Stakes' AMC Cars File #2!    

Photos, with comments, of many of the almost 400 American Motors cars have personally owned since buying first AMC, a 1970 Javelin, in 1976. I have been driving American Motors cars DAILY since 1976, you can see a number of them on youtube & facebook. Never have owned a Ford, GM, Mopar, imports, never have owned one nor wanted one. These are in no certain order. All my cars are documented. As I go thru thousands of print photos, time permitting, will scan & load the photos here. If some cars appear multiple times it is because I might have owned it for many years, and shown at different shows, cruise nights, events.

Row #1


             74-gremlin-75-paint-jade-green.jpg (807960 bytes) 
68-rebel-paige-amc-regional.jpg (450287 bytes)  68-amx-390-parts-car-tan-red.jpg (845330 bytes)  70-amx-390-goodyear-ad-1.jpg (508191 bytes)  70-amx-390-goodyear-ad-2.jpg (579880 bytes)  70-mark-donohue-304-m-code.jpg (820793 bytes) amc-stakes-stash.JPG (83506 bytes)

Left to Right: 1: 70 Mark Donohue Javelin, was originally red/red, 360, AT Turbo 400, this car had a interesting previous owner who used to go about town breaking into ATM machines & never got caught. 2: Support Our Troops is a 69 Rambler 440 wagon in Matador Red, 82 Eagle in Frost White & 72 Ambassador SST wagon in Ford Blue.  This photo has been used on several military websites. 3: 71 SC/360 Hornet, see more photos in the SC/360 Registry

. 4: 70 Mark Donohue Javelin, same as photo #1 5: Some of my cars lined up across from Gang Gardens apartments where I lived. 6: 74 Gremlin 75 color Jade Green, 304 7: 68 Rebel before custom, wife Paige at AMC Southwest Regional, I-10 Hilton, hot blonde in hot car, life stands still when she drives up in this.  8: 68 AMX tan/red 390 car I parted out. 9 & 10 70 AMX 60th built 3rd day production, Goodyear Tire ad car. Might have been the first 70 AMX built unless someone one day comes up with VIN lower than A0M397X100090. One out of hobby AMC blowhard told me AMC never stamped VIN numbers 'on door tags' STFU I told him, here is this car's VIN...  on a DOOR trim tag
11 1970 Mark Donuhue Javelin factory 304 4 barrel "M" VIN code. M code high compression 4 barrel 304V8 rarely seen in any books. There are column shift Mark Donohue Javelins built also. When this article
"Mark Donohue Javelin: Or Is It?"
was written in 1980s, it pissed a lot of people off. to date, no one has proven me wrong. Too bad, maybe one day someone can truly authenticate all Mark Donohue Javelins. Won't happen. This is a original owner car. 12. What happens in my back yard when unsupervised me gets the urge. 2 Javelins, 2 AMXs bought in ONE WEEK.

Row #2


   88-amc-eagle.jpg (56051 bytes)    psycho-amc-spirit.jpg (62630 bytes)       

Left to Right: 1: Side of my house day I steamed driveway, there are 7 AMCs NOT shown. Neighbors love me. Those all run & drive & sometimes tourists drive by to take photos of the classics. 2. 88 Eagle on I-10 with boys at Jasons Deli 2014. I had the New York Yankee sandwich but am not food blogger. 3. I don't know what the fuck this is but it was a AMC Spirit with Mitchell on top at some spook house in 2013. Not mine! I guess a "Spirit" would make a great Halloween car. 4. My AMC wagons 2014, not sure how many of those kids are mine but probably am paying child support on some of them. 5. 39K 82 Concord DL wagon sold new in Houston, has never been out of city. 6. Preacher man's 74 AMC Hornet Sportabout, driven daily, 89K miles, 232, AT. 7. My 77 Matador coupe was used in World Premier "Blast From The Past" movie in AMC 30 screen Houston, 304, automatic, 37K miles, this car would garner a number of 1st place trophies, then i sold it to the late Steven Green who had a formidable AMC collection in NY. Search youtube for 'Steven Green AMC' for a few videos of his collection being liquidated after he got caught up in the housing shit in 2000s.. 8. 70 AMX Commodore Blue, 360, 4speed. 9. 74 AMC Hornet Sportabout GX being parted out in back yard. 10. 72 Ambassador SST wagon dash on 96 degree day in Houston, please do not leave your kids & pets in cars for any amount of time. 11. 68 Rebel 401 convertible Machine early photo with downtown Houston in background.

