AMC mirrors!

AMC mirror confusion! What interchanges?  American Motors Group 15 Accessory 'rectangular head' mirrors from 1970 thru 1981 were used on a wide range of their vehicles. These type mirrors were also used on Jaguar & Jensen Healey cars. However, the differences is the "neck" portion which is different on some models, so not 'one size fits all' mirror from AMC to AMC. To further confuse is many of the necks have same casting number stamped, or crudely etched into them by AMC. All mirrors were a Group 15 Accessory. And there were a number of different exterior mirrors offered, whether by option, or trim level, or even installed (and heavily promoted) by AM Dealers.

A good way to sort of remember what fits what is "short cable=intermediates" that is usually, but not always, Ambassador/Matador/Rebel. And "long cable"=pony, compact, subcompact" that is AMX, Javelin and also Concord, Eagle, Gremlin, Hornet & Spirit. I do not have enough information on Pacer, but hope to compile a list of those mirrors also.

The "part number" is not to be confused with the "casting number" sort of like AMC engine heads.  So best to physically inspect the mirror base first. However, this too, is misleading as I recently found a box of these mirrors from my now closed down warehouse and started simply trying mirrors on my different cars: Ambassador, AMX, Javelin, SC/360, Rebel & Eagle. Sort of covers most of bases I would figure. I was surprised to find out that many of the mirrors DO interchange! Keep in mind also that you can adapt some of these mirrors simply by adding a thicker black mounting gasket. And many of the gaskets interchange also, some are flat, others higher on one end to make up for angle of car's sheet metal.

First the AM Part Numbers from the Group 15 Accessory books. Some of these are superceded as AMC would update their catalogs.  I'll get to the interchanges afterwards. Hopefully this will help you when you find a AMC mirror at swap meet or ebay.

1970-82 rectangular head DS=driver side/left & PS=passenger side/right

1970-71 Gremlin/Hornet non remote DS 8992612
1970-74 Gremlin/Hornet  remote DS 8992614
1970-74 Ambassador/AMX/Javelin/Rebel DS chrome non-remote 8992613
1970-71 Ambassador/Rebel primer DS remote 8992618
1970-74 AMX/Javelin primer DS remote 8992617
1970-74 Gremlin/Hornet PS non remote 8992583
1970-74 Ambassador/AMX/Javelin/Rebel PS chrome non remote 8992584
1970-74 Ambassador/AMX/Javelin/Rebel PS primer non remote 8992619
1974 Ambassador/AMX/Javelin/Matador DS non remote chrome 8993050
1972-73 Ambassador/AMX/Javelin/Matador DS chrome non remote 8992841
1972-74 Gremlin/Hornet chrome DS non remote 8992840
1974 Gremlin/Hornet primer DS non remote 8993059
1970-1973 Gremlin/Hornet DS 8992614
1973-74 Ambassador/Matador *exc 74 coupe, DS primer 8992924
1972 Ambassador/Matador DS primer 8992835
1974 Matador coupe DS primer 8993051
1970-74 AMX DS chrome 8992807
1970 AMX/Javelin (*15-1) 1971-73 Javelin (except AMX) primer DS 8992617

*15-1 when installed on 1970 AMX with "L" trim, and 1970 Javelin SST, also order moulding
adapter kit 8992653.
**15-2 on 1972-73 models, use only when vehicle is equipped with a left Remote Control

1979 Pacer/Spirit PS non remote primer 8993138

1979 Pacer/Spirit DS chrome non remote 3689685
1979 Concord/Spirit/AMX DS primer remote 8993336
1979 Concord/Spirit (excl. AMX or GT) chrome PS remote 3729622
1979 Spirit AMX/GT Blacked out DS remote 3729600
1979 Spirit AMX/GT Blacked out PS remote 3729623
1980 Concord/Spirit PS chrome remote (excl. AMX, GT & Sport) 3737928
1980 Spirit AMX/GT/Sport Blacked out DS remote 3738196
1980 Spirit AMX/GT/Sport Blacked out PS remote 3737927 

What interchanges? Remember the numbers etched on the base will be same thru the years so can't rely on them! This below is what I replied to a simple question from ebay on one of the mirrors:

