tEXAS AMC Legion Of Doom

Not to be confused with Nigerian Assholes or Ebay Assholes

The "Triage" of Texas Legion of Doom Playahs:

Click on each character above to see their special AMC Powers! Some have NO power until activated being a AMC OFFICER!

AMC Axis Of Evil Doers Texas Legion of Doom members: My own look at AMC Assholes intent on taking over the world! Today Hearne, Texas! Tomorrow the World! Eh, or maybe scale back plans to Kenosha, Wisconsin! First, however, we Texas Legion of Doom Texas AMCers must band together to defeat arch nemesis Eddie Stakes, then later Andre Jacobs! Both are BAD GUYS according to AMC Officer who never lie!!! 
Bizarro. Hell, this is probably me, always doing shit backwards but getting results! I don't speak like that but I can use the word fuck in one sentence as a noun, pronoun, verb, adjective unlike Bizarro. "Me do AMC SouthWest Regional by myself, put signs up on I-10 dodging traffic at 1:00am day before meet!" I have super strong powers and carry club for years when no one wants to do shit! Later AMC Assholes get credit! Am ONLY AMC clubmember for over decade who drive different AMC car to monthly meeting, while others drive new shiny Ford truck or piece of shit import! Black Manta: This is a guy in your AMC club that sits in the back and never contributes, then after meeting, always bitches about how things should be done. Like Black Manta, you want to hit him in the head with a hammer to see how long that bell sound goes off, or if it can be heard in the next county. Sometimes this person is as confusing as Riddler below. They pay their dues and sit back and expect you to restore their car for them. Best way to get rid of them is to give them wrong location for a meet. However, just like herpes, they keep popping up again and again, but STILL are worthless. Brainiac: Every AMC club has a Brainiac. Sometimes all elected officers are Brainiacs, a evil genius in black panties, who together can take over a internet site or move a successful AMC meet from Texas to Iceland. Brings either BIG FOLDER or BRIEFCASE to meetings to appear important, however if you ever look in Brainiac's breifcase it is filled with porno or granola bars.  If it was not for ME, there would BE NO AMC CLUB! Yes, right, please go put on some panties you are scaring the waitress. Darkseid well I can relate to this scheming asshole. Maybe I am Darkseid. I have my own planet like Darkseid's Apokolips, except I don't have a fucking statue of myself on every street corner like Saddam. I can relate to Darkseid's childhood of falling off a roof into nails and becoming a bad ass if you do it for a career. I don't have a "volcanic toilet" for a planet although you would never know it if you have ever changed Noah's and Jacob's diapers at the same time, it is like Chernobyl West. And yes, like Darkseid, I would do Wonder Woman if she would get that sparkly rope out of there, that bothers me.  Giganta was added simply because I never could figure out in the cartoon in the 1970s why the Super Friends would all rush over....and under....her when she grew to amazing 50 foot tall woman. Who wouldn't want to look up and see a 50 foot tall red headed woman's snatch? Well, probably Aquaman. I know if I was at a tiddie bar I would whip out the roll of cash for a lap dance. I always though she should link up with the Toyman who occasionally made a guest appearance. The possibilities with Toyman are endless! He could invent some Kenosha Vibrator. Grodd: Well, this could describe a few locals who would show up for a local meeting and were always good to recruit to move heavy tables, trash cans that are full, and other inanimate objects.  Better yet, these steroid induced monkeys were even better at AutoRama to put together the display, especially pushing cars back and forth! "Grodd move AMX over here in Mopar section, it is Mopar now!" No Grodd, here is a dollar, go get another corn on the cob in the carnival section. Win big toy money for uncle eddie. The worst thing about Grodd was that he "always had a plan" just like several AMC ASSHOLES here. What to do expect from a big ass talking gorilla with no clothes. Solomon Grundy: Grodd without a brain, this is usually the oldest member who is still stuck in the damned 1950s. Insisting that Elvis is alive, and women should wear poodle skirts like Taliban women wear burkas. Harmless too, many times you could stick Solomon Grundy with the bar tab when leaving Biba's where the Houston club used to meet! This is usually the guy in the club who gets stuck cleaning the skid o can/port o potties after a AMC meet, and if you tell him something like "Grundy clean skido get free Javelin grill!" he will cheerfully do it and never complain either. Sadly, this could also be me. "Eddie, you be president, vice president, treasurer, editor, catbox cleaner, you are LEADER!" Uh, ok, let's see how much of my life I can waste for a few of you whiny ungrateful assholes!" That's it! Tell Grundy "YOU DO GOOD NEWSLETTER KEEP IT UP AS NO ONE ELSE STUPID ENOUGH TO WASTE SO MUCH TIME LIKE YOU!" and well, like Grundy, you only THINK you are doing a great job while AMC ASSHOLES are busy scheming and conspiring against you. With a smile of course. Lex Luthor: A power hungry madman who will command all AMC owners under his umbrella. No, not fucking Mitchell. This is a Texan. And a former AMC Club President. "I will lead all Texas AMCers in a unified Texas club after we get rid of that arch villain Eddie Stakes! After Texas we will invade metropolis known as Hearne except since we are all AMC ASSHOLES in the Texas Legion of Doom, there are few AMC owners left in our ranks! Damn! Evil plan backfire again! This would have to be the dumbass who coined the term "Triad of Texas AMC Clubs" No, it should be "Triage of Texas AMC Clubs" Since this is a French word, who those surrender monkeys are known for running, hiding and surrendering, it is doubly ironic that this term has several levels of meaning....all in the form of DISASTER!!! (Insert Bwahahhaaa maniacal Joker style laughter here). Serves Lex and his fellow AMC ASSHOLES right that no one wants to join their little hate filled core. The Riddler was added simple because like most AMC members in a club, he has NO powers. Not sure why he would show up in those gay green panties either. And if you clicked on his bio above, chances are someone in your AMC local club is like this. They might even wear the green panties. Let me baffle you with bullshit as my 74 Gremlin run's 6 second quarter miles. But no one has ever seen me race it. Comes up with ideas like "lets make a AMC t shirt!" but then won't buy one. Shows up and a monthly meeting and talks about everything EXCEPT old cars! Scarecrow: One of my favorite characters, he specialized in FEAR. Yes, every AMC chapter has one of these guys, except with Scarecrow you could torch him with a lighter. Or eat a big steaming bowl of Wolf Brand Chili and fart and blow him away. Too bad he never hung with Frankenstein as he would have learned FIRE BAD! But every club has a AMC ASSHOLE who specializes in FEAR. Think about it. There is some fucking AMC Assholes who thinks he is still in third grade and can intimidate and scare people being a bully. Either that or it is too much xanax. If at a bar, this is the first asshole who gets his ass kicked, usually by a woman like Giganta. Or gets bitch slapped by the Yankees fan with only one good arm. Yup, one day, these AMC Scarecrows will face Satan in hell. And lotse FIRE! And FIRE BAD! Except they didn't learn that in third grade. Sinestro: the last guy on there, there is no bio as few ever saw him. This is the AMC guy who likes to stir up shit with rumors, and other lies, but the only way you ever find out is people tell you that "so and so said you are asshole" but when confronted, the AMC Sinestro is all smiles and says "I never said that you are my friend" Note the color of his skin is pink, like embarrassment when confronted with his bullshit. "So, I hear you are just like Eddie Stakes!" Uh, like that is a bad thing unless coming from the rotting mouth of a AMC ASSHOLE!

