AMC 1967-1968-1969 "Fleet" U. S. Mail Postal Ambassadors & other AMC Fleet Cars

The AMC Fleet Options List shows colors not found in regular production paint charts like BELL WHITE for  ATT; Westminster Green for Bell in Maine, New Hampshire, Florida & new England, Woodsmoke Grey for Pennsylvania Power & Light to name a few. Two tone paint cost more. Other colors are not listed here this list is for 1970 (dated August 1st 1969) but fleet sales were a important part of AMC's overall vehicle calendar year production.   

This is a actual AMC U. S. Mail Ambassador ad that appeared in magazines, note right hand drive.

AMC landed the contract with U. S. Government for Postal Delivery US Mail fleet vehicles in 1967, again in 1968 and (I believe in 1969) also. While many of these right hand drive cars were built, mostly for rural routes, not all of them were right hand drive either.

Here are some 67 Ambassador FACTORY INSTALLED Fleet Options

Car Ordering Guide & Price List; Section 4, Page 10.
Issued September 1, 1966; reissued October 6, 1966

The C.C & code are listed first, then the equipment and description followed by the three 67 Ambassador models 880, 990, DPL. The first price will be the E.O.H, followed by the total dealer billing, and then the last price is the suggested factory delivered price.

Example is the first listing below: 758-V is the C.C. & Code; H.D. vinyl upholstery and side panels is the 'equipment and description' Y = yes, it was available on 880 models; N = not available on 990 models; N = not available on DPL models; $1.25 is the E.O.H; $18.25 is the total dealer billing; and $24.95 is the suggested factory delivered price!


758-V H.D. vinyl upholstery and side panels, 31 oz. black, Y, N, N, $1.25, $18.25 $24.94

37-3 seat belt, third belt for front non retractable, Y, Y, Y, $0.80, $11.80, $15.30

59-2 parking brake warning light (standard on DPL), Y, Y, standard, $0.30, $3.90, $5.05

66-3 law enforcement cooling system -- V8 only, (not available with air conditioning) Y, Y, Y, $0.90, $13.40, $17.35

(Alternator 60 amp not available with AC or right hand drive)

68-1 with dual belt drive -- 6 cylinder models only (not available with power steering or Airguard Exhaust Emissions System) Y, Y, Y, $5.40, $81.95, $106.15

68-3 with single belt drive (V-8 only) Y, Y, Y, $4.85, $73.25, $95.25

68-4 Alternator 55 amp, Y, Y, Y, $1.65, $24.75, $32.05

74-2 police speedometer, (not available with right hand drive, radio, or air conditioning) Y, Y, Y, $2.05, $31.30, $40.55

74-3 police special calibrated speedometer, Y, Y, Y, $0.35, $5.30, $6.85

75-1 heavy duty seat cushions, front and rear, (not available convertibles & hardtops) Y, Y, N, $0.50, $6.95, $9.00

75-2 heavy duty seat cushions, front and rear, (not available convertibles & hardtops) Y, Y, N, $0.95, $13.90, $18.00

75-3 heavy duty seat cushions and back, front only, (not available convertible & hardtops) Y, Y, N, $0.85, $12.90, $16.95

75-4 heavy duty seat cushions and backs, front and rear, (not available convertible & hardtops) Y, Y, N, $1.70, $25.80, $33.45

77-2 taxi trunk handle with locking provision, (sedans only) Y, Y, N, $0.35, $4.80, $6.25

77-5 wiring-shielding for roof light and/or taxi meter, 3-wire only, (not available on convertible) Y, Y, Y, .55, $8.05, $10.45

77-7 hand throttle control, locking type, (not available with right hand drive) Y, Y, Y, $0.65, $9.85, $12.80

77-9 dome light over front seats, (not available convertible & hardtops) Y, Y, Y, $0.55, $7.95, $10.30

78-3 drain plugs-magnetic, Y, Y, Y, $0.20, $2.60, $3.40

78-6 flexible metal conduit 1 1/4" diameter, (sedans only) Y, Y, N, $2.10, $31.65, $41.00

78-8 radio suppression kit, includes resistance type plugs, Y, Y, Y, .60; $8.95, $11.60; less resistance type plugs, Y, Y, Y, .40, $5.55, $7.20

79-5 pull wire for roof type antenna, Y, Y, N, $0.35, $4.80, $6.25

79-6 luggage compartment light (sedans only) Y, Y, standard, $0.15, $2.00, $2.60

79-9 rear door dome light switches, (4 door models only) Y, Y, N, $0.15, $2.05, $2.65

79-12 emergency flasher signal system-alternate flashing (restricted to special purpose vehicles) Y, Y, Y, $1.10, $16.35, $21.20 (a) spotlight flasher, (not available on convertible) Y, Y, Y, $0.30, $4.45, $5.80

(a) spotlight 5" or 6" red or white lens, (not available on convertible) Y, Y, Y, $1.60, $24.40, $31.60

(b) right hand drive unit, (includes electric windshield wipers and washers, right hand outside mirror) Y, N, N, $7.65, $116.35, $150.70

above a -- note:

when spotlight flasher or spotlight is ordered, the left outside mirror is not available

above b -- note:

1) the following options are NOT available with right hand drive:

*AM/FM radio, *Air conditioning, *hand throttle control, *vibra-tone or duo-coustic, *rear seat speaker, *3.15 axle ratio w/3speed transmission, *cruise command speed control system, *20:1 steering ratio, *4/speed transmission floor or console mounted, *overdrive transmission, *remote control left outside mirror, *adjust-o-tilt steering wheel, *232 cid, 145 and 155 hp 6 cylinder engines, *60 amp alternator, *sport steering wheel, *tachometer

2) the standard 4-way warning system is deleted when right hand drive is ordered.


There you have it, some insight on factory fleet options for Ambassadors in 1967. While I have never personally seen a right hand drive postal Ambassador, (up close but have had 3-5 chances to buy one since 1970s, not my cup o tea) I have seen several different photos thru the years of 1967 and 1968 right hand drive fleet cars like postal and police Rebels.

On another note, I have seen, and driven, first hand several Army and Navy Ambassadors, and even owned one some years ago. On these 'below base' units, it seemed like even the key and title were an option! 232-6, AT column (one was a three speed column), no radio, AC, PS, PDB, tilt, nothing. Every one of them had a government metal plate on the dash near the ashtray also. The Army cars always seemed to be dark green, and the Navy cars were either light blue or tan, although I did see one white with all the markings on the doors, maybe an officer? Houston also used AMC fleet cars thru the years, and there were Concords galore in the late 1980's/early 1990's for the city, mostly Health Department; Parking Divisions, and although all are now gone, some occasionally do pop up in salvage yards, their once proud City Of Houston large Works decal scraped off with a blade. You can almost smell the powered sugar donuts in them. ...Ahhh.....