Row #3


       pacer-4x4-padre-island.jpg (198927 bytes)  73-javelin-304-at-gold-stripe.jpg (660671 bytes)

Left to Right: 1. 68 Rebel convertible, VAM Mexico City car show, not mine. 2. Roll of NOS UAW "Proud To Be A American" window decals dealers gave out. I have some for sale. 3. 72 Ambassador SST 360 wagon snowbound in Houston. 4. 81 Eagle 151 4cylinder, 4speed, 3:54 rear. 5. 88 Eagle wagon only 2306 shoved out door by Chrysler, this is not the Last AMC Built. 6. Older photo of some of my cars. 7. AMC Dealership 3' x 5' flag,     I usually have some in stock for sale. 8. 74 AMX 304 AT was going to restore, but is Alaskan car, unibody shot, parting out summer 2014. 9. 82 Eagle bought from original owner, Class 3 hitch has towed hundreds of cars for me, 210,000 miles, now retired due to weak front end & rear going out, finally, yard duty only. 10. South Padre Island AMC Pacer 4x4 on Ford Bronco frame. 11. 74 Javelin, 304, AT, white with gold goofy stripe. At one time I called this a 'dildo stripe' as just really ugly stripe AMC put on a bulged fender car.

Row #4


            amc-nationals-tshirt-houston.jpg (224133 bytes)
68-ambassador-parting-out-sst.jpg (125206 bytes)  74-matador-coupe-258-6.jpg (733337 bytes)  68-javelin-360-base.jpg (1020027 bytes)  71-matador-14,000-miles.jpg (874308 bytes)  amc-nos-amx-javelin-lens-color-variatorins.jpg (270526 bytes)

Left to Right: 1. 71 SC/360 Hornet "patriotic photo" I used for some local news stations. Look on youtube for "SC/360 Hornet" for several 4th of July clips KPRC Channel 2 did of this car. 2. 74 Javelin 304 automatic from Oklahoma, was fixing to paint it but lady from Lafayette, Louisiana bought it, painted it white!. 3. Mark Don"A"hue spoiler, wished people quit misslelling his name, but even AMC didn't spell it right. 4. The infamous XMA built backwards on Kenosha assembly line. I pissed away $50 on listing this dog on ebay with Mitchell put up some bullshit auction of a "5267 mile AMX". The funny auction went viral. 5. Several of my lingerie models holding up a AMC Nationals shirt. 6. A close up of the shirt, of which the 71 'watercolor catalog' from AMC was used in the photos. 7. 68 Ambassador SST, 56,000 mile, 1 owner car parted out. There was no unibody to this car and was ready to break in 1/2 but damn, the glass, doors, interior parts were stunningly beautiful. 8. 74 Matador coupe, 258-6 I bought to customize. 9. 68 Javelin base 795- Series, 360, 4speed bought for $800. 10. 71 Matador 304 automatic 14,000 mile car. I put only 250 miles on it in 11 years owned. Sold for $2650. 11. AMC NOS rear lenses and reflectors 68-69 lined up. There are 7 known "shades" of red AMC used on these due to changing suppliers. The 6 brighter ones in middle dated Mar 1970 Aug 1970  and 3 different shades among them! I bought 189 of these from Sarnia, Ontario, Canada AMC Dealership, all undrilled.

Row #5


  74-amx-3rd-day-of-production.jpg (190083 bytes) 74-amx-401-at-parting-out.jpg (898744 bytes)  69-amx-390-olive.jpg (837085 bytes)  81-spirit-salvage-yard.jpg (25282 bytes) 68-javelin-stripped-fire-343.jpg (38142 bytes)
     69-amx-343-sold-on-ebay.jpg (23498 bytes)  68-amx-343-rally-pack.jpg (38325 bytes)