 Below Courtesy of Webster's:

ass·hole   Audio pronunciation of "asshole" ( P )  Pronunciation Key  (shl)
n. Vulgar Slang
  1. The anus.
  2. A thoroughly contemptible, detestable person.
  3. The most miserable or undesirable place in a particular area.

[ass2 + hole.]

Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition
Copyright © 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company.
Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.


n 1: insulting terms of address for people who are stupid or irritating or ridiculous [syn: bastard, cocksucker, dickhead, shit, mother fucker, motherfucker, prick, whoreson, son of a bitch, SOB] 2: excretory opening at the end of the alimentary canal [syn: anus, arse, arsehole]

Source: WordNet ® 2.0, © 2003 Princeton University

Well. That about describes many former officers of the Houston chapter in one sentence. I appreciate Webster's clearing that up for me. What is this page and how did it come about? Are there really AMC ASSHOLES out there? Of course there are. Some stink more than others, sort of like Hotel California's "warm smell of colitas rising up thru the air' syndrome. Assholes are all around you, whether at work, school, traffic, but they take on a new meaning when they are AMC ASSHOLES. These are people who will shake your hand, look you in the eye and smile, all the while taking shit about you behind your back. Spreading lies, slander, libel, the list is endless. Sadly some of these AMC ASSHOLES you think are your friends. You may have attended pool parties, cruise nights, or other AMC events with them.  All the while as soon as you walk away, they Debbie Out and let the bullshit gossip fly! Yes, shit you did in third grade being practiced by grown up AMC ASSHOLES! How naive can one be?

