mine next to it, or Noah's in front of it, just Paige's little car. Almost like she is telling me she is up there with Jesus, and she is ok.

When Paige got pregnant, she was worried that the baby come out wearing a NY Yankees hat and hand sticking out of head, was inside joke. She knew zero about her birth mother. Knew everything about adopted mother though. And her birth mother she found out a few years ago thru Ancestry site didn't want to have anything to do with her. But her adopted mother who is still alive at 91, treated her like a queen all life. Needless to say, she is having tough time with what happened to Paige.

I...continue to pray a lot daily for Paige. She was a great mom. Noah & Jacob are her legacy & they turned out beyond expectations. Please keep Noah, Jacob, especially me, and Paige's soul in your prayers. And lift up all those momma's no longer here with us, but if they are, give them a big, big, hug from me. Thank you.

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Paige Stakes. A few photos would like to share with everyone. I miss her so much, minute by minute. Pray a lot too for her, asking Jesus to give her peace, comfort & happiness in heaven. The 1st photo is Paige & Noah when he was little. We knew zero about her background since adopted, and only could hope & pray if she had a baby, baby turn out alright. Which he did! Jacob too!

Paige was a prolific reader, her purse usually had one or two paperbacks in it, many times go to restaurant and eat & read. I would only read car magazines, drove her nuts. There are boxes of paperback books in back closet am going to donate time permitting.

Photo #2 Paige is reading to little Jacob.

Photo #3. There is a big Green Bay Packers fan club in Houston called Cheddarhead Pack of Houston, they gave me a really nice sweatshirt as I worked at the bar they frequented. And Paige wore it more than I did, shown here just being.... Paige at home, silly.

Photo #4. Not unusual to find Paige, sons Noah & Jacob all crashed out on the big comfy couch, especially after watching a movie. Noah is not really asleep here, but Paige & Jacob out like light under big bankie.

Photo #5. Paige and her momma in 'meemaws' house. Meemaw can't have glucose, so often cooked her own meals. Paige looks like she is ready to head home to our house cross town though.

Thank you for continuing to pray for Noah, Jacob, especially me who yes, struggling a lot month after she gone. Am trying though darn it I miss her so much.

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It has been 2 weeks since I found my beloved wife hanging in garage April 14. I always thought I guess could handle anything life tossed at me growing up in the old ghetto in Corpus Christi with I-37 front yard. Nothing could have prepared me for this. Do want to thank all the people who have written, texted, called, sent cards, & donated to the gofundme for STAKES FAMILY. God bless all of ya'll. Really want to also thank those who have kept sons Noah, Jacob, especially me and Paige's soul in their prayers. Some, like my ex wife Cindy her pastor has mentioned Paige in prayer services. HEB clerk Fernando in Houston where I shop had his priest pray for her with congregation, others have done novenas. If you don't think prayers don't work, I am writing this because of the continued support and prayers trying to be strong in worst day of my life.

Dealing with cremation place, am waiting for call so can go pick her up near Bush Airport in Houston, not sure what they put remains in never have done anything like this. Screwed up the digi sign death certificate, signed it Eddie, not William Edward so had to go thru that again. Big Rodney Page from Corpus Christi & wife Jan came up to visit relatives here, and first time I have seen them since Reagan was president, went to their hotel room off FM1960 and Jan who handles legal stuff, actually talked to someone from Social Security for me about not only retiring, but possibly Paige's 'death benefits' whatever that is. God knows I have trouble talking on phone without blubbering last several weeks. Thank you big to Ed Martin for leading charge.

Paige's bills continue to stream in, but what pisses me off is the people that call. It shows on my phone 'possible scam' call, but answer it anyways never knowing if it is courthouse, social security, whoever but legit. I open all her mail now and was surprised to see so much debt. I knew she was depressed about her work and since a guy or two left, was actually making $400 less a month no commissions. She worked thru lunches a lot to try to catch up, but they would not hire extra help. I heard this nightly when come home. Her lifelong battle with older sister Dawn (they both adopted) was way up there on her list and hear about that too nightly, and I simply would try to calm her down, guess that is where blood pressure medicine came from she was on. But she bullied Paige all life, and I stopped going to their mother's house 4 years ago, as didn't like to see that. And paxil, which she called 'happy pills' I honestly can't tell you when she started taking those anti depressants, and depression just took out country singer Wynonna Judd.

More later on both above, her work & sister. Again, please remember I would listen to her EVERY NIGHT she came home about one or other or sadly, both.

Still unsure what to do with her 2017 Ford Focus, she had just got it refinanced in March and was pretty proud of herself! Still owes $10,000 on it, I called the loan company to tell them what happened. Cried only twice.

Drove that Ford today to get copies of our marriage license off Hiway 6 @ Clay Road in Houston, about 10 miles from house. The grumpy lady got my ID, and saw I was crying, all hunched over and lightened up on me. I told her what happened and clerks all stopped to stare. Lady was nice to me after that. Certified copies I bought two. Shows May 24th. I though about that as drove back home but had to stop at Bear Creek Park to wipe nose, eyes, and simply try to compose myself before driving a non AMC car. While cleaning up some photos of Paige & me, the nice one of us just inside front door of this old 1959 house or her, me, and Reverend Carlos Buck who married us, came up, and lo and behold on back my handwriting showing date of June 16th. Why is that important? Paige would always get taken out to nice place that date like Saltgrass, Papasitos, Longhorn, Pappadeaux to name a few. Not sure what will do that date this year, probably hide. But playfully remind me of anniversary knowing I fall for it every time like Lucy holding football for Charlie Brown.