Left to Right: 1. 72 Ambassador SST, 360/AT, driven daily, sold new in Houston, bought from original owner. 2. 74 AMX 360, AT, built 3rd day of production, Aug. 1973. Parted out. 3. 74 AMX, 401, AT, was for sale for $400 but hauled to scrap 2 weeks after I took these photos. Only 776 74 AMXs built with a 401, and a guess is less than 100 remain. 4. 69 AMX, 390, automatic. I have actually owned this one 2 times since 1980s. 5. 81 Spirit, 258, AT, was for sale at salvage yard near me, offered them $300, they declined, car crushed. Sadly it ran, drove, stopped. 6. 68 Javelin, 343, automatic, 20,000 miles on this one I parted out. It was in car fire in 1975 in Waco (not Branch Dividian car) but roof had collasped. Otherwise solid. 7. AMC Pacer coupe lit up with Christmas lights makes anyone happy. 8. 68 Rebel convertible 'Machine' rear angle photo taken during spring day. 9. AMC 71-74 AMX Javelin kilometer freaks out AMC people & non AMC people alike thinking it is 240 miles per hour. 10. 69 AMX, 343 AT I sold on ebay to someone who was not Nigerian. Nice car, they flew in, drove home to IL. 11. 68 AMX, 343, AT sat in Conroe like this for 20 years. Was really too far gone, but amazing what some bondo and paint will do. Lives for another day.

Row #6



Left to Right: 1. 68 AMX, 390, 4speed blew bellhousing in 1974, almost taking off driver's leg. Car sat here as shown until 2013. 2. A row of my Eagles on side of house with a rare 4cyl, 4speed 81 up front. 3 & 4. . 74 AMC Sportabout Hornet was bought, along with dealership, from P. K. Williams in Austin, Texas. I drove it home, was P. K's widows car special order. The faded original decal can be seen next photo. Sadly, I sold this car to brother Tommy in Corpus Christi and you can't keep anything down there without salt air 24/7 eating it up. After 12 years it is shown above photo parting out Row 2, photo 9. 5 & 6: Not my custom interiors but super job. 7 & 8: This 68 AMX was one of only 2 I have ever documented with Laredo Tan ext & Red int. Unfortunately this 390/AT car had sat in Baytown on ground for 30 years. Was under 15 feet of watrer during hurricane Ike to add insult to injury. I sold it for $500 for guy in NC who wanted the 390/AT setup, so figuring it was going cross country, had some fun with boys & Krylon paint on it as rolling billboard. Would have loved to see this car new. 9: 74 Matador coupe 304/AT floor shift. Local ran witho no oil, hole in side of block. Solid as a brick, sold to the late Jim Fortin of Talermade on my VENDORS list in MA, his son still owns it. 10: 68 Rebel convertible Machine with Noah & Jacob. Two notes to self! Do not sit cars on dark seat on 100 degree day. Do not sit them on hot seat with daipers full. Took me a week to get rid of stensh in car, hard to drive around with black flies hovering over you at each stoplight. 11: 68 AMX The Red Death & 74 Hornet hatchback. Am big fan of louvers. The AMX ig you look closely is in Corpus Christi and in background a jet and ship, so land, sea, air. The Hornet I bought from a gas station here, factory 304V8, for $150. It has a earl Scheib paint job, $159. I did the stripe. I sold it to local lady for $1000 as it sits and shown, she still drives it last I heard. Side note on louvers: you CAN use 77 Hornet AMX & 78 Concord AMX on any 68-70 AMX or Javelin, you will have to drill holes to mount them, no big deal. To mount them on 71-74 AMX Javelin, cut off bottom louver to make up for shorter back glass.

Row #7


     75-world-of-wheels-champ-69-ssamx.jpg (18126 bytes)  65-rambler-220-big-bad-green.jpg (13569 bytes) 