Compare a AMC ASSHOLE to the Roman God Janus.  That's right, a two faced bastard who will greet you with a smile at a monthly meeting, or car show or meet, and as soon as you leave, curse you, and everything you do. Some are AMC ASSHOLES in the open, and don't hide their hate, or feelings about you. Klandy comes to mind. #1 is a google search for a reason, that is one big AMC ASSHOLE. Big pile of corn and peanuts! Hope many of the 110,000 Katrina evacuees who moved to Houston after the hurricane move next door to this racist asshole. And I hope he learns to like Cajun cooking.

Some are more of a weasel about their feelings for a person as described above. Again, you think they are your friends, only to find out they have been conspiring against you for years. Some of this is covered in the 
AMC SW Regional file, (scroll down off screen to read) which could also be called "how to destroy a successful meet by being AMC ASSHOLES". 

Please keep in mind that this is NOT, repeat, NOT a indictment of "all current or all former AMC officers" of several of the Texas chapters. This just deals with the back biting AMC ASSHOLES who for years now have attempted to make a name for themselves at my expense. And many of those people who know me know the AMC ASSHOLES  have done nothing except spread shit out there about me for years. Some are locally grown assholes, some are imported assholes from Ohio, which when drawn OhiO looks like a pig penis.

So I decided to give them a taste of their own bullshit. Let them wade thru their own shit a little and see if they enjoy it. What all brought this on? Well duh. If you were the target of these attacks for years you would get just fucking tired of it one day. I simply tolerate it knowing the turds are coming from a handful of AMC ASSHOLES. One little AMC ASSHOLE took time to write to the amc-list after I offered a special to help victims of the worst disaster in US history with Hurricane Katrina. Again, I don't make up shit like this, you are about to smell a scratch and sniff AMC ASSHOLE with a small chunk of guacamole still stuck to a hair. In Spanish we jokingly refer to this as Chispita. That is real slang and means sometimes you try to fart really hard and a tiny ball of shit comes out by mistake. 

Lets meet the playahs! 

Hi, I am a amc asshole!

Sorry to dis-turb your Club BASH meeting Mr Hankie! This was the actual exchange if you wish to call it that!

Unfuckingbelieveable that I posted something to try to raise funds for victims of Katrina and a AMC ASSHOLE decides to remove the Brazil nut blocking passage of his anus (mouth) and tell people about "Eddie facts" and "how much money he makes at GE" and "Texas folks know the real Eddie" I'm glad a AMC ASSHOLE from Ohio can clear them slow thinkin Texas folks up about me. Now go put out that river on fire.

On that comment about Texas, I can honestly say between George, Kevin, Larry,  (hang on while I get my old roster of AMC ASSHOLES out from behind the toilet), these are the reasons why the AMC SouthWest Regional went into the shitter. It is the reason why you have over 900 AMC owners in Texas and surrounding states who will NOT support the three Texas chapters. Between the three "Triad of Texas" Chapters you have less than 150 members Texas AMC clubs.
Andre Jacobs, of South Texas AMC, who has also been the target of same bullshit, and is no longer affiliated with any Texas chapter jokingly calls them the Axis of Evil AMC Clubs. I simply call them the "TRIAGE OF TEXAS" clubs. Most of these AMC ASSHOLES have now distanced themselves from being officers however, and can't blame them with the threat of litigation hanging over them for a variety of fun things they would have to endure perjuring themselves in a court of law going back a few years, even before 2001. 

Why? Because of statements such as this:

"Remember, the majority of Texas AMC folks know the real Eddie" This was actually posted on a international online forum by a AMC ASSHOLE. 

Which shows you have a conspiracy to defame, libel and slander me. Just be sure to send in your dues; and we will send you a letter with no content! And like those dumb bastards who got fleeced for years by Mitchell's club, only to pay to hear him bitch, grip, whine about anything he didn't like nor understand, people simply left realizing this AMC Asshole had nothing good to say. And he lost his 1500+ member club. Sound familiar, the parallel to Texas AMC Assholes is striking, from talking smack, to people not bothering; literally voting with their dues and attendance. And Harris County Jail also serves great cold bologna sandwiches and a orange too. If you think for a moment it is nice to hear someone who owns a AMC somewhere in Texas comment "That's not what Kevin said about you" or see a email from a lady I directed to the AMC Club of Houston Larry R. chimes in his snide comments about me, never thinking she would forward it to me. Gee Larry, you go see Jesus every Sunday at church, and as soon as you leave the parking lot you turn to AMC ASSHOLE. That is a real Cafeteria Catholic . I know, not Catholic, same rules apply, go pray to your God, then leave His house and become AMC ASSHOLE once again. Why BOTHER going to church to begin with? How hypocritical. 

