Free American Motors Car Toon Coloring Book

For kids, parents, big kids, print & color!
*American Motors did offer a coloring book in early 1980s, which featured Eagles, SX/4 & Jeep Series. These original ones occasionally appear on ebay for under $20. You have to tear out the Renault drawings our evil clowns will lurk under your bed make you eat spinach. Kids! Surprise mom or dad by coloring their favorite AMC! Suitable for framing!


Special thanks to Mike Miller for illustrations.

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amc-toon-coloring-book-cover.jpg (118619 bytes)

68-69 AMX
amc-coloring-book-68-69-amx.jpg (88432 bytes)

68-69 Javelin

amc-coloring-book-68-69-javelin.jpg (90132 bytes)

69 Hurst SC/Rambler

amc-coloring-book-69-hurst-scrambler.jpg (85861 bytes)

70 Javelin

amc-coloring-book-70-javelin.jpg (86493 bytes)

70 Rebel Machine

amc-coloring-book-70-rebel-machine.jpg (92758 bytes)

71-72-73-74 AMX

amc-coloring-book-71-72-73-74-javelin-amx.jpg (87861 bytes)

71 SC/360 Hornet

amc-coloring-book-71-sc360-hornet.jpg (87217 bytes)

70-71-72-73-74 Gremlin

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