Left To Right: 1. 72 Pink AMX. One of 2 made, these Special Order cars were for a VA Dealership promotion. Not mine. You can read more about AMC's "PINK AMXS" here. 2. 72 Special Order AMX. 360, AT, bought this car from former Zone Manager wife in Ohio. Originally had a SRT-11 cross ram intake & body had been leaded for racing. Took a lot of awards with this. Wife Paige totalled it hitting bridge . I put back together & continued to drive as shown here after wreck. This car was used on the Johnny Lightning "coin" for Muscle Cars   USA series. 3. 78 AMX I almost bought in San Antonio. Have never owned a 78 AMX, 80 AMX, anything Jeep or Marlin. 4. 68 AMX Ford 390, AT. Before parting out this 68, I painted it black with brush. And ran a spoof funny auction on ebay with it, the infamous "XMA". There were people actully fighting over this car for $500. This is actual auction note comments  5. 68 Rebel convertible Machine, 401 LAPD Police Interceptor on "The Strip" Westheimer in Houston. Was taking kids to get chinese food and saw this Hummer limo across street and took this widely published photo. 6. 71 SC/360 Hornet at the AMC Nationals in Houston, 2001. When you drive onto show field, AMO has a sign display for participants, quite neat. I had 6 cars displayed. 7. 68 Javelin 290, AT. Stock, 49K miles, drove daily for about 4 years. 8. 70 AMX, 360, 4speed, this was originally Golden Lime Metallic a horrible 70 color which AMC sadly pissed away into 71 production also. The paint on this changed to 1982 Corvette Silver Anniversary Edition Silver Beige Metallic. Was a really solid Texas car, sold to guy in Buffalo for $3500 who flew down, drove home. 9. 69 AMX, was a 1975 World Of Wheels winner in Florida. I parted it out on spot in Baton Rouge, LA. There was not much left to it to begin with, but in major brain fart and time constraints (was driving to Fort Smith, AR that night) and should have pulled steering box to see if a real Super Stock AMX as it HAD run in super stock classes owner said. Will never know now. 10. 65 Rambler American 220, good little daily driver painted big bad green. 11. 69 Ambassador SST, 290, AT, bought from lady who was being deployed to Iraq. It is one of those cars Ray Charles & Stevie Wonder worked for AMC interiors put together, horrible yellow outside and green inside. Ran great, boys shown in car, I sold it to guy in Pflugerville, Texas for $900 telling boys Easter Bunny bought it.

Row #8


   flock_o_eagles.jpg (35921 bytes)         

Left to Right: 1. A number of my non AMX Javelin cars lined up on sunny day out back. 2. Three Eagles, maroon 88 #1050, silver 88 #100, white 82. 3. 82 Eagle workhorse, 210,000 miles. 4. 81 Eagle, 4cyl, 4speed, sold to fellow in Ypsilanti, MI for $2000. Ran great have never had ANY AMC get 25-29 miles per gallon. 5. Noah & Jacob giving Easy Financing for a Ford 390 AMX. Or trade for Hot Wheels cars. 6. 76 Gremlin, 258-6, AT, the wheels/tires were worth 2X what car worth. Good looker, lots of thumbs up. 7. Kids take a look under hood of 72 Ambassador SST. I have taught them how to cook tacos on intake manifold. Once you get thru laughing go google "cooking tacos on car intake manifold" there are BOOKS dedicated to this subject. Good food! 8. A self explanatory sign, now if I can get one that tells same dumbasses I won't 'spin the wheels'. 9. 71 AMC SC/360 when I found it. It is only known SC/360 in "Medium Blue Metallic" to exist of 120 known to exist. I pulled plug on this ugly color (rarity does NOT equate market value when it comes to AMC) & had it painted red, white and blue in 90s. 10 & 11. 68 Rebel convertible 'Machine' arriving at the AMC Nationals in Houston in 2001.

Row #9



Left to Right: 1 & 2: 69 Rebel Raider, 343, AT. About 300 of themmade for NY & NJ Markets by AMC, these were renamed big bad colors of Mean Green, Tangerine & Blue You've Never Seen. 3. 71 Matador 14,000 miles, I started reproducing Rebel Machine hood scoops so sat one on hood to see what it would look like. There were actually 68 1971 Matador Machines produced by AMC. 4. 73 AMX 360, AT, wild plum undergoing stripping in my driveway. This is the infamous Hurricane Ike AMX. 5. 74 Bricklin, AMC 360, AT. This is as close to a AMX/3 anyone will ever get. Brick #216 was extremely fast, sold it for $2500, it counts in the 'unbroken line' though as factory AMC AMX engine is what the Bricks used in 1974. But AMC was selling engines to International Harvester, Bricklin among others and could not keep up engine pace production, nor guarantee a steady line of 360s to Bricklin so they changed for 1975 to Ford 351 Clevelands which are not worth a shit, I can drink case of Shiner Bock & eat 3 burritos and outrun a 351. If you ever have chance to buy a Bricklin do it, they are really near cars, there is so much items in a Bricklin that produced by AMC you will be stunned!  Visit Bricklin site. . 6. 72 Javelin, 304, AT bought off ebay for $1500, noting special, except was grossly misrepresented. 7. Checker airport limosine, a AMC friend stopped by with this to show me, I remember them when new. 8. Jeep MOG with boys in back, same fellow stopped by to buy AMC parts and broguth this thing. Chrysler has been passed around like my ex wife in winning football teams locker room, now owned by Fiat of all things. Want to remain relevant they should make some of these. 9. 68 Rebel convertible 'Machine' in front of Sams Deli Diner on I-10 at Kirkwood in Houston. Don't ever get dark seats in convertible, as will leave piece of fajitas behind when sitting down. Or bring pico de gallo, tortillas and guacamole and we eat. 10. 69 AMX, 290, 4speed, only 284 69 AMXs built with big bad orange and 619 with 290/4spd combo. Found this one at a U-Haul open storage place for $2500. 11. 68 Rebel convertible Machine dash, note speedometer.