Real "Texas folks know the real Eddie" is not a AMC ASSHOLE. Ok, I am a ASSHOLE,  and admit it, but not a AMC ASSHOLE! 

Kevin has "worried for years" there is a "AMC SPY" in their midst in the club. Now why in hell would you worry about a fucking spy if you ain't doing anything WRONG??? This was a photo I took of a actual AMC Club of Houston meeting with SEVERAL AMC ASSHOLES planning to rule Texas, then the world. Hey Kevin, there is a AMC SPY in there, not sure if you know which one it might be however. It might be the one with the TOP SECRET MAP to HEARNE, TEXAS though.......


Which finally brings me to this. After years of listing to these AMC ASSHOLES talk shit about me to other people, I truly fully do NOT understand it. I have NEVER DONE ANYTHING TO THESE PEOPLE. If you don't like someone, fine, there are only a handful of people in this world I don't like but I do not act like a AMC ASSHOLE and pull the shit these few assholes have. 

I secretly took this photo thru the window of a AMC local meeting at Hickory Hallow:


 Let's look back a little bit thru the years. And some of the bullshit some of the AMC ASSHOLES that have been obsessed with me. And straighten out some of their "EDDIE FACTS" once and for all.

1. Eddie used the newsletter to promote his business. 
Well, yes and no. I spent a average of 9 to 12  hours on each newsletter. The newsletter usually was ten pages, which is five double sided pages. This is the maximun you could get for one stamp. A stamp was 29 cents when I first started doing the newsletter in the early 1990s. I still have copies of them. I used to do 8 per year, sometimes 10. And I have enough AMC shit that I could have done a AMC newsletter for another 60 years and you would never have seen the same thing. This is a stack of old AMC of Houston newsletters I did. Yes, rather massive, another photo shows the hundreds of pages. And a close up photo. So when you consider I got a total of less than one dozen articles submitted to me in the 11 years I did the newsletter, you can see how owning so much AMC Literature came in handy in doing a newsletter. And yes, in the back pages I would sometimes put a blurb of a new product that was coming out, or something I developed or reproduced, after all, I was spending about 9 to 12 hours putting together a newsletter, and not counting stapling, folding, and addressing them, along with mailing them. It was below fucking minimum wage I assure you. And no one else would do it either. After a AMC Regional or National I would do a "special newsletter". This is something else I wish to comment on. I firmly believe EVERY CAR that showed up at a AMC SouthWest Regional SHOULD HAVE A PHOTO OF IT IN THE NEWSLETTER. Why? Simply because there was many cars that were drivers, projects, and beaters that would show up. These cars should have their day in the sun also. And it was a source of pride for some of these owners to see "their" car in a newsletter. Many times this was the one thing that jump started them to either JOIN the club, or FINISH their vehicle. Think about it. 

I also wish to mention that while several AMC ASSHOLES wanted to go to "color and professional looking newsletter" I did it the old fashion way for 11 years. Cut and paste. These photos WERE PAID FOR BY ME, AS WAS THE TAPE. This photo shows a sample page from the 1992 AMC SouthWest Regional in Houston
This page show the 93 AMC SouthWest Regional, which still holds the record for cars attended in the two day time frame. Note Jeff Kennedy of Kennedy American vending. This was at Bear Creek Park; West Houston. And in my 'enthusiasm' of everything AMC EXCEPT AMC ASSHOLES, I would also report on the AMC Nationals too in the AMC of Houston Newsletter as this photo shows. Again, MY EXPENSE ON PHOTOS, TAPE.
Yes, the dozens of photos I took were with my camera, my batteries, and I also paid for development of the film at Walgreens, and copies to send to national publications, and the stamps too. Again, all paid for by me, and the ledger would reflect this. (See #3 for shameless promotions on the publications). And if you think for a moment making duplicate photos for 10+ national rags, and rolls of tape is cheap, try it. 