Photo #1. Wedding Day, I used to tell Paige 'if you ever get pregnant I will marry you' old joke, well she is pregnant here, reverend Carlos Buck doing the ceremony in our living room on Wycliffe.

Photo #2. Unconditional love, this is in 1989 Dirty's Restaurant Sports Bar in Galleria. People who knew us used to laugh as we always hugging, kissing, believe it or not, year 2022, was still hugging, kissing.

Photos: Photo #3 Paige behind wheel of a Jeep at huge Imperial Palace Car Collection in Las Vegas. She always wanted to go back there, and said I interrupted her on a winning slot machine. No I didn't.

Photo #4. Paige loved Luby's restaurant, especially the fried fish. Here is rare photo of sons Noah, Jacob, Paige and her momma about 2018 or so.

Paige's momma is now 91 years old.

Photo #5. Bucee's is a Texas tradition, it is easy to get to, hard to get out if you ever been to one, they are huge. And she liked "beaver nuggets" Seen poking her head thru the photo board.

Photo #6. While it shows Monday Prayer this actually can be used any day of week. Pray More/Worry Less.

Photo #7. One of Paige's favorite photos this was possibly her mom's birthday party in 1989. Lady in purple is 'Nanny' looks like Paige Lawson carrying cake. But oblivious to everyone and what going on is take a look at Paige & me. We were that much in love, could not stay away from each other.

34 years later we STILL looked at each other like that.

Photo #8. We gave each other silly stuff among other things each Christmas, here Paige who had just woke up, shows off a Mister Bubble soap.

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PAIGE STAKES continued. Today is April 18th, 2022, 4 days after I found my beautiful wife Paige hanging in our garage. Some of you told me to hold off donating her items like Jewelry. Have taken advise. On clothes I did donate two big bags and two boxes of board games this past Saturday to Salvation Army. I did keep the pretty green dress with polka dots she was going to wear April 14th to work, and two dresses, a NASA looking one and a Picasso one a local artist had made. While donating thru tears, old man asked me what is wrong I blubbered "I found my wife hung in our garage 48 hours ago"

and he said "son I was going to wish you Happy Easter but now I going to pray for you".

Today have been trying to find out who she refinanced her little 2017 Ford Focus from, allegedly Green Dot or Green Card, something online. And went to check on my taxes, of which the place said will have to do extension they so backed up. I had Harris County (Houston) death certificate with me to notarize and tried to tell tax lady Gina about Paige and again, bawling.

Have never cried so much in my life, but start to talk, and can't get a word out, just tears. Same thing happened earlier this morning at post office with another lady. After Noah & me left tax place, went to Taco Cabana on Clay & Beltway, some of these people too have watched Noah grow up. And Paige was fond of this place, loved queso, even some of her passwords was Queen Queso. The lady comped out food, thank you, but I have not been eating much lately, and in a strange twist, my hair in last 4 days has almost turned all white. And have not shaved so look like mange.

A huge thank you to everyone who has called, written, texted, commented about Paige. Neighbor ladies told me they thought it was sweet I would walk Paige out to her car every morning sometimes pat her on ass, but walk her out, open door, give her hug & kiss, and tell her have a good day at work.

One lady said "I watch you do this 15+ years" never thought much about it, just loved her and wanted her to have a good day.

Special thanks to all those who have donated via paypal and/or the gofundme "stakes family" funds in effort to pay off the house here, built in 1959, that Paige & me slaved and worked hard to buy back when the Countrywide scandal broke in 1999. But the donations keep pouring in. A lot of people in the Corpus Christi groups & my own AMC AMX & Javelin car group have said 'KEEP WRITING" to help ease the pain, worst pain in my life. Have been surprised to hear how many lost loved ones to depression, a real thing. And scary number, sadly my soul mate a stat in there too. The Harris County autopsy place today April 18 told me the Medical Examiner ruled it "suicide by hanging" well duh, they will be sending me a report soon.

I still have to send in the Death Certificate thing downtown, that is $21.

Strange piece of paper I had to fill out. Am still worried about her momma

91 years old, and how she is taking all this. Many many years ago Paige got some nicknames, Peepee, Queen Peeps, Peepers, Honeybunches, to name a few, and I would even call her them in public, she roll her big blue eyes, others look at us like eeeewww, get a room.

I hope no one minds me talking about the love of my life either, it helps me getting over the last time I saw her which was horrible image. Special more thanks to Ed Martin Houston of a Corpus group who has spread the word about my plight, Rodney Page old Corpus friend for trying to keep me focused, Keith Knox who started gofundme thing, Randy Forsythe who was my late brother Tommy's best man in Corpus Christi in 1980s and he lost his 19 year old daughter to well, what happened to Paige, just different way, but lengthy conversation with him helped both our pain. There are others who have helped behind the scenes including donators, and right now I am day to day. Am grateful to all of you though, please continue to pray for sons Noah, Jacob, especially me, and beloved wife Paige who am missing so much.

PHOTOS: Photo #1 the hot chick modeling is Paige, there is tiny pier in Cole Park in my hometown Corpus Christi which she always loved visiting. Higher above her head is Ocean Drive. Jacob discovers the wonder of sea roaches.

From where this is, if you want up top top and then right towards town is Widowmaker the hell hill a number of of skateboard rats tried to skate down in late 1970s.

Photo #2. Same small pier with Jacob in foreground, Noah behind him. Corpus Christi bay all around them. Look closely near Noah's head is Aransas Pass across bay.