Row #10


    69-amc-big-bad-orange-rebel-raider.jpg (24733 bytes)  69-amx-california-500.jpg (14455 bytes)      3-ram-air-amc-cars.jpg (18892 bytes)
6-rusty-amxs-hammond-la.jpg (14473 bytes)  72-ambassador-tailgate.jpg (29849 bytes)  72-401-matador-yuca-tan.jpg (29408 bytes)     amc-69-scrambler-wagon.jpg (42403 bytes)

Left to Right: 1. Went up to Dallas to check out the late Ed Hooper's massive AMC collection. Didn't get to see him as too busy, but stopped to take in some yummy BBQ. Wished I had got to see Ed, he died that year. This is a big hidden file off my site   2. 69 Rebel Raider in Tangerine aka Big Bad Orange. You can find the original ads for these under AMC ADS  A 290V8 2barrel, AT car. 3. 69 California 500 AMX, 390, automatic. Some you look back and wished you still had. PS Regardless of what you hear, no one knows how many were made. There were 386 big bad green 69 AMXs made in 1969, and 55-60 AMC & Rambler dealerships in California where this Ontario race was to take place. Allegedly every dealer was supposed to have one at the meet, but not all were 390/AT cars, some ended up being 4 speed cars and others culled from California dealerships to 'fill the need' in other words, different colored cars painted, and some 343s.  4. 71 Matador 14K mile car at the AMC Nationals in 2001, had lots of lookers but no one wanted to drive it home for $2500. 5. Wife Paige's original owner 78 Concord woodie wagon in Sunshine Yellow a real crowd pleaser on showfield at same meet. We would later sell it to guy in New Orleans. 6 years later Katrina hit. 6. Three Ram air cars, my 71 SC/360, 68 Rebel convertible Machine & 69 SC/Rambler wagon. 7. None of these cars were mine and all are gone now, all were salvagable when photo taken in 1980s, including the big bad green AMX in red primer behind yellow AMX in foreground. Six AMXs. Owner "would get around to them one day" sad story of whole ROTTING RAMBLERS/AMC CARS IN BARNS   file on my site. 8. 72 Ambassador SST station wagon with boys, who wouldn't want to play in back of a station wagon made by AMC? 9. 72 Matador 401 4 barrel, automatic in Yuca Tan. I bought this car partially submerged in swamp, it had only 46,000 miles. You can see more pix of it under the MATADOR MACHINE file. Sold it for $2500, I had too many projects, there were only 71 1972 Matador 2 doors produced with a 401. I do not know if the "Go Machine" package from 1971 was extended into 1972.  10: 71 SC/360 Hornet photo taken on a rare low humidity day in Houston. 11: 69 Rambler 440 wagon, only 888 made with a V8 in those last year Ramblers. Real crowd pleaser but stumped the shit out of old car fans any show would take it to.    

Row #11

68-amx-390-rebel-machine-engine.jpg (18123 bytes)  68-amx-390-former-dragcar.jpg (16148 bytes)  68-rebel-sst-convertible-new-paint-1988.jpg (10531 bytes)  69-amx-big-bad-green-360.jpg (6483 bytes) 70-amx-big-bad-orange-shadow-mask.jpg (13283 bytes)  70-javelin-in-field-texas-parts.jpg (14785 bytes)
70-rebel-machine-snow-houston.jpg (8185 bytes)  69-amc-hurst-scrambler-wagon.jpg (31130 bytes)  73-amc-amx-drug-lord.jpg (13361 bytes) 73-amx-with-69-front-clip.jpg (16879 bytes) 73-javelin-sst-mellow-yellow.jpg (13749 bytes)