2. I changed the name of the local club illegally. I have piles of files that would prove otherwise. I went to the Harris County Tax Accessor Collector to change the name on advise from the Bank of Bellaire which would not grant the club a tax free permit without it, <re: non profit organization> and also not change the account from the old defunct Greater Houston Classic AMX club without the "current" name change which was voted on by paid members years earlier. If you were a member of the club, you would have seen this legal document in the newsletter.  And if you were NOT a paid member like Klandy at the time, you would have never SEEN the legal documents on this change. Furthermore, if you get your big AMC ASSHOLE head out of your ass, you would could also ask two current  members, Charles Fisbeck and Cliff Osborn who went with me to the Bank of Bellaire to close the old account, change the name on the account, and the bank President informed us that the name had to be legally changed with the Harris County Tax Assessor Collector to open a new account. So I went downtown and paid the $9.00 to change the name, and this was years after the name had already been changed in many publications, Autorama display, new banner for club, AMO and other areas, it just had never been changed on the checks and at courthouse for some reason. I also wish to add here that there are three people who had to be present and were legally bound to SIGN for the club as a non profit entity: me, Charlie Fisbeck and Cliff Osborn. That way, if one left, resigned, croaked, whatever, others could write checks, make deposits and so forth. I do not know if I'm still a signer as I have not been a member since three weeks after we did the AMC Nationals in 2001 due to AMC ASSHOLES.

3. Eddie was a shameless promoter.
You bet your ass I was, and still proud of the turnaround I did with a small clique of AMX owners, into a large recognized club. I'll have more later on how the AMC SouthWest Regional came to be, and how the idea of the AMO AMC National meet also came to be, and the hard work behind the scenes to do both. Speaking of promotion, something I would however like to share with AMC ASSHOLES is a list of accomplishments I did while I was 'in power'. you must remember that for years, I HAD NO HELP, and was President, Vice President, Treasurer, Newsletter Editor, and also used my vast resources from DEALING WITH AMC PEOPLE DAILY to put together a large AMC MAILING LIST I could tap to mail out flyers for meets. This was also used extensively for recruiting, not only for Houston, but later for San Antonio and later Dallas chapters. So here are some of the I would guess accomplishments from 1990 thru 2001. (a) increased membership from 9-12 to over 50. (b) put together a regularly scheduled newsletter. (c) used said newsletter to form bonds with other national and international AMC/Rambler chapters in a newsletter exchange program. With this newsletter exchange program, we shared ideas, meet info, exposure, tech, and traded newsletters, of which many of these chapters still exchange with the Houston club today. (d) increased club funds by increased membership. (e) used complimentary copies of the newsletter to woo AMC people to monthly local meetings or meets. (f) used personal mailing list to also recruit people to the club, something I still do today, even have links to Hou/SA/Dal chapters on my site. (g) since I advertised a lot, used my influence with national magazine editors to promote the Houston chapter. This is a letter from the Houston Chamber of Commerce whom I worked with (none of the other officers did) to promote the AMO meet. This is a FREE $3000 ad I scored with friends in the Texas Auto Trader. The ad ran for a month in all of Texas. Not cheap for a full page ad, again, a $3000 freebie. Speaking of exposure, I had friends working at the now defunct Muscle Car Review who I had contacted one year in advance and invited them to come down and enjoy the show. That they did. Note the "AMC Nationals" in lower corner of MCR. Many of the magazines directly below in this pile I had promoted the 2001 Nationals in for over a year, about $600 worth of ads. No cost to club either. The round stick on decals you see in the upper left of the photo I had 5000 of them made up, and used so many of them up in Berlin, Connecticut at the AMO 2000 Nationals sticking them on people I had to overnight another roll of 2500 of them. This was all paid for by me and the Houston chapter records would reflect this expenditure....since they weren't billed for it. Looking back I should have though. This is a letter from the Mayor of Houston, Texas welcoming the AMC Club of Houston (and AMO and all attendees) to Houston. You can also thank me for the Good Year blimp fly over at the 2001 Nationals welcoming the AMC fans. Duh. 

But well before that as I attempted to rebuild a tiny club in the toilet, I used my influence (Yes George, my fucking EGO) to put THE HOUSTON CHAPTER ON THE MAP. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever believe several of the jealous AMC ASSHOLES would turn on me. This is a large stack of international of publications I SUBSCRIBE to. If the Houston chapter had a event, I WOULD COVER IT, THEN WRITE A ARTICLE FOR THE PUBLICATIONS. The TIME, the PHOTOS, the STAMPS, all MY COST. Here are three articles from respected publication Old Cars Weekly of the Houston chapter. Here are two seperate ads, about $2500 worth of ads, in the Houston Chronicle I was able to finagle from Trader's Village in working with them for the 1998 AMC SouthWest Regional. Our newsletter never won shit for style the eleven years I was newsletter, as I go for substance over style. Any fucking chimpanzee can copy shit off the internet and call it a newsletter. This is a article I wrote which was picked up by noted author Gerald Perschbacker. Again, MORE EXPOSURE. Here is a photo of the sheer mass of positive shit I did for the club in 11 years.