Photo #3. Lovely wife Paige is either looking for a contact, or figuring out where all those damned little clams went to. You know the type, colorful little fellows that all show up after a wave, then mysteriously disappear under sand quickly. We were on Padre Island maybe 8:30am.

Photo #4. Paige had slipped & fell on porch as it was wet from watering the little garden there, I had all sorts of peppers, jalapenos there until freeze Feb 2021 killed everything. She didn't her herself, and was laughing about it as she didn't spill beer either.

Photo #5. Found this old photo in computer is my office years ago, sons Jacob on left, Noah on right. There is no way to calculate a mother's love for her kids. And she loved these two more than life itself.

Photo #6. Paige liked me 1968 AMC Rebel convertible Machine, and was funny to see her drive it as she got a LOT of stares, honks, thumbs ups, waves, especially from guys. Why not? Cute blonde in hot car? After looking at this photo closely, she had earrings on too. Maybe why I will keep all the jewelry.

Thank you for letting me talk about her. I miss her so much

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PAIGE STAKES a week later. Late April. The house is quiet now, am slowly gathering up clothes to donate, keeping 7 dresses she liked. The silence only broken by nest of tiny wrens just born outside my office window, the come back year after year. The waterbed is flatter than Corpus Christi Bay on windless day, no waves. She used to whisper to me 'we did it poppa!' talking about how our two boys Noah & Jacob turned out into fine young men. I find myself gravitating to her pillow which remains unwashed because it has the beautiful aroma or whatever Avon shampoo she used to use, so still has that nice scent.

Have not had any vivid dreams about Paige since she hung herself in garage April 14, and I pace back & forth thru house seems a lot, looking out venetian blinds I guess thinking she will drive up any minute. Have not decided what to do with her 2017 Ford Focus car either, and do not know the company she had refinanced the loan thru, but was really proud of getting a good rate in March.

Dogs Cheeto constantly looking around corners, ears perk up, maybe thinking it's momma. Ashoaka the big lab howls sometimes 'arooooooo' and I pet them a lot knowing they feel same pain I do I guess.

Got off phone with the Harris County Medical Examiner office downtown Houston earlier today, as am lining up a crematorium to have Paige cremated.

I just can't imagine Paige laying on cold, dark, slab of ice as if she has not suffered enough. Must be loneliest place in Houston there at morgue.

Have talked to a number of local friends of hers and thru tears, just can't believe it. Not like this. Not Paige. I am hoping she has found the peace she searched for though.

As for me, seems anyone I tell about her I just start bawling. Have not been eating much, but did eat a chicken sandwich yesterday, and went to the little taco truck on Brittmoore and told the taco ladies thru tears about Paige. Tears all around again, and prayers. The HEB nice cashier buying groceries yesterday cried with me, and got her name on paper so priest can read it at sermon at whatever church he attends. Noah & me only bought fraction of stuff usually buy, 27 items total, as didn't buy some of Paige's staples, she was fond of can queso Rico's, El Milagro thin nacho chips, Diet Coke too, but none of that this time. I guess ever again, no one else eat or drink that here, just Noah & me now, Jacob in Air Force.

Am sorry to be posting this stuff, and feel free to delete, but Paige knew many, many in the American Motors old car community, since we had been together 34 years, we used to go to AMC Nationals, Regionals, lot of meets and she was outgoing, friendly. Have had a number of AMC fans call, email me about running into her at AMC meets. Always funny stuff.

Corpus Christi. That was my hometown 1959-83. But like those tiny wrens outside my window that return each year, she would go down there, we usually went once a year, she loved Padre Island. Old Corpus Christi friend said Paige will be put on the 'beach bums' wall of honor on the island even though she never surfed and complained my Gulf Coast surfboard get in her was in garage of doing laundry last 23 years here at house.

Have tried to refrain using word suicide. But the Harris County Medical Examiner (Houston) called it "suicide by hanging" which shocked me into reality she not coming back. Anyone that knew her knew she was a gentile, passive Libra. But she also kept a lot of stuff bottled up. Sometimes she come home and I would be in office, give her big hug while sitting and tell her "why is your little heart racing a mile a minute" with my head between boobs. She said 'just stress'.

To say I am just devastated and broken is a real understatement. Paige was my everything. Walked her to her car every morning, big kiss, hug, sometimes summer sun is low in sky, and would catch her big blue eyes, she would say 'ok you blinding me!' while laughing and I say 'I just wanted to see those big blue eyes again before you leave!' she thought that funny as she handed me yesterday's trash like Sonic cup. One neighbor said I am only husband on long street that walked his beautiful bride to car, rain, shine, hurricane, mosquitoes, opened door for her while holding umbrella. I never thought about that, I just loved her more than life itself.

Am keeping 4 dresses of hers now, found a patriotic red, white, blue stars & stripes one she wore last patriotic day, maybe Veterans Day. The Picasso dress a local artist made for her, a NASA looking dress and of course the 'that is a happy dress!' green with polka dot dress she picked out to wear April 13th, but never got to April 14th. I showed son Noah a Amazon page I had open still on computer April 16th, as there was cute black and white dress with frills was going to buy her for Mothers Day. Always liked to see her come home after tough day, and say 'something here for you' give her the package and the smile, go to bedroom, come out modeling it, wow!

The gofundme account (STAKES FAMILY) a fellow old car fan set up exceeded the amount, and we have decided to leave it open a little while longer as people continue to find out about my lovely wife's passing. The letters, sympathy cards continue to flow in and I can't thank everyone enough. Would give everything I own just to hold her again.