Left to Right: 1. 68 AMX early build, had a 70 Rebel Machine 390 in it. The Machine specific pieces are expensive and tough to find, manifolds command $700 a set, dual plane intake $600+. This car could scream. 2. 68 AMX, 390, 4speed, red/red another early 68, this was a former drag car. Sold to fellow in Oklahoma, he fixed it up and sold for $10K. Solid, I had picked it up at a swap meet for $400. The 68-69 hoods if rustfree can fetch $2K. 3. 68 Rebel convertible Machien bringing it home from paint & body shop, at this point it still had the original 343 Typhoon in it. 4. 69 AMX, Big Bad Green, 360, 4speed. This car was held together with foam spray shit sold at Home Depot for houses. Too bad as it looked great from 15 feet and ran great, just that was living on borrowed time due to previous owner's mistake. 5. 70 AMX Big Bad Orange, 390, AT, Shadow Mask, this was a solid Texas car all it's life. Even wife drove it. 6. 70 Javelin 390, AT found near Pandora, Texas on way from family reunion, at Uncle James Smith's beautiful ranch. Guy told me I could pull everything off it I could for $500. Sold. Ironically in China Grove there was small used car lot called Thunderbird Motors and I saw another 70 Javelin in back lot near fence, solid color. So on way back out of town I stopped in and checked it out, was solid, originally a 390, 4speed car, no engine/trans but complete. I documented VIN & door tag as I do 99% of the AMCs I come across, and noticed some paint peel under hood, red, and in truck, blue, so maybe was Trans Am Javelin. Told them please don;t crush as guy said it 'was headed to crusher in a week' so got back to Houston and called Barbara Hillick of The Source in GA who ran the Trans Am Registry in 1980s. She verified it was a T/A Javelin one of 100 made. I called them back 4 days later and car had been crushed. Drove out and yup, was a brick. 7. 70 Rebel Machine outside my Gang Gardens apartment in SW Houston during snowfall. It does snow in Houston. 8. 69 SC/Rambler wagon photo from above showing detail. 9. 73 AMX Drug Lord car. Seized in a HPD drug raid this is one of many cars I bought from HPD auctions. Was a 401, AT, P1 black car originally, had been torn apart inside by vise looking for drugs, there were syringes in trunk also. Got it running, driving and sold for $4500. 10. 73 AMX with a 68-69 AMX Javelin front clip. Not sure who did this but if done right it looks great. Pulled from weeds and parted out. 11. 73 Javelin 304, automatic in Mellow Yellow.

Row #12

amc-collection-sc360-machine-hurst.jpg (100308 bytes) 73-javelin-trans-am-victory-edition.jpg (10765 bytes) 77-amc-amx-401.jpg (12852 bytes) dirty-bird-helicopter.jpg (15993 bytes) 72-AMC-AMX-Johnny-Lightning-coin-car.jpg (18738 bytes) sad-amc-amx-barn-find.jpg (15506 bytes)
69-big-bad-orange-390-at.jpg (10852 bytes) amc-amx-junkers.jpg (11643 bytes) amc-amx-dont-drive-drunk-1.jpg (6927 bytes)  amc-amx-dont-drive-drunk-2.jpg (13479 bytes) 74-AMC-gremlin-304-drag-car.jpg (116892 bytes)

