American Motors Car Crushing Program
(Used Car Junking Plan!)

In as much as we hate to see any AMC junked or crushed, AMC actually gave their blessing to a "klunker plan" in the 1960's! The Dealer got a whopping $65.00 to $75.00 for each car! We all realize that they all can't be (nor will they be) saved, however it is interesting to note the reasons why AMC sent out this memo to all their dealers in 1962. The memo is from the Linn Barton Collection of Staunton, Virginia, of which you can find photos of this dealership, and Linn (who worked for Team Penske with the NASCAR Matador) but you can find Linn (he is holding the flag) posing in a number of NASCAR Matador photos, and of their wonderful dealership in my PRESS PHOTOS file. So while many folks cringe at the thought of AMC's being scrapped (and I have seen more than 11,000 of them crushed in Houston alone since early 1980s) here is a odd memo for ya'll to ponder over. And if you are parting out a AMC anything, please be sure to put those extra parts up for sale on my



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