Q What are the numbers under the base? Thank you. Aug-22-09
A: Warning, long answer: Hi there are a number of them, some factory etched, others are stamped. USA with the A engraved; JC 60462301 SF3631422 by itself is a 1, and off in corner is A7O11. You will find that it is extremely confusing trying to ID a AMC mirror, as the casting numbers, and part numbers will usually be same regardless of what model it may fit; in other words, what might be correct for 70-74 AMX & Javelin will have same number hand etched, sometimes stamped under base which would be same for Gremlin/Hornet/Spirit & Eagle/Concord Series, which same numbers under base although would not fit, for Reb/Amb/Mat series! So no positive ID except usually by cable lengths or, wide neck, or narrow neck. It is general however that short cable/narrow neck 14-16" will fit sheetmetal of Reb Amb and Mat excluding 74-78 coupes. That is all 2dr, 4dr, and SW. The 33-34" narrow neck/long cable will fit Eag, Conc, Jav, AMX, Spir, Horn, Grem, of which this type mirror was used from 1970 thru 1983 (VAM) AMCs. And the 40" cables are Eagle. I walked around and decided to see what fit on my own AMC collection AMX, Ambassador,
Javelin, SC/360, Rebel, Eagle and documented what all fit, and didn't and was surprised as much of what I knew thru decades wrong. Still, 90% of numbers on base are 3631423 Left and 3621422 Right no matter what AMC model they fit, this is why I put some extra photos in these 20-30 mirror auctions to let people know which ones might fit their cars! Confusing, yes, but even more confusing is the superceded AM Part numbers in the Group 15 Catalogs I have in other auctions are zero help to ID as most Part Numbers are 899 range, again, superceded by AMC. Hope this helps somewhat and will write article about interchanges when this all over, and with pix! Eddie Stakes

Remote Cable:

Driver side cable length         FITS                    Casting # under base                 Narrow or wide neck base

   14"                                       Reb, Amb, Mat    3631810   IC-60462                 Narrow
   16"                                       Reb, Amb, Mat    3631810   IC-2471                   Narrow
33"                                       Eag, Conc, Hor, Grem, Spir  3631423                  Wide
    33"-34"                                AMX, Javelin         3631422                                 Narrow
40" (painted head)               Eag, Spi                 3631423                                  Wide
     40" (chrome)                        Eag, Spi                 3631423                                   Wide     

Passenger side remote cable

   67"                                       unk                        3631423                                    Narrow
  84"                                       unk                        3631423                                    Narrow

Passenger side non remote

                                 no cable          AMX Javelin          3631422                                Narrow                               
no cable           Conc, Eag, Horn, Grem, Spir 3631423                Wide

Driver side non remote

Black base gaskets
Driver side 68-69 AMX Javelin AM Part #3590917 Group # 13-1673
Passenger side 70-74 AMX Javelin AM PN#3631797 Group #13-2478

Late model Wide Passenger gasket AM PN#3671448 Group #13-2477

Above is 9 DRIVER SIDE mirrors, left with short cable is casting 3631810 for Ambassador, Rebel and Matador which will fit 1968-70 Rebel, 1968-74 Ambassador and 71-78 Matador *excluding 74-78 coupes* The middle three are casting 3631422 for AMX, Javelin. The center factory blackout on here is off a Hornet AMX; however blacked out mirrors could be found on Concord AMX, Spirit AMX, and early American 1980 Eagles.  It is a wide mount, the rest are narrow. The ones on far right will fit Concord, Eagle, Gremlin, Hornet, Spirit Series and are 34" cables and have a wide mount. 

The rarest of AMC mirrors are the ultra long PASSENGER SIDE REMOTE cable type. AMC casting 3631423. These were used on several AMC Series including Matador coupes with Oleg Cassini and Barcelona packages, also Spirit AMX, GT and early Eagles. The cables are either 67 or 84 inches long, as the cable ran from upper passenger door, thru middle of door, behind dash and the toggle was mounted to the right of the steering column of below radio, depending on model. These ironically can fit a AMX & Javelin with minor mods to the base. But they also are difficult to locate. But should you want to customize your AMX or Javelin with a passenger side remote mirror (AMC never made a PS remote mirror for any 1968 thru 1974 AMX or Javelin) then get one and have fun.