Left to Right: 1. Collection of some of my AMC cars for local news channel photo. Left row: 69 SC/Rambler wagon, 72 Ambassador SST wagon, 71 Matador 2dr, front right: 71 SC/360 Hornet, 68 Rebel convertible Machine, 82 Eagle wagon, colorful but no yellow cars. 2. 73 Javelin in Trans Am Red, seems the 2nd most popular color for 1973 was Trans Am Red, followed by Wild Plum. Most popular? Classic Black as AMC FINALLY dropped the $56 surcharge (fee!) for having your car painted black, so many people ordered black cars, more than all combined 67-72 productionof black. 3. 77 Hornet AMX. Interesting car a bar customer told me about, so went out, looked at it, bought for $375, orange engine. Drove home it was a AMC International Harvester 401. Ran great. Paige drove this car daily while attending University of Houston. Sold to guy who wanted it only for 401 and was going to scrap rest, then realized this was a damned nice car, so rebuilt trans and drove itdaily to his job in NASA, 80 miles round trip. 4. The Dirty Bird. Not a AMC, hell, not a helicopter either, this was owner Terry Ward's idea, a Volkswagen helicopter. Inside was a ampilifer and vacuum cleaner engine. So when fired up, it was LOUD. But, uh, never took off. A brillant promotional item however that was a huge draw. Later he stuck it on roof of other Dirty's Restaurant on Durham and City of Houston tried to fine him. He appealed and every night was in news, therefore tons of business. Eventually he took it down. After Dirty's (all locations) closed in 90s, I found this at a pick a part on Tanner road shoved up against building. I should have bought it but no where to put it. Whereabouts unknown. 5. 72 AMX Special Order, mentioned several rows above, was the Johnny Lightning 'coin car'. 6. 73 AMX 401, AT this is what I deem a real barn find. Sitting since 1980, barn collasped on it. Bought for $400 for drivetrain and other salvagable parts. Too bad was not restorable, but the Houston humidity doomed it as did time. 7. 69 AMX, 390, AT, this nice car was found in Beaumont, the seller headed to military duty. Was running, driving, and I did the rest. 8. These cars were part of Houston member Kevin Dalley's collection. I had heard for many years 'there are a lot of the cars you like off Hiway 35 near Hobby airport' for years. Eventually I found them, and walked around about 8 of them, documenting them. Kevin drove up when i was there and asked what I was doing, and I said 'uh, documenting your cars' duh. 9. This 68 AMX 390, AT, was the PPG Test Car for a new type of paint in 1984. Sort of a Dinoc color shifting paint, guy was a customer of mine at Scoreboard Sports Bar on I-10. A drunk driver destroyed it. 10. 68 AMX, 290, 4speed, this was a base 68 AMX, not any options just more of a dealer push car. No one wanted 290s in 60s nor now. But nice otherwise until you got it, another drunk driver took it out with a telephone pole. While restorable, I sold it to a guy in Mexico who 'wanted it for parts'. 11. 74 Gremlin, 304, AT. A J7 Paint Jade Green 1975 color Gremlin built in the 'window' of when production was supposed to stop in 1974, July 15th, to when AMC got the Feds to extend production to take advantage of changing emissions laws, so production ran to Nov 74, unheard in auto industry. So lot of cars built in this window have some strange shit. See PRODUCTION FIGURES.

Row #13

74-javelin-lost-cause.jpg (17837 bytes) my-only-hurst-scrambler.jpg (7636 bytes) amx-javelin-street.jpg (12644 bytes) 68-alamosa-aqua-javelin-parted-out.jpg (8142 bytes) 68-amc-amx-drag-car-eventually.jpg (13231 bytes) 88-amc-eagle-100-rip.jpg (122078 bytes)
61-amc-rambler-limosine.jpg (14239 bytes) rambler-sales-and-service-dealer-sign.jpg (19776 bytes)  amc-amx-restore-this.jpg (13932 bytes) 68-amc-javelin-rustfree-texas-car.jpg (17733 bytes) 68-amc-amx-in-swamp.jpg (10803 bytes)

Left to Right: 1. 74 Javelin 304, AT forgotten in a field, bought for $100 scrap price, hauled to warehouse, parted out, only photo of it I have. 2. 69 Hurst SC/Rambler, drug this out of Killeen, Texas for $1000. Rather solid car but SC/Ramblers not my cup of tea so sold it with a 390 and 4 speed trans for $3000. No, don't wish I had it back either seeing what restored SC/Ramblers bring. 3. This was the apartments I lived at on Ella Lee in SW Houston, back to front is 74 AMX, 401, 4speed, the only known 401/4spd (776 401 AMXs made, less than 200 had 4speed) in Silver Green Metallic known, in front 70 AMX, 360, 4spd in Corvette Silver, in front of that 70 big bad blue 360 Javelin would fix up for dad, and in front of that, 68 AMX The Red Death. There were 4 cars inside fence not shown + others in my warehouse 2 miles away. 4. 68 Javelin Alamosa Aqua someone called me about, I get a LOT of calls from people calling asking if I want something before hauled to scrap. This was one. A 232, AT car, I hauled it to friends lot and took torch to it, not one spot of rust on it. 5. Unlike this one which was rust bucket 390, AT. Found in Channelview, guy was 'clearing land' and asked if interested, of course went out, looked at it and realized it would cost more to pull out of retention pond than car worth so gave him $200, hauled to open storage, pulled off anyting salvagable which was not much, but sold it for $500 to guy in Denton, who was going to use it for a race car, so win/win. 6. 88 Eagle #100, only 2306 made. Bought from original owner at Archer AMC in SW Houston, put 168,000 miles on it before engine, trans and suspension all started to go at once like our bodies. Sold to local who wanted the 258, $400. 7. Rambler limosine, this is not mine but would like to have it. The fellow cut up a 59, 60, 61, yes, THREE Ramblers to make this. Super job I may add. Would see this on Westheimer driving along and stop him to talk. The car still around, but has not been driven in decades. Has full bar and television. 8. Rambler Sales & Service sign from old dealership, amazing stuff you can still find. 9. 69 AMX, 390, AT found in north Houston, had the largest fire ant mound have ever seen in it, took 2 days just to move the car. Hauled to warehouse & parted out less ants. 10. 68 Javelin, 232, 3speed. Brother Tommy's 68 Javelin in Corpus Christi he parted out, not shown was 8 other AMCs him and my dad owned and drove. 11. 68 AMX, 390, 4spd. Larry Mitchell when we used to actually talk, sent me this lead then told me I owned him $250 for the lead. Problem was I told him i had known about this car for 9 years. Dumbass then, dumbass now if still alive, now. Hauled to warehouse & parted out.

