Yikes, fake SC/360 Hornet!

This appeared on ebay in January 2011, a blue SC/360 of which looks like a real one and jury still out on whether it is or not. The seller called me and pulled auction when I told him to stick knife under VIN to see if it pops off. It did. The door tag is a repro I sell, however the "T" part of the VIN had been cut...and glued on, not very good, to existing VIN. If you going to switch T shaped VIN tag, at least change out whole VIN, not just partial piece which as you can see from the photo, even Ray Charles can spot.

The door tag....this car had new paint. C'mon ya'll, if you want to make the door tag vintage looking don't take screwdriver to new door tag, much less use fucking Home Depot rivets in lame effort to make car look old! You can still find Rosette rivets for sale, maybe not at Lowe's or Home Depot though! And just pout battery acid on door tag, after few days it will look "old" like 1970-1971 vintage with some of that white spuuge forming. Furthermore, don't just copy someone's information off the SC/360 Registry word for word, well, except the Line Number on bottom, but otherwise everything is word for word from the William Taylor car. 

I had lots of calls about this car, simply because I handle the SC/360 Registry. Then the seller called and we talked for about 30-45 minutes, nice guy, but I told him this car had more red flags than Soviet parade in Moscow. 

If you going to fake something AMC....do a Donohue or Trans Am Javelin, more money and no one knows anyways. Trying to fake a SC/360 Hornet is like trying to counterfeit nickles! If going to counterfeit something, do twenty dollar bills like Donohue, you will get a few more $$$.

I do not know what happened to this car. I also don't care, there are many, many AMCs that have been rebodied thru decades, I even done about 20, no big deal. But the sloppiness of this with the VIN & door tag and especially Popeye and Bluto doing the rivets...was surprising. 

I hope the person who owns this car can get his money back from whoever bought it from if they have not disappeared!

I give the seller here benefit of doubt though, however they appear to be big Mopar seller, so while AMC people are sometimes not smartest stack of hammers in box, I seriously could not see this happening to a Mopar or could it, or has it? 

Auction was yanked while at $10,600 and 3 days to go after I talked to guy and he did stick knife under VIN and it went flying like a coaster in sports bar.

Item Location: Reno, NV, United States

Ended: Jan 05, 201118:32:37 PST

43,000 miles
Ok......here goes. For auction here is a GENUINE S/C. Electric blue,4 speed,I'm sure you 
AMC guys know all the codes.

M code

P code

Hornet is in very good condition.I purchased it in 2001. Sat in garage for almost 5 years before someone talked me in to bring it to a local car show. Fun day. It won it's class in "Funky Class". (aww....what do they 

Since I usually collect Porsches and Plymouths so it was little bit of a stray for me, however I have always had a soft spot for AMC's.

The last one I sold went to a great couple up in Nova Scotia.It was a great little  scrambler.I won't bore you with THAT story, but in the end I know they were very pleased with thier purchase.

As usual....I offer a 100% refund if not totally satified with your car. No buyer beware  here. I REALLY value My reputation.(after all....that is our most prized possesion) You would, of course,be out the shipping.(that  could be pricey) For all you guys that want to see her in person and get engine block #'s,I encourage you to do so.I'm not doing that. 
Have nothing to hide. This is a rare car.

If she does not sell, she will probably sit around for a few more years.(poor girl) Anyway, reserve is low so don't let her go!

On Jan-01-11 at 19:14:39 PST, seller added the following information:

My wife Georgia has imformed me that I purchased that car in 2005  not 2001. I think maybe the cumadin is taking effect. Anyway,she just wanted me to clear  that up.(she says I'm confused) ok....whatever.I guess she is right though,because we got the car out about 8 months ago to a "spring" show and shine. Anyway...there it is. Thanks and good luck.
On Jan-01-11 at 20:00:24 PST, seller added the following information:

Good God! All the emails! I have been told that a fellow named Bill Taylor owned this car at one time. That may be true,but I did not purchase this car from a fellow by the name of Bill Taylor. Hey.....it's a nice car. I just really  never got back to it.It really deserves better.
Happy New Year!
On Jan-02-11 at 16:54:20 PST, seller added the following information:

Me again. I have been asked to add photo of the VIN plate on the dash. It will be up tonight or tomorrow.Also....please forgive.....my daughter went out and got the odometer miles for us. We posted 43,000 
miles. While I was out checking out the Hornet this morning I discovered that she had read the wrong cars odo. Cars correct milage currently reads 18,545. I'm willing to bet that is original.I can't even imagine ANYONE putting 118,545 on this car. Anyway,that is a change in the  listing(although for the better) so anyone that wants to retract thier bid has a right to do so. Thanks in advance for your understanding.
On Jan-03-11 at 21:08:02 PST, seller added the following information:

Howdy! Well my wife and have decided that we are going to remove the reserve.Soooooo.......that means of course that the car is now officially SOLD! We just don't know to who yet.Now it's a REAL auction! Hey,have fun and good luck.. Best,
Greg & Georgia
On Jan-03-11 at 21:19:03 PST, seller added the following information:

We had had some requests to see some of the other "girls". Here is a peek for you Plymouth fans.
(none for sale)
On Jan-03-11 at 21:29:13 PST, seller added the following information:

Whoops! We mean the next person who bids owns the S/C.............so be carful!

On Jan-05-11 at 18:13:05 PST, seller added the following information:

Hello bidders. I had a conversation with Eddie Stakes regarding the VIN.He suggested taking a knife and see if the plate would "pop off". It did. Underneath is even more confusing.That VIN looks fine,however The # is one digit off. Reads-A1M061P113840 instead of 3844. Well regardless,I'm going to have to stop this auction and do some investigating. If nothing else.....the title does not match the correct VIN now.And we all know what hassels title problems are.We are very sorry we wasted so much of your time.(and ours)
If anything changes I will relist it. Thanks in advance for your understanding.