Some more photos. Impossible to put 34 years into a letter like this, and I sincerely appreciate everyone taking time out of busy day, and reading about this wonderful, beautiful, woman I miss so much. Please continue to keep sons Noah, Jacob, especially me who not handling this well, and Paige' soul in prayers.

Photo #1. Houston Raceway Park just east of Baytown, MuscleCar Nationals, Paige & me with The Red Death 68 AMX. Houston Raceway Park is closing down April 22-24 after 35 years.

Photo #2. Paige at Houston Raceway Park, was cold that weekend but fun.

Cutie pie.

Photo #3. Mexican restaurant in Montrose called Chipulatec I took here on a date and she was hooked on the queso dip. A guy would walk around take photos of customers, staple photos to wall. 20 years later we went back, and I pulled this photo off wall for my collection.

Photo #4. Me & Paige in 1990s at the big AMC SW Regional meet in San Antonio. Not shown is a lot of parts in front, she was awesome salesman for AMC stuff I may add. A lot of car guys discount the ladies at swap meets until the swap meet ladies school them.

Photo #5. Berlin, Connecticut AMC Nationals, a lady was stuck in hotel bathroom, no toilet paper, and Paige to rescue, not only did she bring back toilet paper but some judging sheets could wipe on

Photo #6. Scoreboard sports bar in Houston where I worked 11 years, Paige in beautiful black outfit, over her shoulder is the late, great, Kevin Dorsey from KLOL-101 FM in Houston, I don't remember other two folks.

Photo #7 In our front yard of house west Houston. I thank God Paige came into my life, and would pray for Noah & Jacob born, daily.

If you ever crossed paths with her, she was beautiful, smart as hell, and developed my warped sense of humor.

Photo #8. Paige is on the Beach Bum Wall of Fame on Padre Island now in Corpus Christi. Old friend Rodney Page had a buddy of "South Packery Beach Bums" put it up next to Rodney's 3 year old granddaughter who drowned years ago. Paige would have gotten a kick out of this, she is lower left.

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A month after my beloved wife Paige hung herself in garage, depression, it has been nothing short of a nightmare. I appreciate all the calls, emails, texts, messengers, donations. The gofundme account a old car guy started for us surpassed the $20,000, and I wrote a check to Rocket Mortgage for $25,000 which brought the amount owed down considerably. Even in death Paige STILL giving. I guess am the beneficiary of her 401K she had at Southwest Controls, so working with the company Vanguard which handles that, and should pay off mortgage with that. But no Paige. I had to sell her in 1990s to buy a house, she was ok with our apartment, which we had outgrown, and area went to hell. So was not sold and I don't think really wanted to go 9into debt, but sold off a number of my classic AMC cars to put big down payment on house. Then she realized this was HER house, and started putting her touches here and there!

I can't even begin to tell you how much I miss her. I reach for a hand that no longer there. Roll over in bed to empty pillow. Stopped cooking as no one to eat. A lot of food went bad, had to toss, but the homeless veterans under I-10 got some of it too. Just starting her little Ford Focus gets me teary.

Took 4 boxes of her dresses, blouses to a place called MAM, Mission in Motion or something like that, are non profit, as got tired of donating to Salvation Army & Goodwill. The Goodwill at I-10 & Beltway 8 near me, clothes stacked up to ceiling as far as you can see in there. So started looking for different place to donate. Paige always enjoyed looking pretty. Even with little costume jewelry stuff she looked great.

Thank you whoever suggested keeping the earrings, necklaces and so forth, as am going to put it in a acrylic case with her ashes. Never found a place to donate clothes to Ukraine though in west Houston. A visit back to MAM I found some of her dresses already in the racks. They will go to good use, were about $10-$15 each. But I did start craying again seeing some of her clothes on the racks.

In the time since she died, there was a bad school shooting, worst in Texas history of kids in Uvalde. Paige used to teach at Bridgepoint Bible Church and the kids loved her, she was a kid magnet. The Uvalde shooting would have made her cry, but now Jesus has a good teacher up there to help with 19 kids. Jesus also has the two teachers that were killed up there, so 3 teachers for the kids. I feel sorry for the parents and loved ones from this, there is really nothing one can say to ease the brutal pain. Even though God blessed me with crossing paths with Paige in 1988, that is 12,000+ days ago, these were Little kids. So I will pray more for them, along with regular prayers for Paige. Special prayer also for the husband who died of broken heart his wife a teacher was killed. This story just keeps getting worse.

As much as Paige was depressed over getting overloaded at work and no help, would not hire temps, and lifelong battle over bullying by her older sister (they both adopted) I found out in roundabout way what TRIGGERED Paige that night after 11:00pm.

The night was regular old night around here, we were laughing, joking, she even brought out a cute green with polka dot dress to wear to work next day, I told her 'that is a happy dress' she said 'you know that IS a happy dress' and put it aside. Never got to wear next day. I told her I was going to go lay down at 10:00pm, she was in garage standing next to my dresser drawers full of nuts, bolts, for my old cars, but having a smoke and beer. She said 'Let me finish my smoke, will take a shower come to bed. I love you' I mumbled 'I love you too' not knowing last words would say to her at 11:00pm.

