Local Nash guy pays 58 year old ticket & 
my 72 Ambassador in blurb

A local Houston man who had a guilty conscience paid a 58 year old parking ticket recently. Several twists to this story. One is the car ticketed was his 1946 Nash. Two, I had got a email from Channel 2 in Houston asking if I had a photo of a AMC wagon. Not Nash, but AMC. Since they have used photos from me before and recently used my 71 SC/360 Hornet in a 4th of July segment (search youtube.com for '71 SC/360 Hornet' and the reel appears) or click here:


I guess they figured I had AMC 'wagon' also so sent them 3 photos of my 72 Ambassador, 74 Hornet Sportabout & 82 Concord wagons.

They used the 72 Ambassador, editing it so it looks red, while sticking a 1976 ticket(?) and a parking meter in the photo.

As for the fellow with the 58 year old ticket...... 

"Dale Crawford was rummaging through old keepsakes when he came across a parking ticket he got back in 1953 -- the same day he was inducted into the U.S. Army.

Crawford said he'd driven his 1946 Nash to the induction station and left it at a parking meter. He said his father was supposed to pick up the car, but was late, and the car was ticketed.

Now 58 years later, Crawford said he wanted to pay what he owed. In a letter to the city, Crawford wrote, "The ticket is $1, a small, almost unnoticeable amount."

The city said all records from that long ago have been purged, so the city no longer has a record of the ticket. But the mayor said she wanted to personally accept Crawford's payment and thanked him for the example he has set for others who owe debts to the city of Houston. So the mayor took his dollar, not sure how much interest would have been on that, no mention what happened to Crawford's Nash either.  


Side notes: If they would have asked for a photo of parking meter, I have one identical to the one in photo, it was bought in a Corpus Christi, Texas city auction in 1977 for $5. It now resides in the kid's room. The Channel 2 anchor is Ian Page shown. If this was you or me with 58 year old ticket, , chances are we would be indicted by Harris County Grand Jury & locked away.