Three Passenger side "manual" (non remote) mirrors for all 1970 thru 1988 Conc/Grem/Horn/Eag/Spir Series. They will fit any of these although you had 'base' mirrors (flat head and round head) mirrors for Grem/Horn and 82-up Eagles saw big chrome flat mirrors...the sheetmetal stayed the same so bolt on. The chrome ones above are from Gremlin X while the painted one is from a Hornet AMX. Farther down is same, but remote, from 1980 Eagle. Yes, same casting of 3631423 on these non remote necks.

What better way to show the differences in the fat and narrow base is side by side. Fat base, smaller AMCs, narrow base bigger AMCs including AMX & Javelin. This is a set of PASSENGER SIDE non remote mirrors, note the cone shaped mounts in the AMX Javelin one on right, and slat type on the Grem/Horn/ect one on left.

Same set as above, but note the flange around perimeter on the Gremlin/Hornet/ect type on right, and the neck is extended into the head on it. The AMX/Javelin/ect mirror is on left, and does not have the flange on back of neck either. In other words, if you didn't have them side by side, few people would know difference of what they fit! 

Same two mirrors, the AMX/Javelin one has no flange into the head, while Grem/Horn one does, as highlighted here. The AMX mirror is the one with tape.

Same two mirrors but from front angle shows how easy it is to confuse and why so many people who have bought them thru years off ebay and craigslist end up with a mirror that looks like it will work on their AMX or Javelin, but won't! Don't feel too bad as I have learned a lot from this box of mirrors myself. And will continue to!

The Hornet AMX mirror (factory blackout) shows same flange and wide bottom as the chrome counterpart, but you can also see that is has the collar around where neck goes into mirror as opposed to the AMX/Javelin mirror in background shown in chrome.

Three PASSENGER SIDE mirrors: a non remote chrome AMX/Javelin in foreground, blackout head Eagle wide mount, and a chrome head with ultra long cable, is ALSO narrow mount and will fit AMX & Javelin. I believe these with extremely long passenger side cable/narrow mount were from a Oleg Cassini Matador. 

Due to Federal Government requirements, the new American Eagle mirrors that were on the passenger side for the 1980 model year (production started August 1st, 1979) had the now common script "objects in mirror are closer than they appear" at the bottom. 1980 was the only year to see this on this type passenger side mirror although some early 1981 Spirits and Eagles might have also received this, as did export AMC vehicles and some VAM cars.

Different interior bezels for remote mirrors: The small round one at left is for passenger side remote mirrors on all Eagle, Spirit and Matador and was mounted in the dash near steering column. The big square one in center is common to driver side in just about every AMC made starting in 1970...while the small rectangular ones on right and bottom are for driver side 82-up AMCs. The chrome nut and big bezel has been reproduced in 2009 and are of excellent quality!

A series of mounting black mirror gaskets: Left to right: 68-69 driver side for Ambassador, AMX, Javelin & Rebel, raised one side, AMC part number 3590917 pressed on it; next to it is 70-74 AMX & Javelin right and left gaskets, this and while there are left and right gaskets shown, these can be reversed from left to right mirrors also by turning the more common driver side one upside down under mirror. Either side has outer lip however one side is flat, the other side has crosses.When mounted the ends should be in V pattern. Look at your mirror base and hold it to the sheet metal to see this. The three on far right are for wide head passenger mirrors for Gremlin, Hornet, Spirit, Eagle & Concord series, and also can be used from side to side and share same part number left to right of 3671448.

Factory illustration of both right...and left remote mirrors. This would be for Concord AMX, Spirit and Matador Barcelona Series 1978-1979. Note no AM Part Numbers in catalog! In other words, this was universal illustration.

This is a PASSENGER SIDE REMOTE mirror with long cable. While this type was usually found on Matador coupes, Spirit and early Eagles, you can see it fits flush, and horizontally flattop on a 68-74 AMX Javelin door. You would have to drill a hole for cable and run it to mount in dash, and make generic black gasket, however I am extremely fond of this particular conversion and rarely sell any of these particular mirrors, instead using them on my own AMXs and Javelins.

Pacer & Matador coupe driver side remote mirror brace shown in first 2 photo; AMX 71-74 mirror brace shown in last photo.

The 68-69 "round ribbed" mirrors used for AMX & Javelin were reproduced in 2010, the rectangular head mirrors for 70-74 AMX & Javelin were also reproduced, painted head and chrome head, remote & non remotes. You can buy them directly from P. G. Classics in Canada, tell them I sent you!