There are not 2 or 3 things that took her out that night. I was used to here pretty much every evening coming home, listening how her work at SouthWest Controls was just burying her with work, and since Mike Ormsby left, she lost $400 in commissions. To her, that was a big thing. Tanya & Steve in Dallas took off sick days more than they worked and phones routed to Houston. And Paige. Sim & other bosses go to Bijon restaurant on Hillcroft & 59 almost daily, no one ever invited Paige. To catch up she often took frozen dinner to "work thru lunch" as she called it. In March I told her if she wanted me to go talk to bosses Dennis & Alicia about getting her a raise, or at least recouping that extra $400 a month. Her sales blew away everyone else combined but not compensated for it. She though me asking to talk to Dennis was a neat idea. I can be very persuasive and they all knew me since she been there 17 years.

When Paige would sleep, she laid on back and folded one leg over another like sitting at desk. Sometimes would kick in air, I called that 'black swan' and would roll over to tell her to settle down. She dreamed about SouthWest Controls A LOT as I would ask her. Sometimes wake up tired as she 'had been working' all night. So like working a double at a bar or restaurant. But dealing with customers on phones, some screamed at her, she had great sense of humor, and fart gun handy, along with two magic fairy wands for sound effects.

Did she like her job? Both facebook profile photos are of her at work!

Later the AMC old car guy fellow Keith Knox who started the STAKES FAMILY gofundme for us after she died, used...a SouthWest Controls photo.

Then her sister Dawn. Paige & Dawn adopted different parents. When I met Paige, and thru whole LIFE, Dawn was mean to her. Paige rarely cussed but used C word to describe Dawn. And when Dawn moved in with their elderly mom 2018 or so, I stopped going to their mom's house. I have a LOT of great fond memories of their mom, who I worked so hard to gain her trust, especially early on, to let her know I really did love her daughter. And have lot of great photos of meemaw thru decades to prove it. In 2018 or so when Dawn moved into meemaw's house on Hummingbird, she took down photos of Paige. At later date signed over Power of Attorney, which is none of my business, but chances are did it while meemaw was not in right mind and incapacitated with dementia. Paige in year 2022 dating back to January would bitch 'Dawn is going to inherit everything including the $350,000 house' and Paige would sit and stew about that. So I would try to calm her down on that front also. Son Noah was doing a orchid show in The Heights in 2021, and Paige & me saw Dawn there sitting at a table smoking, and Paige didn't want to talk to her, so we left. Noah said Dawn & Paige went shopping together early 2022, and Paige even said here at house that 'they trying to reconcile differences' but I said 'she will shit on you again' and guess what happened. I told Noah a hour long shopping trip does not make up for lifetime of hate.

Then there is our youngest son Jacob. He left, didn't say bye, and in a era of communication, there was none. In year 2021 he joined the Air Force and stationed in San Antonio. After Paige died I was going thru her cell phone and saddest thing I found was a text to Jacob wanting to come to his graduation. She never got a reply. No call, text, messenger, email, nothing.

I understand military protocol but c'mon, this is your momma. Jacob will never get to see his beautiful momma or hear her melodic voice ever again.

Lastly. Noah. For a kid that graduated top of class cum laude at high school, he should know better. While looking at my Chase online bank accounts, I stumbled on Noah's & Jacob's accounts as had to co-sign for them when minors years ago. I was simply looking to see if the gofundme everyone was donating to had hit my bank so could write check for $25,000 to Rocket Mortgage. I wondered why his account was next to zero as he pretty much works three jobs in Houston. And...I had written him a check for $2500 for "school" stuff.

Alvaro Santanill. Who is that? I confronted Noah about this he said 'a friend he was lending money' I told him you just got SCAMMED for $17,000 dollars guy! He said his friend in Columbia would pay him back. My heart sank. He told me after I went back to bed April 13th, 11:00pm, he told momma. She was fine at 11:00pm, fixing to come to bed, her last words to me were 'I love you' I told Noah you basically put the big nail in momma's coffin' telling her that when she was drunk, tired, and already under duress about Dawn & work.

$17,000 is a big chunk of change for anyone. And I told him he will have to live with that rest of life. Is it the final thing that pushed Paige to hang herself? I will never know. But would bet money it WAS that night. The $2500 I lent Noah he is paying me back slowly. I didn't know he was getting scammed until 2 weeks or so after Paige died. Am I angry? Yes & no. Pissed off he got scammed, more pissed off it indirectly killed his momma. I told him $17,000 could buy him 3 1999 Mercury cars like he has. Could of helped us pay off house. Paige owed him $600 dollars at time too. But she was good at paying off bills. No, due to time that had passed, Noah had no recourse with Chase or Paypal. You can see what I saw in some photos below. I don't hate Noah for this. I explained scamming is multi billion dollar business, and mentioned the lady on Dr Phil who got scammed out of $350,000 to a guy who 'wanted to marry her'.

Yes, it is brutal, and a month later I still cry trying to order a Whataburger, or at Jason's Deli, blubber in my salad. There are places I have hard time going to, and everyone knows. Everyone knows. Post office I ship out of, taco places up and down Gessner in Houston. No one asks me "how are you doing" anymore because I bluntly say "not good" and explain to them I lost my best friend, life partner, my everything recently. And lose it again.

I thank all the Corpus Christi people and American Motors old car people who have somehow kept me standing with all the prayers.

Photos: photo #1. Beautiful wife Paige with Jacob and Noah at Jacob's middle school a few years ago 2015. He played bass and I probably have the videos of it on youtube, he was quite good in the orchestra.

Photo #2. The look on Paige's face says it all. There is no way to measure a mother's love for her children. Pretty well off the chart.

Photo #3. Paige with Jacob as he had growth spurt, and suddenly as tall as her in 2017.

Photo #4. Momma Paige looks up to Jacob as she was fixing to head to work, Jacob to school in our front yard.

