Getting hosed on ebay by "NOS" label!!

Top three AMC items misrepresented on ebay by sellers 

1. "NOS" scuff plates

2. Late model AMC headlight adjusters

3. AMC Engine Paint

Well, it serves some folks right but I really hate to see some unsuspecting
people get hosed by those on ebay who abuse the word NOS in their auctions.
It does not matter who or what make or year or model it is, it is just the
blatant abuse of the word NOS. Other words are mint, rare, everyone assumes
the position you know the dance. But this seller has sold these 68-74 scuff
plates for awhile and this is the letter I sent to one of the bidders on
Hi good luck in the auction. However, there was a recent discussion about
people on ebay misrepresenting items sold on ebay with labels like "NOS" in
a attempt to command higher prices on unsuspecting bidders. For instance on
two different AMC lists/forums it was noted (I chimed in here being a vendor
for 20 years) but the scuff plates some folks commonly place on ebay are
NOT, repeat, NOT NOS ones. *Only* NOS ones are ETCHED. Reproduction ones DO NOT....REPEAT, ***DO NOT*** have this etching, they only say American Motors. You can buy them for about $70-$80 a pair from many different vendors on my Planet Houston AMX Vendors List on my website. They are a licensed Mopar (Chrysler) product.
Again though, ONLY etched scuff plates are "originals" (AND NOS!) NOT reproduction. If you wish for a NOS pair of original AMC 1968 thru 1974 'etched' scuff plates, expect to pay about $400-$500, if and when, found. If you buy or bid on a set that are misrepresented as NOS but do not have any etching, again, they are reproductions only and everyone sells them. So buyer, and bidders, beware from those labeled "NOS" on ebay
when they are not.

Click here to see a set of excellent reproductions.


If you are not sure, then e/mail the 'seller' on ebay
asking them a question, and ask them if these you are bidding on are
'etched' all around the American Motors stamp, and from end to end. If they
are not, and you wish to back out and retract your bid, then do so, it will
save you a lot of money and the feeling you got screwed by someone who
blatantly misrepresented a item.
Good luck otherwise in the auction, I just hate to see people piss money away 
and this topic was brought up a few times on
several online AMC websites.
Not sure if they will figure it out, and again, it is their money to pee
away anyhows! Still, a informed hobby is a strong hobby and many times
people simply don't know better on ebay and other auction sites and are only
going by the seller's words
. If it is NOS, then list it as NOS, if it is
not, then put down a great reproduction, (or NEW) of which they are really nice
repros! Some poor unsuspecting fool had bid $100 on a set of scuffs,
someone is making a $40 or more mistake due to misrepresentation by the

Here is the correct way to sell these reproduction scuff plates:
(taken from a Ebay auction July 1st, 2004)
Here is someone blatantly wanting to screw you by abusing the word NOS in a auction:
You are bidding on a set of NOS OEM American Motors door opening scuff plates for 1968-74 AMX and Javelin. Have American Motors stamped in them. 
(text taken from a Ebay auction April 2004)


What pisses me off most is those who abuse this word only to screw fellow AMCers, they can change the wording of their auction very easily, but then that would cut down the profit margin from those AMC souls who don't know better and get excited about seeing a pair of these wrapped in plastic.

It is accepted in the old car hobby that NOS means
just that, "New Old Stock" not a second generation, third generation, or
like the 68-69 AMX grills that people sell now, 5th generation, those are
not NOS. NOS is meant to mean the initial production run. OEM means Original Equipment Manufacture. That does NOT mean a second run at a later date!


This interesting tidbit comes from my own Shut Up & Drive Lists header:
If you want to see how often these damned words are ABUSED, go to then search on the following words:
Rare=265978 items found for rare
Mint=200446 items found for mint
Restored=735 items found for restored
Original=120980 items found for original
NOS=27431 items found for nos

I may add that it is funny (BUT SAD!) to see people fighting over things like "NOS Rebel Machine Oil Dipstick Tube!!! Wow!" when they can buy them off the fellow selling newspapers on the corner for under $15. But you put in 'Rebel Machine" or other AMC keywords and watch the uninformed battle it out. It is not like AMC stopped production lines to press a oil dipstick tube for a damned car they could not give away in 1970 to begin with! I may add sometimes it is greed by the sellers, sometimes intentional,
sometimes not, it all depends, and is human nature to stretch it I guess. I
can also add that in the subject lines, you want "maximum hits" and so this
is why a regular oil dipstick tube might be labeled as 'Rebel Machine or
SC/Rambler' or other models. And you only have 45 letters to put in the
search box.........

So YOU BUYERS OF ITEM SUCH AS THESE REPRODUCTION DOOR OPENING SCUFF PLATES BE SURE TO 'ASK THE SELLER A QUESTION' and that question should be if the scuffs have etchings or not. IF THEY DO NOT, THEY ARE REPRODUCTIONS, NOT "RARE" AND SURE AS HELL "NOT NOS" AS THE AUCTION STATES!!!! Cover your ass on ebay it is your money and as long as there are assholes willing to mislead people by misrepresenting thier items, you have to keep your guard up. And if you have money to piss away, then I will happily be pissboy and carry the bucket for you to drop your coins in like Mel Brooks in History of the World!

There are several other items people buy, like engine paint from Seymore's and Eastwood and you can buy it by the case, cheap, then drop it on ebay and watch the idiots fight over it for $15 a CAN. Another item is late AMC headlight adjusters, geez folks, these things you can buy at your local auto parts store under the "Help!" red lettered boxes and bags, about $4 for a set of them. You take them out of bag, put them on ebay and watch people who own Spirits, Eagles, Concords, Pacers pay $10 EACH for them......

Happy ebaying,

Eddie Stakes' Planet Houston AMX

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