4. Eddie Was Going To Take Over The AMC South West Regional.

Yup, me, Master Shake, Frylock and Meatwad was gonna take over the hood.
I sent a long letter (gee, almost like this stupid file defending myself from AMC ASSHOLES) to several of the officers, letting them know I was pissed off about how I had been treated after all those years of service to the club. I also reminded them that I would always be associated with the AMC SouthWest Regional, as I had founded it, and sponsored it for years. Did I want other sponsors? Well duh, why not, hell, even got a good looking plaque with 'Texas Top Roofing Presents The 8th Annual AMC SW Regional' on it. Another is a good looking Certificate of Appreciation from Alamo AMC. Yes another is a Corporate Sponsor plaque, real nice, from Dallas meet. This was not a problem. Some AMC ASSHOLES for some reason decided communication was not the answer and got freaked out on xanax because there were ads in many different publications with "sponsor: planet houston amx" in there. Why did Eddie do this? It is called fucking "run of press" and you have to have your information in many of these publications almost ONE YEAR IN ADVANCE. If you are paying attention you already know this because you have already read #3 above.

So let's dispel some more bull shit AMC myths and Eddie "facts" here. This is a list of accomplishments I did while in the American Motors Club of  Houston. 
1. took a tiny AMX only clique club and turned it into a nationally recognized AMC club for all AMC owners
2. Founded the AMC South West Regional
3. Underwrote a majority of the costs of the AMC South West Regional. This would include contacting hundreds of people by phone, contacting vendors and asking for goodie bag items, door prizes, contacting media.
4. Started up a newsletter for the club in 1991.
5. Gave the newsletter it's famous name of TEXAS TAKEOVER, named after Craig Breedlove's 106 National and International records he smashed in Marshall, Texas, right north of Houston in 1969 in a AMX.
6. Started up a cruise night which revolved around the city, sometimes at Andy's, sometimes at Prince's and later at the FM1960 Street Meet.
7. As mentioned above, was simultaneously President, Vice President, Newsletter Editor, Treasurer for YEARS, as no one would bother to volunteer to help.
8. Constantly recruited people for the Houston chapter, and later would do same for San Antonio and Dallas chapters. Still DO even though there are a few AMC ASSHOLES in their midst also.
9. Founded popular newsletter exchange program.
10. Worked with various national magazine editors to gain exposure for Houston chapter.
11.  Designed the new club logo for the newsletter.
12. Designed the new AMC of Houston application.  Front.   Back.
13. Showed over a dozen cars with the club thru the years in AutoRama Astrodome (see galleries)
14. Helped get chapter officially recognized & chartered by AMO
15. Possibly had highest attendance record of monthly meetings thru years
16. Would bring new products and boxes of freebies (magazines & AMC newsletters) to each monthly meeting
17. Donated hundreds of dollars in merchandise (not to mention time) for Regional 
18. Worked tirelessly to bring the AMO AMC Nationals to Houston in 2001 (9 page story is in the amc-list amxfiles archives on this, order a cd)


New official tattoo on belly button for AMC ASSHOLES

I wished I could get reimbursed for every stamp I used to send a flyer, anything club related, to a prospect in eleven years. I also wished I could add up the gasoline costs to drive to Biba's for the monthly meetings once a month, and the cost of gas to drive to the AMC Nats host hotel Radisson 2-3 times per week, for months, that was a 100 mile round trip, and usually in my SC/360 or Rebel convertible or other gas guzzler. But I really wished I had kept my phone records all those years, so I could throw it in the faces of these ungrateful AMC ASSHOLES. The long distance calls for people outside of the 713 (Houston Metro) would have been staggering. They always peaked one to two months before the Regional. I called hundreds of AMC & Rambler owners in a effort to lure them to the Regional, and in one month as we approached the 2001 AMC AMO Nationals, my Sprint bill was over $600. Paige was pissed. I don't even think I sold $600 worth of shit at the meet. However, there were hundreds of DAILY calls. People in Tomball, Baytown, even Sealy, anything you have to dial a 1+ showed up on my bill. There was NEVER a charge to the club for this; I looked at it as if it brought in a new member, or someone came to a meeting, it was worth it. Boy do I feel like Bart Simpson in that photo above.

How To Destroy A AMC Meet.


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