Photo #5. Beautiful Paige fixing to get into my 68 AMC Rebel convertible.

She liked driving this car, lots of looks, stares, waves, whistles, cell phone photos, a pretty girl driving a muscle car in Houston.

Photo #6. The scammer took Noah for $17,000. Screenshot of bank account in increments. I would have NEVER KNOWN except I looked at my own Chase bank account online, and as mentioned, I had to co-sign for both Noah & Jacob years ago as both were minors. Noah was quite defiant when I confronted him about it. And I will go to my grave thinking this was the tipping point that night after 11:00pm that sent her to death.

Photo #7. Paige asked Jacob if she could come to his Air Force boot camp graduation ceremony in San Antonio. Never got a reply.

Photos #8 & #9. Paige commonly emailed me mean letters like this from her work. I probably have stack of them still. Wasn't her problem, but she got blamed for everything.

Photo #10. Since no one ever asked her to lunch at SouthWest Controls, many times she would stay in office and simply eat at desk. "working thru lunch"

she called it, so I would pick up some HEB frozen dinners I knew she might like, and loaf of garlic bread for her to take. She liked me picks, but complained that no one, especially managers, ever asked her to lunch.

Photos #11 thru #14. If you could not see Paige's profile, here is all three photos, and the gofundme profile photos. She loved SouthWest Controls, was there 17 years, all 4 photos are FROM INSIDE SW Controls. She just didn't like how she was treated in last months of her life there.

And I HEARD IT ALMOST NIGHTLY from her about work....and sister Dawn. No one else did, I did. Our 34th Anniversary would have been June 16th. 34 beautiful years, we worked together thru everything.

paige-50.JPG (841547 bytes)  paige-51.JPG (1263389 bytes)  paige-52.JPG (836434 bytes)  paige-53.JPG (1051309 bytes)  paige-54.JPG (662093 bytes) 

paige-55.JPG (71553 bytes)  paige-56.JPG (55800 bytes)  paige-57.JPG (598597 bytes)  paige-58.JPG (454419 bytes)  paige-59.JPG (714082 bytes) 

paige-60.JPG (58523 bytes)  paige-61.JPG (90497 bytes)  paige-62.JPG (98367 bytes)  paige-63.JPG (36524 bytes)

Some happy photos of Paige Davenport Stakes. #1. Paige rarely cooked, but loved to make spaghetti sauce. Mushrooms, bell peppers, olives, fresh garlic, and would use my big pot, and fill up jars of it, not only to freeze, then take to work, but also share with neighbors. I do not know the recipe darn it, she never wrote it down.

#2. Paige & Noah dancing in living room.

#3. Paige worked at a number of bars including high volume Scoreboard on I-10. She also did stints at Grif's in Montrose, Saltgrass Steak House, Skybox on Fondren, Momma's Café on Westheimer, here she is at some bar behind bar, note bottle speed opener in back pocket.

#4 Sherwood Elementary a block from us, we would go to their 'Autumn Fest' near Halloween every year, even after both Jacob & Noah moved onto different school. Jacob has fresh made bread. Paige a Diet Coke.

#5. Christmas morning, I would get her out of bed, kids ready to open gifts. Paige loved anything Texas, Astros, patriotic, here enthusiastically modeling some earrings Santa brought her.

#6. Most photos Paige had hair up. Tons of hair bods and what nots like this, a gold sand dollar bow I bought for her from a Corpus Christi friend. Playing Tetris while streaming some bravo junk.

#7. Noah, Paige's momma & Paige at Spring Woods high school in Houston, Noah was in a play, the auditorium was packed for it.

#8. Whataburger Field in my hometown Corpus Christi was a must do every time we visited. She loved the Astros & loved the Hooks.

Please continue to keep sons Noah, Jacob, especially me, and Paige's soul in your prayers. Thank you.

paige-64.JPG (1111346 bytes)  paige-65.JPG (765403 bytes)  paige-66.JPG (336818 bytes)  paige-67.JPG (1124505 bytes)  paige-68.JPG (1041075 bytes)  paige-69.JPG (1308745 bytes)  paige-70.JPG (834482 bytes)  paige-71.JPG (2650036 bytes)


PAIGE STAKES Anniversary. The Marriage License will show May 24th, but officially was June 16th. Paige & me waited until Reverend Carlos Buck could come by on a Saturday and wed us. Paige was already pregnant with Noah and Noah would be born a few months later August 24th. But Carlos' schedule was busy so we had to wait. Paige & me left the courthouse with our little piece of paper, and went to get some fajitas. She had a beer or two, I know, pregnant and all, but baby still 3+ months out and she was eating. I at time could still drink wonderful dark Mexican beers.

Anyways, June 16th came along, we had some friends over, and got married in our living room. Was neat small ceremony both of us wanted. Afterwards everyone headed to Pappasitos for lunch. That was it, not much more to story except am missing her this Anniversary which would have been...our 34th Anniversary together. That is over 12,000 days.

I want to say huge thank you to all those who helped me pay off the house.

That is in the books now. Really bittersweet we busted our asses buying it, got caught up in the CountryWide mortgage mess in late 1990s, had a horrible 10.250% interest rate with Bank of America. Some realtors said that was 'criminal'. When Paige get mad she would say 'well, the whole house is yours anyways' and I assured her it was not, my name on mortgage because my credit was good, her credit was uh, not good and was advised way back then to leave her off the mortgage because of that. At later date when I refinanced with Quicken Loans, I made it a point to have her name added to mortgage. And showed her the printout so she could not use that against me when mad. We went to Longhorn Steak House to celebrate that! Sadly she not here to enjoy it.

