AMC Engine Detailing
 by Eddie Stakes

Paints & Details For Show

All are Acrylic Enamel
1968 Engines Caravelle Blue Ditzler Code #13416
1969 thru 1972 Engines Engine Blue Ditzler #13730
1973-74 engines Engine Blue Ditzler #14688

Recommended paints:
Eastwood Under Hood Black
Satin Black
Low Gloss Silver
Eastwood Aluma Blast #10109 Z
Eastwood Underhood Semi Gloss Black 10024 Z
Radiator Black Satin Finish

accelerator cable bracket on intake: engine color
air conditioner compressor: natural aluminum; alternative Alumna Blast 10109-Z
air conditioner brackets: natural aluminum; alternative Alumna Blast 10109-Z
air condition dryer: Underhood semi Gloss Black
air condition condenser: Radiator Black Satin Finish
air conditioner clutch: most silver, some are black
air conditioner small "L" bracket: semi gloss black

alternator bracket: engine color
alternator "Z" bracket: low gloss black
alternator: plated; alternative low gloss silver
alternator pulley: plated; alternative low gloss silver

air cleaner assembly: Under Hood Black
air breather snorkle: under Hood Black
air breather lid: Under Hood Black *excluding 390/chrome finish

automatic bellhousing: engine color

Bakelite carburetor spacer 70-71 natural
battery tray: Underhood Semi Gloss Black
belts: Dayco AM stamped w/AM part & Group #

brake master cylinder: natural
brake master cylinder wire: natural
brake lines: natural
brake master cylinder cap: natural
brake power booster: Underhood Semi Gloss Black
*note some master cylinders, and master cylinder lids were semi gloss black

clamps: oil filler cap to air cleaner: Corbin natural
coil clamp: plated; alternative low gloss silver
crank pulley: Under Hood Black

dipstick tube: engine color
dipstick handle: engine color
distributor clamp: natural
distributor: natural; Delco-Remy black cap; late 70 single & dual diaphram

engine block: engine color; 68-early 71 Caravelle Blue/Alamosa Aqua; 
engine paint color: 1968=#13416; 1969-1972 #13730; 1973-1074=#14688 Ditzler Paint
engine brackets (for rubber mounts) 1968/black; 1969-up bare
engine crossmember: chassic black or natural

exhaust manifolds: natural 
exhaust AIR tubes (manual trans cars) engine color

fan: semi gloss black 7 blade flexfan
fan pulley: Under Hood Black
fan spacer: natural aluminum; alternative Alumna Blast 10109-Z
fan shroud: 68 WAC metal: black; 68-70 WHDC metal black; 69-70 WAC fiberglass black
*no fans shroud on 68-70 w/NO AC and no Heavy Duty Cooling, they also got 5 blade flex

fender wells: body color
fender brace bolts: body color
fender braces: Underhood semi Gloss Black

firewall: body color

four speed bellhousing: engine color

grille braces & bolts: Underhood Semi Gloss Black

fuel lines: natural
fuel pump: natural

heads: engine color
head bolts: engine color
heater control valve: natural
heater blower motor: Underhood Semi Gloss Black
horn relay: natural
horns; low & high notes: Underhood Semi Gloss Black

hood hinges: body color
hood latch: body color/Javelin; AMX Semi Flat Black
hood bolts: body color
hood (under) body color
hood cowl metal brace: body color
hoses: black, few stamped with AM PN # Gp #
hose clamps: Wittek brand

intake manifold: engine color
intake bolts: engine color
ignition coil bracket & mount clear zinc

oil pan: engine color
oil filler tube: engine color
oil cap: engine color *excluding 390/satin chrome
oil pump sending unit into block: natural

power steering pump: semi gloss black
power steering pump bolts: natural
power steering pump large bracket: natural silver
power steering adjust arm: semi gloss black
pulleys: semi gloss black
*spacer sometimes has overspray as was painted on engine

radiator: Radiator Black Satin Finish
radiator cap: natural
radiator support (upper) body color
radiator support (lower) body color
radiator baffle/upper: Underhood semi Gloss Black
rally pack junction oil pressure switch: octagon engine color, extension & T brass

stove pipe/heater stove: engine color

timing chain cover: engine color
temperature sending unit into intake: natural
thermostat housing: natural

transmissions: natural 

water pump: engine color

valve covers: engine color *excluding 390/satin chrome
valve cover bolts and 1/2 moon washers: engine color except 390/satin chrome
*note most 390's had slight overspray of engine color around perimeter

voltage regulator: natural

washer nozzles: natural
washer screws: phillips or het head sheetmetal screws/natural

wiper motor: zinc/yellow
wiper mounting plate: zinc/yellow
wiper motor arm: gray
wiper motor screws: natural
wiper motor gasket to cowl: black
wiper motor gasket motor to plate: black
wiper motor crossarms: 68-69 olive tint; 70 dark gray

Photos to help you detail it!
because a photo worth 1000 words...

1969 390V8 from above

1969 390V8 from below

1969 390V8 Big Bad Orange Javelin

Installed view from passenger side front angle. Note Wittek clamps on hoses. Front view from above radiator. All 390V8s regardless if in Ambassador, AMX, Javelin or Rebel got same chrome detail kit with AMX 390 decals on breather lid. Driver side over fender view. Passenger view of Motorola alternator, voltage regulator, washer bag, heater blower motor, hoses. Driver fender bay wheelwell showing wiper motor, harness, brake system, and power steering unit. Front angle showing grille detail, upper radiator support, braces and decal locations. Driver side engine out of vehicle. Passenger side angle engine out of vehicle. Passenger side view of engine out of vehicle. Close up of four barrel Carter with choke. Opposite (driver side) of Carter 4 barrel carburetor. Note AMC logoed wires; these can be bought on ebay or off AMC Vendors. Close up of waterpump. Note American Motors logoed fan belt and hoses. *Eddie show trick from last century! Go get yourself a few American Motors logoed stamps at Kinko's or Office Depot and white ink and "stamp your own" for authentic look like this. Overview of AMX 390V8 engine from front. There are several incorrect items on this engine; the black alt "C" clamp is one. Driver side engine bay without engine. Most small clips, grommets and fasteners can be found in local auto parts stores under Help! red lettered boxes & bags; however some AMC Vendors sell "kits" of them. Passenger side engine bay less engine. Engine bay facing forward. On the AMX; the center grille brace was sloppily sprayed by AMC black so the brace would not be visible thru grille on lighter colored cars.
Here is printable chart on where your engine decals will be installed. And a few more decals including underhood Freon Decal.


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