Row #14

amc-amx-70-parts-car.jpg (9774 bytes)  69-amx-big-bad-green-parted-out.jpg (9864 bytes)  amx-collection-scrapped-by-city.jpg (12662 bytes)  69-ambassador-dpl.jpg (721611 bytes)  80-spirit-big-bad-blue.jpg (654091 bytes)  75-matador-coupe-fortin.jpg (311780 bytes)  74-76-amc-gremlins.jpg (330706 bytes)

Left to Right: 1. 70 Javelin, 360, AT. This might have been a Mark Donohue, guy called me up asking if interested, I went out to look at his parts car which had sat since Carter was president. Offered him $500, he balked, called scrap yard which hauled it away for $200. So no, didn't own it, but almost did.  2. 69 Big Bad Green AMX, this is another 'I'm going to do something with it one day'. I didn't own this one either but did make trips to Pasadena every year to talk to guy hoping he would budge. One day I went to look at it again, make offer, but it was gone, city of Pasadena got on his ass and hauled it to scrap and billed him. So he got $250 fine and car gone. 3. All these cars are history. About dozen AMXs & Javelins. I did own the green 71 Javelin behind the yellow Javelin, and also the bittersweet orange 69 AMX farther back, both owned when lived in Corpus Christi where this photo taken off Weber Road or WOW as it was called then (way out weber) but since then, has filled in with shitload of development. So Neighborhood Improvement came in, tickets for junk, the owners had no place to put them (or didn't want to fool with them) so all hauled away. 4. 69 Ambassador DPL, one of about 4500 made in 1969. Stylish car, serious muscle with a 280hp 343 Typhoon under hood. This was bought in Houston, and now resides in Rochester, NY. 5. 80 Spirit DL, was ugly little wrecked bastard in beige. Sitting forlornly at a strip mall near crackheads who used it as a table, flat tires, and I spotted it and went inside 4 busineeses before someone admitted owning it, thinking I was front city & going to ticket them. I asked if it was for sale and they saw my AMC outside so brought out my 'family phot album' which is a mess of photos I drag around in my AMCs so people won't think I am going to jack them. Anyways, lady said, will you give me $150 for it? Sold. That is a Maaco $300 paint jhob on it in Big Bad Blue from the late Terry Turner who was murdered at his Maaco along with Bellaire cop.

Anyways, I fixed it up like many, did cheap paint job on this particular one, drove for months, 258-6, 4speed, and sold it to guy in Alabama for $1500 who flew in, drove home 8 hours. 6. 75 Matador coupe local kid called me and asked if 'I wanted his car as he heard I buy AMCs' He didn't want it no more so picked up for $300. Interesting car in rare color, just Matador coupes not my cup of tea. 7. A local crackhead whose mother kicked him out of house stopped by my place & asked if I wanted two Gremlins. I had dealt with him years earlier before he got fucking addicted to the shit. Good kid, now bad. So drove over to his place to look at both, I told him I have no room but offered him $600 for the pair, one 74 in tan, other 76 in green. He bit so left deposit. I didn't know it would become a pissing contest as his mother met me a few days later and told me 'the cars are not for sale' I told her I had bought them fair & square & had a legal binding contract (of which I write up to cover my ass). So I came back with wrecker driver really pissed off, forced garage door open, pushed them both by myself into street, and had them hauled off to my place. I had titles on them too, drove the goldie for awhile, sold for $1000, and the green one sold for $500 it went up to Michigan guy just had to have a Gremlin that color green what is wrong with people.