So will probably lay low for Anniversary. I am still a train wreck 2 months out, less tears in my Jason's Deli salad, and still cry ordering Whataburger. Went to Juarez Mexican restaurant we frequented on Gessner, and crew knows not to ask me 'how are you doing?' as I simply lose it. I pray a lot, several times a day, go thru lot of candles, and try to find little things God puts before me.

Paige sits in acrylic box above TV surrounded by lot of little costume jewelry she liked to look pretty in. I also sometimes put flowers up there picked from our yard. Have a bible verse per day ex wife Cindy Sullivan Stakes sent me I read, have yet to catch up to current day, neat book though and lot have forgotten and don't understand even with 11 years of Catholic schooling in hometown Corpus Christi.

Mentioned the little things, every morning 5-5:30am when I pray out back, if not cloudy can see huge Venus, also Jupiter, Saturn & Mars in eastern sky.

Go out and look, June 2022 majestic! I was walking my dogs in front yard and two small black butterflies with orange spots, flying in circles around each other. Then one would stop, sit on sidewalk, waiting for other to fly by, and off they go in butterfly tornado. I found some peace in that.

PHOTOS: Photo #1. The late Reverend Carlos Buck officiates our wedding in our living room June 16th. Paige pregnant with Noah who would be born Aug 24th a few months later, yes, she in tears in photo. I have shoes on, and note crooked 'Stakes Family' sign above my head, she had bought that hand painted sign for house.

Photo #2. The Stakes Family sign Paige bought has never been straightened since hung.

Photo #3. The heaviest Christmas gift I ever bought for Paige is the metal table & chairs for front porch. She loved them and wished I had taken a photo of her shadow sitting there playing her Garden Scapes & Chef Ramsay phone games. Note Stakes Family sign still offset all these decades later.

Photo #4. A Christmas morning a few years ago, Paige checking out her spawns Jacob, Noah, and look close can see little crooked sign above Noah's head.

Paige's ever present Diet Coke shown also, damn, she loved that crap.

Photo #5. Paige's remains in 15 x 15 x 15 acrylic box above TV in living room, it is starting to fill up with all the little costume jewelry she loved. Make her feel comfortable I hope. I hope.

Photo #6. Marriage License. This didn't mean much to either of us except 'a piece of paper' to legitimatize our love for each other. Went out to get some fajitas after sitting at courthouse.

Photo #7. Found this photo in box of old recipes. The recipes from 1940s/80s from Momma B who lived in Monroe, LA, a relative of Paige, but will be tossing the recipes, old cookbooks, onto ebay. But Paige is sitting in Bluto's bar, a dive on Richmond & Fondren in SW Houston in the old hood we moved from in 1990s. I do not know date of photo, but she loved beating bartop video games like shown here. Pretty good too at them, check out her face tells it all.

Please continue to keep sons Noah, Jacob, especially me, in continued prayers, and Paige's soul also, thank you.

paige-72.JPG (643417 bytes)  paige-73.JPG (531754 bytes)  paige-74.JPG (480887 bytes)  paige-75.JPG (542493 bytes)  paige-76.JPG (479522 bytes)  paige-77.JPG (177006 bytes)  paige-78.JPG (573929 bytes)



Would like to thank everyone for keeping me in their prayers since beloved wife 34 years Paige hung herself recently. Every day is a struggle, I pray a lot out back, and sit in Paige's little Ford Focus and read bible with AC full blast, as it is quiet and no distractions in there. I could easily say I am doing fine, but mind shot. The people at post office know not to ask me "how am I doing" as same with the many restaurants we frequented. The wait staff at Taqueria Cancun where I went yesterday, no words, just drop menu, I got shrimp cocktail, ate, tipped and left.

Still donating a number of Paige's items to charity, there is a MAM non profit on Blalock in Houston, and a visit inside looked thru the women's dresses and her items sold. A good thing. But now I have about dozen dresses she liked have kept. Games like Monopoly, Trivia Pursuit, Uno, tossed, can't recall last time played them anyways. Avon products she used to sell on the side. I kept the little animal ceramics, but most other stuff donated.

The Plexiglas box she rests in now above tv, it has more little girlie things like hair bows, a pretty rosary, ear rings, and a crucifix too big for it sits next to it. I walk by it many times daily, and sometimes reach up and say 'I miss you momma' to it.

Out back get to see God's majesty with Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn in sky while I pray. Don't get to see Mercury as too low in horizon. I no longer listen to car radio, all of them I drive in silence. Maybe best that way for now as a few weeks ago had to pull over on Gessner and stop, as could not drive when a song triggered me.

Paige's sister satan Dawn did end up with their mom's $350,000 house, a $46,000 new truck and more, and still bullies Paige from grave. I copied a unibomber manifesto rant she put on her own facebook account, Paige had blocked her years ago, me too. Those screenshots will go on my own website for all to see Paige....was right all along.

Paige work at SouthWest Controls is a mess, since she did so much, now a number of them have to actually work and pick up slack SHE did many years. I still have her frozen dinners in freezer she would take when work thru lunch to try to catch up. The 'new guy' they hired to help her, Chris, he quit.

The two people at Dallas that called in sick more than they show up, still calling in sick. Not my monkeys, not my circus Paige used to say.

I have been overwhelmed by realtors who somehow found out she died, and lot of calls, emails, several even showed up at door. I lost it and tried to best I could thru tears my wife hung herself in garage right there, we worked 2-3 jobs each to buy this place in the CountryWide mess in 1990s, and were proud of our little 1959 house. Its not perfect but it ours.

