Johnny Lighting Returns 2016!

This was my 1972 AMX used for not only "coin car" but also Series 5 (Trans Am Red) 72 AMC AMX.

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Below is a file from 1990s. In that time Playing Mantis eventually went out of business. But they were great to work with.

This was Playing Mantis Your Car Is The Star Program. It has since been discontinued, however Playing Mantis continues to churn out a number of excellent and highly detailed miniature diecasts for AMC fans. 

Some of ya'll know about this, others don't. But Playing Mantis, Johnny
Lightning, is looking for some AMCs, yes, possibly YOURS, to make a
miniature of. Real easy folks to work with too I may add. Some of you are
familiar with me 'toying' with them in the late 90s, sending them tons of
stuff like postcards, photos, promo models, brochures and such to help them
get the details right on several of their models.
So our hats are off to Playing Mantis for recognizing a market for small
diecast AMC toys,
as most of them below have never been made in small scale!

Well here is the deal, and you have just about as good as a chance as the
next guy having a miniature of your own AMC made! Click on the link below
and follow instructions. Good luck to all of you. My old 72 AMX Special
Order was used on the "coin" for the 71-72 AMXs years ago, and in the
release of Series #4 of that, they actually did a Trans Am Red version of
it, of which I got a case of. Here is the 'real' car down below.
Maybe I should open it to see if any White Lightnings. JL also used a photo
I submitted, a Bittersweet Orange 70 Rebel Machine, for their Rebel release,
this was used on the "coin" but not on the background cardboard. So they
will work with you and are anxious to see pix of your AMC......
Ever wanted to have Johnny Lightning® make a replica of your car? Now it's
easy! If you (or a friend) own a car that Johnny Lightning makes in scale,
we're interested in seeing photos of it! If we choose your car to be
replicated in an upcoming program, your photo will appear on the packaging,
and you will receive one case (12) of your vehicle as payment!

AMC® AMX, 1968-70
AMC® Hornet 1974-1977 (hatchback only)
AMC® Javelin 1971-72
AMC® Javelin, 1968-70
AMC® Rebel Machine, 1970
AMC® SC/Rambler, 1969

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