THE HOUSE IS PAID OFF. I could never thank enough all the Corpus Christi people, and the old car AMC people who donated to the gofundme a AMC car guy started (I didn't ask for it, have never met him) but it raised $27,000 or so. And many donated paypal, personal checks, money orders, some even sent cash. I just had a Sweden AMC car guy donated July 1st, as he didn't know Paige died and read it on my site. Some car magazines just now hitting stands with a blurb about it. But a huge thank you to everyone.

Paige's car I paid off, for what it worth it broke my streak of 395 American Motors cars straight have owned since 1976 when I bought my first AMC, a 1970 Javelin, from old black preacher man Mister Fawcett at Fawcett Motors on Leopard next to Miller high school stadium in Corpus Christi. 395 AMCs straight, now I own a 2017 Ford Focus of all things, but Paige was so proud of refinancing her little car in March 2022. The car means nothing to me except it belonged to the most beautiful, loving, trusting woman in my life.

Thank you for those who donated, but also those who have checked in on me from time to time, and especially those who continue to keep me in their prayers and standing.

PHOTOS: Photo #1. A few photos. Rocket mortgage payoff notice. Paige not here though to see it. I am sure she cheering from Heaven.

Photo #2. Paige at Texas Tavern, there is a leprechaun there with her.

Before anyone freaks out these little short dudes go around to different bars that hire them, make hundreds of dollars a day around St. Patricks Day.

The dress Paige wearing is one she showed me night she died asking which one should she wear to work next day. I said that 'green one with polka dots is a happy dress' she said 'you know, that IS a happy dress!' and put it aside to wear next day. Next day never came. I have kept this dress.

Photo #3. Paige sitting across street at Donna's house with one of the two black & white cats. She is wearing her glow in the dark pajamas, the stars, comets glow.

Photo #4. I bought this tshirt for Paige 2020, she loved it, would wear it up the the Texas Tavern at end of block.

Photo #5. Besides being love of my life, was also best friend. And best friends don't let best friends get drunk and dye hair. There is some blue in hair here I called her Marge Simpson. I found this photo on her phone. The selfie was taken at her work.

Photo #6. After the blue hair streak, her hair returned to sort of normal and got it cut, this photo off her phone believe Feb 2022. Typical shit eatin grin too, and not sure why she got haircut.

Photo #7. Paige at Texas Tavern at the end of our block, this was her watering hole, everyone knew her and loved her. Yes, she DID have a "curfew"

so would go up 1.5 hours, have a few swills, come home. Nice photo of her March 2022.

Photo #8. Some of you will recognize Whataburger Field in Corpus Christi here, every time we visited we go watch the good guys play. I think this is 2019, was a photo I found on her phone, note Jacob in background.

Photo #9. Paige selfie at I believe Grifs Irish Inn near downtown, I used to work there 1989-90, but this photo I found on he phone more recent.

Photo #10. Paige liked to color, and make things like this gift bag, she had glues, glitter, markers, here she stands in living room with a cute gift bag she made. I kept her supplies and put them in back closet, just could not toss them. Sadly, to upper left is now where she sits in acrylic box remains.

Photo #11. Maria' my brother Tommy Stakes widow, and Paige stand next to whatever the hell the mascot for Corpus Christi Hooks is at Whataburger Field, this photo found on Paige's phone I think from 2019.

Photo #12. Days of Surf Past. Jacob, Noah & me on Padre Island a photo on Paige's phone 2019 or 2020.

Photo #13. Paige standing next to some big plants, I think this is the plant place Noah works at in The Heights in Houston. Found this on her phone. Note goofy face!

Photo #14. Not sure where this was she ran into Chebacca but yet another photo off her now, decommissioned phone.

Photo #15. Those big beautiful blue eyes I fell in love with last century.

Not sure where this burger place is, but Paige getting after it.

paige-79.JPG (51044 bytes)  paige-80.JPG (761474 bytes)  paige-81.JPG (580886 bytes)  paige-82.JPG (994080 bytes)  paige-83.JPG (772315 bytes)  paige-84.JPG (907645 bytes)

paige-85.JPG (1055646 bytes)  paige-86.JPG (617343 bytes)  paige-87.JPG (843511 bytes)  paige-88.JPG (601801 bytes)  paige-89.JPG (890207 bytes)  paige-90.JPG (820469 bytes)

paige-92.JPG (1023859 bytes)  paige-93.JPG (734907 bytes)  paige-94.JPG (876062 bytes)

Paige's Sister Satan Dawn Davenport

July 4, 2022. Satan's minion and my own son Noah HACKED INTO PAIGE'S facebook account. Besides "making herself a friend" Dawn also changed email to HER own, and password with Noah's help. This is the bullshit Paige put up with her sister all her life. Ashamed Naoh was manipulated into helping her do this to his momma. I have nothing to say about that, but with Dawn, was par for course. And I heard it daily from Paige when she came home, and get it off her chest and vent about Dawn, and Southwest Controls.

Facebook LOCKED Paige's account and I was able to retrieve it and put most of the stuff back up, and anyone who commented in The Evil One's thread was then blocked.

paige-95.JPG (92309 bytes)  paige-96.JPG (79685 bytes)  paige-97.JPG (81635 bytes)  paige-98.JPG (84941 bytes)  paige-99.JPG (80405 bytes)  paige-100.JPG (72730 bytes)  paige-101.JPG (61979 bytes)  paige-102.JPG (74157 bytes)

Good stories and photos of Paige to follow